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Collections Descriptions

See the descriptions of what is in our manuscript and photo collections (also known as Finding Aids).

Registers may include a full description of the collection, a biographical or historical sketch of the creator of the collection, a note on its scope and content, and other information, as well as an inventory of the contents of the collection. For some collections, only an inventory is available.

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If a register or inventory for a manuscript is available online, the catalog entry for the collection will include a link to the finding aid.

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Our online catalog includes books, pamphlets, manuscript collections, and photograph collections related to Utah’s history and its place in the West.

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Call NumberCollection Title
Mss C 1Utah State Historical Society Classified Photograph Collection, 1875-1934
Mss B 2Anthony W. Ivins Papers, 1875-1934
Mss C 2Anthony Woodward Ivins Photograph Collection, 1875-1934
Mss B 3Heber Grant Ivins Papers, 1910-1974
Mss B 4Ellis Reynolds Shipp Papers, 1875-1955
Mss B 5Corinne Mill, Canal and Stock Company Records, 1868-1898
Mss B 6Dixie National Forest Records
Mss C 6U.S. Forest Service Photograph Collection, 1902-1966
Mss B 7Willard City (Utah) Council Records, 1916-1963
Mss B 10Elmer Gwyn Thomas Papers, 1914-1955
Mss C 10Elmer Gwyn Thomas Photograph Collection, 1914-1955
Mss B 11LaVell Sorenson Johnson Papers, 1934-1980
Mss C 11LaVell Sorenson Johnson Photograph Collection, 1934-1980
Mss B 12Levi Edgar Young Papers, 1898-1959
Mss C 12Levi Edgar Young Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss B 13Lemuel Hardison Redd Papers, 1882-1914
Mss B 14Women's Democratic Club of Salt Lake County Records, 1932-1970
Mss B 15Florence E. Ware Papers, 1920-1956
Mss B 16Bennion Family Papers, 1842-1960
Mss C 16Bennion Family Photograph Collection, 1842-1960
Mss B 17Bonneville Irrigation District Records, 1941-1964
Mss B 18Richard E. Redden Papers, 1893-1982
Mss C 18Richard E. Redden Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s-1970s
Mss B 20Ralph Vary Chamberlin Papers, 1940-1967
Mss C 20Ralph Vary Chamberlin Photograph Collection, 1940-1967
Mss B 21Rudger Clawson Papers, 1857-1927
Mss B 22Cynthia Sturgis Interviews, 1980
Mss C 23Valley City (Utah) Photograph Collection 1980
Mss B 24Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh Papers, ca. 1926-1935
Mss B 25Tooele City-Settlement Canyon Irrigation Company Records, 1873-1972
Mss B 26Feramorz Young Fox Papers
Mss B 27Samuel George Ellsworth Papers
Mss B 28Gwilliam Family Papers
Mss B 29Stephen Selwyn Harding Papers
Mss C 29Stephen S. Harding Photograph Collection, 1862-1901
Mss B 31Stanley Snow Ivins Papers, 1850-1968
Mss B 34Abraham Alonzo Kimball Papers, 1878-1889
Mss B 35Cannonville Irrigation Company Records, 1897-1966
Mss B 36Volney LeRoy King Papers, 1873-1922
Mss C 37Judges of Utah Territory Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss B 38Daniel MacKintosh Papers, 1854-1860
