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Alice Gallery

The Alice Gallery is located at the historic Glendinning Mansion in Salt Lake City, which also houses the main offices of Utah Arts & Museums. The gallery is named after Alice Merrill Horne, a legislator who supported the arts and founded the Utah Arts Council in 1899. This gallery hosts exhibitions by Utah artists and works from the State Fine Art Collection.

“mark by mark” | Denyer, Gravis, Stevenson

March 14 – May 9, 2014

Dot, dash, line, trace, smudge, shadow, slice, scribble, carve, mark.

Employing one of the artist’s most elemental tools – the mark – these three artists, through accumulated mark-making, conjure the complexities and ambiguities found in both personal and collective experience. All three artists stake out individual territories in which the polarities of this art-making process, from the singular gesture to the densely layered, examine formal and conceptual commonalities.

From intuitive marking to referencing geographical and biological forms, these works layer a variety of 2-D media to create imagery that simultaneously interpret the micro and macro – and interior and exterior – perspectives. Using the material bounds of traditional drawing, the artists strategically meander, map and expand both our descriptive and interpretive understanding of these physical and psychological terrains.

Al Denyer’s work reflects a direct and explicit connection to space, time and human impact. Although her work starts with mapping, she is equally interested in the aesthetics of surface, particularly as seen from above.  Her use of satellite images as starting points leads to further exploration of surface texture in her drawings.  In presenting these different bodies of work, the intention is to not only show the beauty of the earth’s surface and the mark-making capabilities of water through her own subtle mark-making techniques, but also to highlight current environmental concerns presented by many of the world’s major river deltas and bodies of water.

Lydia Gravis notes the importance of process in the unfolding of her image-making. “By conjuring and obscuring biomorphic shapes, I attempt to transport viewers to the same wondrous realms I experience when creating a drawing. Initially inspired by visual and psychological enigmas, I use organic marks to depict unknown, infinite space that simultaneously seduces and overwhelms. As much as I intend for these marks to follow some preconceived direction, they seem to take over and lead me in the direction they want to go. More questions than answers emerge from my work, but there are usually enough faint embers available to ignite a spark for my next creative inception.”

K Stevenson explores the arbitrariness, continual shifting and the inherent error in a prescribed outcome. “My work represents a long-held curiosity in the fluid and paradoxical nature of memory and perception – a balance of the knowing and ‘unknowing’ in any moment of examination, and a sense that it will change before the next. Hence, the immediacy of this process – its contradictory and uncertain nature – is a good fit, formally and metaphorically. Recent themes in my work, such as ‘tangle untangle,’mapping, unmapping,’Circumnavigations,’ and ‘Falling Awake,’ suggest this territory of the liminal, always rife with dichotomy, uncertainty and slight-of-hand trickery.”

Coming up:

“Family of Things: Ron Linn, Mary Baum, Jena Schmidt and Tiana Birrell” – May 16 – July 11, 2014

This show will be composed of a body of work in various media, which concentrates on the tendency we as human beings have to find parts of ourselves that are evident in the natural world.

Location & Hours

Glendinning Home, 617 East South Temple, Salt Lake City
8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday; Closed Saturday – Sunday

Proposals for Exhibitions:

Proposals for exhibitions in March – July of 2015 will be accepted beginning July 7, 2014 and are due September 1, 2014. Be sure to download the guidelines and eligibility requirements prior to submitting your proposal online. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.

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