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62nd Annual State History Conference | Sept 25-27, 2014

The dates for the 62nd Annual State History Conference have been set. Mark your calendars now so you can attend.

When: September 25th – September 27th, 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah @ The City Library and The Leonardo

Technology has helped people live and thrive in Utah for over 12,000 years. In order to understand and remember the development of technology in Utah, this year’s Utah State History conference will focus on Utah Technology through Time.

The conference will be tentatively organized into three tracks:
• The emergence of Utah’s high tech industry, 1950s–present
• Utah industry, technology, and enterprise in the 19th and 20th centuries
• Prehistoric technology in the region of Utah

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Nominate someone for a Utah State History Award.

Submit a paper for the Helen Z. Papanikolas Award for the Best Student Paper on Utah Women’s History.