Mss B 39Melville Irrigation Company Records
Mss B 40Dale Lowell Morgan Papers, 1940-1969
Mss B 41Andrew Love Neff Papers, 1919-1923
Mss B 42C. Clarence Neslen Papers, 1938-1940
Mss B 43Charles Sharon Peterson Papers, 1969-1971
Mss B 44Theater Programs Collection, 1866-1966
Mss B 45Huntsville Mountain Canal Irrigation Association Records, 1889-1965
Mss B 46Benjamin Franklin Riter Papers, 1882-1966
Mss C 46Benjamin Franklin Riter Photograph Collection, 1882-1966
Mss B 48Salt Lake Livery and Transfer Company Records, 1892-1919
Mss B 50Sanpete County Records, 1878-1980
Mss C 50Sanpete County Photograph Collection, 1878-1980
Mss B 51United Spanish War Veterans Records, 1898-1972
Mss C 51United Spanish War Veterans Photograph Collection, 1898-1972
Mss B 53Hosea Stout Papers, 1844-1870
Mss C 53Hosea Stout Photograph Collection, 1844-1870
Mss B 55Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters Records, 1908-
Mss B 57United States Works Progress Administration (Utah Section) Records, 1938-1943
Mss C 57United States Works Progress Administration (Utah Section) Photograph Collection, 1938-1943
Mss B 59Erastus Snow Papers, 1847-1889
Mss B 61Elias Hicks Blackburn Papers, 1848-1908
Mss B 62Mormon History Association Records, 1965-
Mss B 63Alvin Charles Emerson Papers, 1887-1925
Mss B 64Newell G. Knight Papers, 1960-1979
Mss C 64Newell G. Knight Photograph Collection, 1960-1979
Mss B 65Peter A. H. Franklin Papers, 1892-1904
Mss B 66Grand Army of the Republic and Women's Relief Corps (Department of Utah) Records, 1885-1931
Mss C 66Grand Army of the Republic and Women's Relief Corps Photograph Collection
Mss B 68Archibald Murchie Hunter Papers, 1871-1933
Mss C 69International Peace Gardens Photograph Collection, 1939-1960
Mss C 71George Johnson Kelly Photograph Collection, 1883-1944
Mss C 72 Richard Kletting Photograph Collection, 1890-1915
Mss B 73Charles W. Lockerbie Papers, 1949-1963
Mss C 73 Charles W. Lockerbie Photograph Collection, 1949-1963
Mss B 75Charles Rendell Mabey Papers, 1899-1959
Mss C 75Charles Rendell Mabey Photograph Collection, 1899-1959
Mss C 76Wilson McCarthy Photograph Collection, 1913-1956
Mss B 77Horatio Morrill Papers, 1857-1888
Mss B 78Hugh F. O'Neil Papers, 1944-1970
Mss C 80Movies Made in Utah Photograph Collection, ca. 1928-1960
Mss B 82John Wesley Powell Collection, 1947-1950
Mss C 84Rowland Hall--St. Mark's School Photograph Collection, 1883-1955
Mss B 85Salt Lake Symphony Orchestra Records, 1905-1947
Mss B 86Smith and Larsen Mercantile Company Records, 1903-1953
Mss B 88Kate Thomas Papers, 1871-1950
Mss B 89Jonathan Crosby Papers, 1807-1882
Mss B 92Widtsoe Family Papers, 1866-1966
Mss C 92Widtsoe Family Photograph Collection, 1866-1966
Mss B 93Brigham Young Papers, 1857-1877
Mss B 95Susa Young Gates Papers, 1852-1932
Mss C 95Susa Young Gates Photograph Collection, 1852-1932
Mss B 96Musser Family Papers, 1852-1967
Mss B 97Emma Lucy Gates Bowen Papers, 1897-1939
Mss C 97Emma Lucy Gates Bowen Photograph Collection, ca.1905-1930
Mss B 98Jennifer L. Lund Collection of Oral Interviews, 1986
