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UHQ Summer 2014 Web Extras

CONTENTS Since 1928, Utah Historical Quarterly has collected and preserved the state’s history. Until now, UHQ content has only been published in print form. The content presented here is our inaugural effort to introduce the journal—and our state’s rich and colorful history—to an online audience. In the digital medium, we are able to do more […]

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62nd Annual Utah State History Conference “Utah Technology Through Time” September 25th – September 27th, 2014 Salt Lake City, Utah @ The City Library and The Leonardo This year’s conference is brought to you by a host of generous partners. View them here.  Technology has helped people live and thrive in Utah for over 12,000 […]

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Utah Addition to National Register: Doggy Door Tie Cutter Cabin

 The Doggy Door Tie Cutter Cabin Summit County, Utah The Doggy Door Tie Cutter Cabin in Summit County, Utah was constructed ca. 1921, and is significant under Criteria A, C, and D under the context of the Tie Cutting Industry of the North Slope of the Uinta Mountains.The site contains the most intact architecture of […]

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Utah’s Historic Preservation Strategic Plan Survey

Over the next year, the Utah State Historic Preservation Office within the Utah Division of State History will lead out on a concerted effort to assess the current state of historic preservation in Utah, and through collaboration with state and federal agencies, local governments, various non-profit stakeholders, and as many members of the Utah Public as possible we hope to find […]

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Dr. Margaret O’Mara to Offer Annual Conference Keynote

The Utah Division of State History is pleased to welcome Dr. Margaret O’Mara as the Keynote Speaker for the 62nd Annual State History Conference, with her presentation entitled, “Place Matters: The Alchemy of Innovation in Utah and Beyond.” About Dr. O’Mara Taken from Dr. O’Mara’s web site: I write and teach U.S. history at the […]

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