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Utah’s Historic Preservation Strategic Plan Survey

Over the next year, the Utah State Historic Preservation Office within the Utah Division of State History will lead out on a concerted effort to assess the current state of historic preservation in Utah, and through collaboration with state and federal agencies, local governments, various non-profit stakeholders, and as many members of the Utah Public as possible we hope to find a set of common goals and objectives to guide Historic Preservation in Utah over the next seven years.
If you would like to learn more about the Statewide Historic Preservation Plan process, please go the National Park Service’s webpage (click here)
A first step in this effort is to assess the current knowledge of historic preservation issues in Utah through an online survey. We hope that you have the time to fill out the survey as candidly and straightforwardly as possible. There is no place in the form for any personal information, so the answers are completely confidential.

Please use the scroll bar on the right to move through the survey.

Dr. Margaret O’Mara to Offer Annual Conference Keynote

The Utah Division of State History is pleased to welcome Dr. Margaret O’Mara as the Keynote Speaker for the 62nd Annual State History Conference, with her presentation entitled, “Place Matters: The Alchemy of Innovation in Utah and Beyond.”

MOMara0611 copy 2About Dr. O’Mara

Taken from Dr. O’Mara’s web site:

I write and teach U.S. history at the University of Washington in Seattle.  I’ve written about Silicon Valley, national politics, economic globalization, postindustrial cities, and higher education. My current research examines the technology industry’s impact on politics, culture, and place since 1970.

In addition to my academic work, I work with government, business, and civic organizations on projects exploring how innovation drives growth and change.  Most recently, I was the lead curatorial advisor to the Bezos Center for Innovation at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry.

At the UW, I offer undergraduate and graduate courses in political, economic, and urban history as well as serve as Director of Graduate Studies in the History Department.

I am an OAH Distinguished Lecturer, hold leadership roles in the Social Science History Association and theUrban History Association, and was a fellow of the National Forum on the Future of Liberal Education.  I received my MA/PhD in History from the University of Pennsylvania and my BA from Northwestern.

Read more about Dr. O’Mara about, and plan to hear her remarks at the 62nd Annual Utah State History Conference!

Creating Positive Impacts in FY2013


Visual Division Highlights Report FY2013

In FY2013, the Utah Division of State History aimed to positively impact communities throughout Utah by assisting developers, agencies, communities, architects, archaeologists, researchers, genealogists, law enforcement, Certified Local Governments, homeowners, teachers, students, and the general public.

These reports show the impact of State History’s services on communities throughout Utah, on the economy, and on the general state of heritage and history in the state of Utah. State History’s programs–Antiquities, Historic Preservation, Library & Collections, and Public History seek to positively impact the communities and constituents they serve through free or easily-accessible services, and looks forward to another year of providing the services our communities need to thrive.


Text Only Division Highlights Report FY2013

  Please feel free to download this report in a text-only format, or a more compact, visual format.

Please note that both reports are .pdf documents and you will need Adobe Reader to download and read these reports. To get a free copy of Adobe Reader, click here.