Mss B 99J. Cecil Alter Papers, 1920-1959
Mss B 100Works Progress Administration (Utah Section) "History of Grazing" Notes, 1940-1941
Mss B 101Utah Trails Council Records, 1977-1986
Mss B 103Juanita Leone Leavitt Pulsipher Brooks Papers, 1928-1981
Mss C 103Juanita Leone Leavitt Pulsipher Brooks Photograph Collection, 1928-1981
Mss B 104John Thomas Caine Papers, 1854-1893
Mss B 106Thomas Alfred Clawson Journals, 1892-1927
Mss B 107William Clayton Papers, 1840-1885
Mss B 108Colorado River Visitors' Registers Collection, 1946-1964
Mss B 111Lucile May Francke Papers, 1892-1952
Mss C 111Lucile May Francke Photograph Collection, ca. 1900-1940
Mss B 112Russell G. Frazier Papers, 1930-1968
Mss C 112Russell G. Frazier Photograph Collection, 1930-1968
Mss B 113Hamilton Gardner Papers, 1942-1960
Mss B 114Charles Kelly Papers, 1918-1971
Mss C 114Charles Kelly Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s
Mss B 115Asael Carlyle Lambert Papers, 1948-1964
Mss B 117Mother of the Year Competion Records, 1949-1971
Mss B 118Dominick Maguire Papers, 1876-1933
Mss B 120John Wolcott Phelps Papers, 1857-1859
Mss B 122Levi Savage Papers, 1852-1902
Mss B 123Smith Family Papers, 1880-1912
Mss B 124Cecil and Helen Snider Papers, 1830-1947
Mss C 125KUED Topaz (Utah) Residents Photograph Collection, 1987
Mss B 126John Frederick Tobin Papers, 1905-1954
Mss C 126John Frederick Tobin Photograph Collection, 1905-1954
Mss B 127Salt Lake City (Utah) Demolition Permit Records, 1914-1976
Mss B 128George Montgomery Scott Papers, 1885-1903
Mss B 129Elbert D. Thomas Papers, 1933-1950
Mss C 129Elbert D. Thomas Photograph Collection, 1933-1950
Mss B 131Marilyn Liston Warenski Papers, 1976-1982
Mss B 132South Valley Canal Company Records, 1921-1925
Mss B 133Melvin T. Smith Papers, 1964-1984
Mss B 134Julia Augusta Schultz Farley Papers, 1880-1931
Mss C 135Carbon County Survey Photograph Collection, 1900-1970
Mss B 136Joseph Smith Collection, 1843-1848
Mss B 137Sheldon R. Brewster Papers, 1960s
Mss B 138African Methodist Episcopal Church Records, 1912-1953
Mss B 141Julian Hunt Kimball Papers, 1879-1962
Mss B 142Davis Creek Irrigation Company Records, 1915-1980
Mss B 143Delta Canal Company Records, 1911-1959
Mss B 144Andrew Karl Larson Papers, 1839-1983
Mss C 145S.V. Trent Movie Collection, ca. 1940s
Mss B 146Council of Defense Records, 1918-1919
Mss B 148League of Women Voters of Utah Collection, 1919-2009
Mss B 150Dominguez-Escalante Expedition Collection, 1776-1976
Mss B 151Delta Drug Store Records, 1917-1965
Mss B 152Utah American Revolution Bicentennial Commission Scrapbook Collection, 1976
Mss C 152Utah American Revolution Bicentennial Commission Photograph Collection, 1976
Mss B 153Hyde Family Papers, 1847-1946
Mss B 154Zion Easter Pageant Records, 1938-1941
Mss C 154Zion Easter Pageant Photograph Collection, 1938-1941
Mss B 155Kearns Records, 1949-1950
Mss C 155Kearns (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1949-1950
Mss B 156Utah Geographic Place Names Manuscript Collection
Mss B 157Rock Canyon Irrigation Company Records, 1880-1985
Mss B 158Frank B. Robinson Papers, 1915-1931
