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62nd Annual Conference Tours

Register now for tours for the 62nd Annual Utah State History conference. You must be registered in order to attend a tour.

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62nd Annual Utah State History Conference “Utah Technology Through Time” September 25th – September 27th, 2014 Salt Lake City, Utah @ The City Library and The Leonardo This year’s conference is brought to you by a host of generous partners. View them here.  Technology has helped people live and thrive in Utah for over 12,000 […]

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In this podcast, filmmaker Chris Simon discusses her film, My Canyonlands: The Adventurous Life of Kent Frost.” Simon’s film will be screened at The Leonardo on Friday, September 26th, as a part of the 62nd Annual Utah State History Conference. Read more about the film and the conference at

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In this podcast, Dr. Chris Merritt discusses free software to visually reconstruct the town of Lark. Learn more about these resources at the 62nd annual Utah State History Conference on September 26th at The Leonardo.

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Utah’s Historic Preservation Strategic Plan Survey

Over the next year, the Utah State Historic Preservation Office within the Utah Division of State History will lead out on a concerted effort to assess the current state of historic preservation in Utah, and through collaboration with state and federal agencies, local governments, various non-profit stakeholders, and as many members of the Utah Public as possible we hope to find […]

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