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Artwork by Laura Sharp Wilson

“Untitled” by Laura Sharp Wilson

What’s in a name? When you approach a painting in a museum or gallery is reading the title one of the first things you do? Does that affect your perception of the piece? How necessary is a title when it comes to art? Many artists find it a bother and use the default “Untitled” when it comes time to label their work. Perhaps they want the work to speak for itself and let the viewer decide what it means to them.

Back in 2004 Utah Arts & Museum’s began hosting a biannual “Untitled” exhibit and now, it’s time to take that show on the road. Instead of a title, the work comes with a pile of tags that invite the visitors to examine the artwork and decide what they think it should be called. We don’t often realize how we are affected by the images around us. This exhibit forces us to think about it, put it on paper and share it with everyone else. It’s also an unconventional and anonymous way for artists to get honest feedback about their work. We want your insights. And who knows? Maybe the artist will keep your title.


2014-2015 Traveling Schedule

Summit Library, Park City 8/20 – 9/30
Discovery Gateway, Salt Lake City 10/6 – 11/5
Provo High School 1/5 – 2/2/2015
Vernal Library 2/3 – 3/3
Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School, St. George 3/31 – 4/27