Mss B 159Elizabeth McCarrey Doty Papers, 1894-1945
Mss C 159Elizabeth McCarrey Doty Photograph Collection, 1894-1945
Mss B 160William and Edna Sutton Papers, 1886-1900
Mss B 161Kerry Ross Boren Papers, 1853-1993
Mss B 162Tracy Aviary Commission Records, 1938-1977
Mss C 162Tracy Aviary Commission Photograph Collection, 1938-1977
Mss B 163William T. Phillips Papers, 1934, 1977
Mss B 165International Women's Year Conference Records, 1977
Mss B 166Heber Cattle and Horse Company Records, 1919-1975
Mss B 169Springdale Irrigation Company Records, 1906-1976
Mss B 171James Godson Bleak Papers, 1864-1895
Mss B 172Abbie Parish Noyes Papers, 1889-1896
Mss C 172Abbie Parish Noyes Photograph Collection, 1889-1896
Mss B 173Rulon E. Porter, Little Colorado River Valley Collection, 1876-1934
Mss B 175William Francis Armstrong Papers, 1857-1922
Mss C 175William Francis Armstrong Photograph Collection, 1857-1922
Mss B 177Edna Clark Ericksen Papers, 1943-1952
Mss C 177Edna Clark Ericksen Photograph Collection, 1943-1952
Mss B 178Helen Zeese Papanikolas Papers, ca. 1970s
Mss B 179Frank Swain Interviews, 1976
Mss B 180Elise Furer Musser Papers, 1916-1977
Mss C 180Elise Furer Musser Photograph Collection, 1916-1977
Mss B 181Women's Republican Club of Salt Lake City Records, 1899-1983
Mss B 182Horace August Sorensen Papers, ca. 1950-1970
Mss C 182Horace August Sorensen Photograph Collection, 1860-1969
Mss B 183Oscar R. Garrett Diary, 1893-1912
Mss B 185P. T. Reilly Papers, 1947-1986
Mss C 186Curtis Young Clawson Photograph Collection, 1890s-1920s
Mss B 187Harry LeRoy Aleson Papers, 1918-1972
Mss C 187Harry LeRoy Aleson Photograph Collection, 1918-1972
Mss B 188Fortunato Anselmo Papers, 1917-1963
Mss B 189Excalibur Uranium Corporation Records, 1951-1959
Mss B 190Theodore D. Martin, "Presbyterian Work in Utah" Papers, 1869-1969
Mss B 191Miranda Eudora Matson Papers, 1915-1978
Mss B 192Brighton and North Point Irrigation Company Records, 1888-1979
Mss B 193Rich County (Utah) Business and Postal Records, 1872-1963
Mss B 194 George Washington Bartch Papers, 1869-1905
Mss B 195World War II Collection, ca. 1940s-1980s
Mss B 196Kerry William Bate Papers, 1983-1991
Mss B 197Samuel Culver Park Papers, 1911-1915
Mss B 198American Cancer Society Utah Division Records, 1950-1969
Mss B 199Sullivan Calvin Richardson Papers, 1910-1940
Mss B 201Randolph Irrigation Company Records, 1880-1977
Mss B 202Bert J. Silliman Papers, 1951-1957
Mss B 203Uintah Development Company Records, 1907-1915
Mss B 204Uintah Sheep Grazer's Association Records, 1915-1962
Mss B 205Wasatch Sheep Grazer's Association Records, 1942-1961
Mss B 207Utah Manufacturing Association Records, 1905-1974
Mss B 208Salem Pond Irrigation Company Records, 1851-1979
Mss B 209Provo Bench Canal and Irrigation Company Records, 1862-1976
Mss B 211Chesapeake Duck Club Records, 1903-1975
Mss B 212Alta Mining Records, 1922-1925
Mss B 213Arthur W. Finley Diaries, 1909-1969
Mss B 215Oaita Club Records, 1942-1969
Mss B 217St. George and Santa Clara Field Irrigation Company Records, 1864-1927
Mss C 218Philo T. Farnsworth Photograph Collection, n. d.
