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You Got SERVED! Pay it FORWARD! Pass it on!

Get involved in your community and impact the lives of others by volunteering! Then challenge your friends and family to do the same.

It’s easy to SERVE your friends. Just print out the “You Got SERVED” card and start handing them out!

Find an Opportunity:

Finding a way to contribute to the community is easy. Check out this list to find an opportunity in your own backyard. Volunteer opportunities range from onetime events to weekly commitments and everything in between.

Share your Story:

After you and your friends and family serve, come back to our website and share your story.  Tell us how service has made a mark in your life or the lives of those in your community. We are always on the hunt for stories to use on social media, in our annual report, in our newsletter and even in radio or TV public service announcements!

Print “Pay it Forward” Card

Mountain West Arts Conference – May 1, 2014


The MWAC is designed to help individuals and organizations in the creative industries access essential resources and create community connections. The design for this year’s conference features a detail of the painting Float, by Sunny Belliston Taylor, purchased by Utah Arts & Museums in 2013 for the State Fine Art Collection.

Conference Details

Location: Utah Cultural Celebration Center
1355 West 3100 South – West Valley City, Utah 84119
Map and Driving Directions



Presenter Bios

Workshop Descriptions

Click HERE to watch a video from last year’s conference.

Keynote Speaker

Doug Borwick is author of “Engaging Matters,” a blog for ArtsJournal and author/editor of Building Communities, Not Audiences: The Future of the Arts in the U.S.

am_resources_mwac_doug_borwick_2014“Stop Rearranging Deck Chairs: Building Sustainable ‘Mission Models’ for the Arts”

For decades, portents of a dire future have haunted nonprofit cultural institutions struggling to weather increasing economic difficulties and survive in a rapidly changing society. But, like the public reaction to warnings of global climate change, on the whole, the arts industry’s response to growing challenges has been limited. Our mental models of the relationship between the arts and society and of the nature of arts organizations are so deep-seated, so internalized that they remain fundamentally unchanged. As a result, many, if not most, efforts to change are closer in nature to rearranging deck chairs than re-engineering the vessel to make it more seaworthy.

Much discussion has taken place recently about the need for revised business models in the arts. While business models are important, the real issue that needs to be addressed is a deeper one. Arguably, re-evaluating our “mission model” is even more critical than finding the right business model. For the arts industry to survive, a fundamental, mission-level change to a true focus on and relationship with the broad community is essential.

Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards

The Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards are presented annually in conjunction with the Mountain West Arts Conference. The awards recognize those qualities that advance the arts for the people and communities in our state and are Utah’s highest honor in the arts.

We are happy to announce the 2014 Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards recipients. Please join us in honoring these great Utah leaders.

Sponsor a table at the Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards:

We gratefully acknowledge our 2014 Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards Table Sponsors:

Arts Benefactor

 am_logo_mwac_balletwest_anniv_150px am_logo_mwac_byu_230px

am_logo_events_uca_small_3_18_14  am_logo_mwac_zap_150px

Arts Patron

Hale Centre Theatre  -  Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

Salt Lake Acting Company  -  Spy Hop Productions

Utah Chamber Artists  -  Utah Shakespeare Festival

Utah Symphony | Utah Opera

Utah Valley University School of the Arts

WSU Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities

Arts Supporter

Salt Lake Community College School of Arts, Communication & Media

Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre  -  Zions Bank

Media Sponsors

Contact Alyssa Hickman Grove, or 801.236.7548 for information about media sponsorship.


Contact Jason Bowcutt or call 801.236.7554

Rio Gallery

Located in the grand lobby of the old Rio Grande Depot, the Rio Gallery was established as a service to Utah artists, providing a free venue for emerging as well as established artists to collaborate on exhibits and engage the community through art-making and dialogue.

Currently at the Rio Gallery:

“Plural and Partial: Tracing the Intergenerational Self”
March 28 – April 30, 2014

“Plural and Partial: Tracing the Intergenerational Self” is an exhibition of seven contemporary artists — Valerie Atkisson, Liberty Blake, Angela Ellsworth, Jann Haworth, Amy Jorgensen, Annie Kennedy, and Shawn Rossiter — whose work investigates the making of identity that draws upon the plurality of the self and the span of partial influence that is made from generation to generation.

These artists examine the self through an intergenerational lens; in particular, the relationship between mother and daughter. Some mothers are both of blood and religious inheritance, such as Angela Ellsworth’s reference to her ancestor Eliza R. Snow. Some mothers are political, such as the suffragist and cultural references found in Amy Jorgensen’s “Well Behaved Women.” Some artists are linked more intimately to their own mothers, such as Valerie Atkisson and Annie Kennedy. Jann Haworth’s work is varied and at time makes reference to those visual memories we inherit, either through art history or personal experience. For Liberty Blake and Shawn Rossiter, their work negotiates the exchange that is part of making work within a cooperative, as a team, straddling two individual voices, two separate countries. Incidentally, two artists included in the exhibition are mother and daughter — Jann Haworth and Liberty Blake.

Works in collage, cut paper and fabric, sewn sculpture, and video are all used to explore the ways we imprint ourselves on one another and the many ways we consistently appropriate our inherited identities into ourselves.

Location & Hours

Rio Grande Depot, 300 South Rio Grande Street (455 West), Salt Lake City

  • 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • Open the following Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in conjunction with the Winter Market: April 5 and 19.
  • Closed Sunday

Proposals for Rio Gallery Exhibitions

Proposals for exhibitions in March – July of 2015 will be accepted beginning July 7, 2014 and are due September 1, 2014. Be sure to download the guidelines and eligibility requirements prior to submitting your proposal online. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.



Contact the Rio Gallery Manager
Felicia Baca at 801.245.7272

The Rio Gallery is a member of the

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