Mss B 219Utah Water Records Project Inventory, 1979-1981
Mss B 220Draper Irrigation Company Records, 1903-1977
Mss B 221Grouse Creek (Utah) Oral History Interviews Collection, 1974
Mss B 222Miriam B. Murphy Papers, 1970-1988
Mss B 223Thomas Milton Tinney Papers, 1941-
Mss B 224Lee Kay Papers, 1873-1975
Mss C 224Lee Kay Photograph Collection, 1873-1975
Mss B 225Carl E. Painter Papers, 1870-1977
Mss B 227Spring City (Utah) Oral History Interviews, 1974
Mss B 229Knights of Pythias Records, 1924-1930
Mss C 230Larson Studio Negative Collection, 1916-1968
Mss B 232Leora Thatcher Papers, 1977
Mss C 232Leora Thatcher Photograph Collection, 1977
Mss B 233Margaret Derrick Lester's Brigham Street Collection, ca. 1970s
Mss C 233Margaret Derrick Lester's, Brigham Street Photograph Collection, 1979
Mss C 235University of Utah Photograph Collection, 1850-1976
Mss C 238C. R. Savage Company Portrait Collection, ca. 1920s
Mss B 239Peoples of Utah Records, 1975-1977
Mss C 239Peoples of Utah Photograph Collection, 1975-1977
Mss B 240Central City Neighborhood Council (Salt Lake City, Utah) Records, 1967-1988
Mss C 240Central City Neighborhood Council Photograph Collection, 1967-1988
Mss C 241Utah Photographers Photograph Collection, 1880s-1920s
Mss C 242Pioneer Centennial, 1847-1947 Photograph Collection
Mss C 243Utah State Historical Society Photograph Collection, 1897-2006
Mss C 244Avard T. Fairbanks Photograph Collection, 1938-1955
Mss C 245Utah State Historical Society Oversize Photograph Collection, ca.1847-1990
Mss B 246J. George Midgley Papers, 1930-1949
Mss B 248Dan Hinman Oral History Interviews, 1980
Mss C 255Capitol Hill Historic District (Salt Lake City, Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 256N. H. Rose Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss B 268Theron Luke Papers, 1922-1988
Mss C 269Walter E. Ware Photograph Collection, 1861-1951
Mss B 270Emma Russell, History of Roy (Utah) Papers, 1873-1979
Mss B 271Vera Ortel Haymond Papers, 1910-1935
Mss B 272Evelyn Nielsen Wood Papers, 1930-1980
Mss C 272Evelyn Nielsen Wood Photograph Collection, 1930-1980
Mss C 275Shipler Commercial Photographers Collection, 1903-1980
Mss B 279Gordon M. Howard Papers, 1716-1977
Mss B 281International Pressmen and Assistants Union of North America, Salt Lake City Local Records, 1907-1969
Mss C 285Harry Harpster, Box Elder County (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1900-1990
Mss C 286White Mesa Survey Photograph Collection, 1980
Mss C 287Stereograph Photograph Collection
Mss B 289 Work Progress Administration (Utah Section) Biographical Sketches, ca. 1930-1940
Mss C 290Jens Jensen Photograph Collection, 1857-1924
Mss B 292Ohio Copper Company Records
Mss C 292Ohio Copper Company Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss B 293Howell Q. Cannon Architectural Records, 1902-1986
Mss B 294Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Records, 1907-1947
Mss B 296Country School Legacy Project Records, 1980-1983
Mss B 298JoAnne Freed Collection of Oral Histories, 1975-1977
Mss C 298JoAnn Freed Photograph Collection, 1975
Mss B 299Marilyn Warenski Interviews, 1975-1980
Mss C 300Peter G. Czerny Photograph Collection, ca. 1860-1975
Mss C 303John Peter Simonson Photograph Collection, 1910-1945
Mss C 304Arthur L. Crawford Photograph Collection, ca. 1930-1950
Mss C 305Harry Shipler Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s
Mss C 306Lantern Slides Collection, ca. 1850-1930
Mss C 307Utah State Legislators Photograph Collection, 1895-1963
Mss C 309Utah Centennial Commission Arts Division Slide Presentations, 1947
Mss B 311David Eugene Miller Papers, 1948-1978
Mss C 311David Eugene Miller Photograph Collection, 1948-1978
Mss C 312Gilham Advertising, Inc. Photograph Collection, ca. 1855-1965
Mss C 313Aviation History Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 314Alta (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s-1950s
Mss C 315Line Drawings Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 317Barron Woolen Mills Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 318Bonnemort Residence (Salt Lake City, Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s-1950s
Mss C 319Bingham Canyon (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1900-1962
Mss C 320Red Butte Dam (Salt Lake County, Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 321Clifton L. Bray Photograph Collection, 1933-1938
Mss C 322Cartoons and Caricatures of Men in Utah Collection, 1906
Mss C 323Arnold Standing, Carter Road Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 324Dinosaur National Monument Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 325Herb Poulson, Donner Party Trail Photograph Collection, 1972-1973
Mss C 326James Horace Skinner Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 327Eureka (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 328Golden Spike Centennial Photograph Collection, 1969
Mss C 329American Indians of the Intermountain Region Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 330J Malan Heslop Photograph Collection, ca. 1970s
Mss C 331Logging Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 332Oakwood Estate Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 333Pioneer Diamond Jubilee Photograph Collection, 1922
Mss C 334Salt Lake Theater Photograph Collection, ca. 1850s-1860s
Mss C 335St. George (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1900-1940s
Mss C 336Utah Heritage Foundation Church Survey Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 337Enos Wall Mansion Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 338Mike Milocheck Photograph Collection, 1970s
Mss C 339H. Archibald Harris Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s
Mss C 340Taylor Woolley Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 341Bliss Hall School (Bountiful, Utah) Photograph Collection, ca 1900s-1920s
Mss C 342Newton (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1960s
Mss C 343George Earl Porter Photograph Collection, ca. 1910
Mss C 344Mormon Pioneer Trek Reenactment Photograph Collection, 1947
Mss C 345Arthur Leroy Inglesby Photograph Collection, 1930s-1940s
Mss C 347Willard (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 348Richard Burton, Milford (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1980
Mss C 349Payson (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1916-1918
Mss C 350Fillmore (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1918
Mss C 351Mercur (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 352State Line (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1901-1902
Mss C 353Salt Lake City Flooding Photograph Collection, 1952-1983
Mss C 354Utah Crafts Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s
Mss C 355Uintah County (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 356Salt Lake Cutoff Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 357Park City (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1950
Mss C 358USS "Utah" Photograph Collection, 1910-1942
Mss C 359Arthur W. Stevens Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 360Morgan Commercial College (Salt Lake City, Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss B 361William Culp Darrah Papers, 1946-1972
Mss C 361William Culp Darrah Photograph Collection, ca. 1946-1972
Mss C 362Holladay (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1870s-1950s
Mss C 364Hardy Jenkinson Photograph Collection, 1960-1980
Mss C 366Latter-day Saints Hospital (Salt Lake City, Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 367Huntington Canyon Coke Oven Excavation Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 368Crismon & Nichols Assayers Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 369Genoa (Nevada) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 371Bonneville Salt Flats Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s-1960s
Mss C 373Fashions Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 374Utah Architecture Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 375Domestic Life Photograph Collection, 1902
Mss C 379Beaver County (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s
Mss B 391Conference of Intermountain Archivists Records
Mss B 398Culture Club Records, 1950-1984
Mss B 399Edgar A. Wedgwood Papers, 1836-1920
Mss B 400Salt Lake Tribune Biography Collection, 1926-1962
Mss B 403Western River Guides Association Records, 1954-1984
Mss B 404LeRoy Reuben Hafen Papers, 1913-1980
Mss C 404LeRoy Reuben Hafen Photograph Collection 1913-1980
Mss C 405Utah Travel Council Slide Collection, ca. 1970s-1980s
Mss C 406Grafton (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1890s-1950s
Mss C 408Alice M. Trent Photograph Collection, ca. 1939
Mss C 409Salt Lake County (Utah) Department of Parks and Public Property Photograph Collection, 1917
Mss C 410Springville Museum of Art Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 411Jacob Pfeiffer Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 412Charles Raymond Varley Slide Collection, ca. 1868-1986
Mss B 413Ward Jay Roylance Papers, 1950-1982
Mss C 413Ward Jay Roylance Photograph Collection
Mss B 414Paul Dayton Bailey Papers, ca. 1940-1980
Mss C 414Paul Dayton Bailey Photograph Collection, ca. 1940-1980
Mss B 424Mountain Star Association #114 Records, 1899-1905
Mss B 425M. E. "Pat" Harris Papers, ca.1950-1984
Mss B 430Stephen Moulton Babcock Fulmer Papers, 1954-1988
Mss C 430Stephen Moulton Babcock Fulmer Photograph Collection, 1944-1986
Mss B 431Carl T. Woolsey Papers, 1965-1975
Mss C 431Carl T. Woolsey Photograph Collection, 1965-1981
Mss C 439United States Forest Service Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s-1940s
Mss C 440Tampico Restaurant Photograph Collection, 1989
Mss C 441Utah Power & Light Company Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s-1950s
Mss C 442Works Progress Administration Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s-1940s
Mss C 443Civilian Conservation Corps Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s-1940s
Mss C 444General Steam Company Photograph Collection, 1986
Mss C 445Television in Utah Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s-1950s
Mss C 446Ben Terashima Photograph Collection, 1940-1980
Mss C 447Lionel V. (Mac) McNeely Photograph Collection, 1920-1990
Mss C 448"Silver in the Beehive State" Photograph Collection, 1988
Mss C 449Wilberg Mine Photograph Collection, 1984
Mss C 450Uranium Reduction Company Photograph Collection, 1957
Mss C 453Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Centerville Ward YWMIA Photograph Collection, 1943
Mss C 454Daughters of Utah Pioneers Historical Markers Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 455James A. Hogle Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 456Utah State Mental Hospital Photograph Collection, 1955
Mss C 457Salt Lake City (Utah) Fire Department Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 458Cove Fort (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 459Utah Railroads Photograph Collection, 1874-1878
Mss C 461McCurdy Doll Museum Photograph Collection, 1981
Mss C 464Smith Family Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 468Alton Watkins Morton Photograph Collection, 1930s-1960s
Mss C 472Steve Lacy Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 479Saltair Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 480Mountain Fuel Supply Company Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s
Mss C 481Utah Constitutional Convention Photograph Collection, 1933
Mss C 482Utah Copper Company Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 483Harold B. Lee Photograph Collection, ca. 1970s
Mss C 484Frank E. Moss Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 485Westminster College Photograph Collection, 1875-1950
Mss C 486James Brown Photograph Collection, ca. 1872-1892
Mss C 487Howard R. Driggs Photograph Collection, 1892-1954
Mss C 488J Malan Heslop, General Authorities--Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Photograph Collection, ca. 1970s
Mss C 489George Q. Cannon Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 490J. Wallace West Photograph Collection, ca. 1950s
Mss C 491William Miles Photograph Collection, 1905-1950
Mss B 495John Steele Papers, ca. 1876-1911
Mss B 496George Tripp Papers, 1848-1890
Mss B 500Utah Humanities Council Records, 1975-
Mss B 501Equal Rights Coalition Records, ca. 1970-1979
Mss C 502Barbara Machann Photograph Collection, ca. 1940-1945
Mss B 503Vearl J. Manwill, Timpanogos Cave Manuscript Collection, 1921-1970
Mss B 506Cayias Insurance Company Records, 1953-1979
Mss B 515Polly Aird Papers, 1990-
Mss C 525Lucin Cutoff Photograph Collection, 1903-1904
Mss C 527James Harold Beckstead, Cowboy Photograph Collection, ca. 1880-1920
Mss B 528Richard Prehn Papers, 1964-1978
Mss C 528Richard Prehn Photograph Collection, 1964-1978
Mss C 529Jim Savery Photograph Collection, 1922-1959
Mss C 530John Shupe Photograph Collection, 1970-1991
Mss C 531Ogden River Project Photograph Collection, 1934-1937
Mss C 533Wilma Tilby Photograph Collection, 1898-1924
Mss C 535Western Airlines Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 536Wayment Family Photograph Collection, 1897-1934
Mss B 540Civilian Conservation Corps Newsletters Collection, 1935-1941
Mss B 541J. Cecil Alter Papers, 1896-1959
Mss C 541J. Cecil Alter Photograph Collection, ca. 1910-1940
Mss C 544Stan Sanders Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s
Mss B 546Dry Creek Reservoir and Irrigation Company Records, ca. 1951-1988
Mss B 547Gertrude J. Day Papers, ca. 1932-1975
Mss B 548Casto Spring Irrigation Company Records, ca. 1901-1986
Mss B 549Arch Browning, Inc. Records, ca. 1939-1969
Mss B 550Carbon County Railroad Records, ca. 1928-1974
Mss B 552Kate McGinnis Papers, 1905-1912
Mss B 554Inter-Mountain Clinic Records, 1921-1979
Mss C 554Inter-Mountain Clinic Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 556Richard Menzies, Avenues Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 558Ecker Hill Photograph Collection, ca. 1930
Mss C 562Wanda McDonough, Ophir Utah Photograph Collection, 1914-1919
Mss C 563Patti O'Keefe, School Photograph Collection, 1905-1934
Mss C 564Bernarr S. Furse, Jordan Schools Photograph Collection, 1898-1925
Mss C 565Stockton (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 566Michelle Jensen Schick, Brighton (Utah) Photograph Collection
Mss C 567Salt Lake City (Utah) Architecture Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 568George W. Bartch Family Photograph Collection, ca. 1900s
Mss C 569Los Angeles Temple Photograph Collection, 1946
Mss C 579Dean R. Stephens Photograph Collection, 1953-1955
Mss C 580United States Ski Team Photograph Collection, 1991-1992
Mss C 581Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Photograph Collection, 1885-1993
Mss C 584Cove Fort (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s
Mss C 586Salt Lake City (Utah) and Region Photograph Collection, 1919
Mss C 587William E. Sackett, Tucker (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1915
Mss C 588Castle Gate (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1974
Mss C 589Fred C. Heightsman Photograph Collection, ca. 1956
Mss C 591Richard H. Kern Sketches Photograph Collection, 1855
Mss C 595Grant N. Mildenhall Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss B 599Steed Creek Irrigation and Water Company Records, ca. 1920-1985
Mss B 600Works Progress Administration Day Care Program Records, 1940-1946
Mss C 601Salt Lake City Engineers Glass Plate Negative Collection, ca. 1902-1931
Mss C 602Spanish American War Photograph Collection, 1898
Mss B 604W. H. Todd Papers, ca. 1920-1970
Mss C 605Utah State Historical Society Preservation Office Slide Collection, 1969-2001
Mss B 606Maeser Society Records, ca. 1930
Mss B 607William M. McPhee Papers, 1906-1960
Mss C 607William M. McPhee Photograph Collection, 1906-1960
Mss B 608Mary Jane Carter Due Papers, ca. 1940-1970
Mss C 608Mary Jane Carter Due Photograph Collection, ca. 1940-1970
Mss B 609Miriam Murphy, Women's Softball Collection, ca. 1901-1991
Mss C 609Miriam Murphy, Women's Softball Photograph Collection, ca. 1901-1991
Mss B 610David Jabusch Pony Express Collection, 1857-1990
Mss C 610David Jabusch Pony Express Photograph Collection, 1857-1990
Mss B 611Delbert and Ora Chipman Papers, 1942-1980
Mss B 612Ethelene Louise Seelinger Gregerson Papers, ca. 1935-1970
Mss C 612Ethelene Louise Seelinger Gregerson Photograph Collection, ca. 1935-1970
Mss B 613Armond Franklin Carr Papers, 1951-1989
Mss B 614Bill Schlotthauer Water Resources Collection, 1939-1941
Mss B 615Charles Augustus Steen Papers, 1952-1966
Mss B 616Jeri Jacobson Winger Papers, ca. 1951-1986
Mss C 618Edith Farris, Salt Lake Temple Square Photograph Collection, 1957
Mss C 620Stan Oliner Photograph Collection, 1912-1954
Mss C 624Roy E. Millegan Photograph Collection, ca. 1922
Mss C 626Ludlow Massacre Photograph Collection, 1914
Mss C 627Kathleen Mary Graham, Walter Allen Cooke Family Photograph Collection, ca. 1900
Mss C 628James Harps Photograph Collection, ca. 1950s
Mss C 629Salt Lake City (Utah) Structures Photograph Collection, ca. 1915
Mss C 634Mountain Meadows Massacre Monument Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 635Helen B. Gibbons Photograph Collection, ca. 1914-1945
Mss C 637William Stuart Brighton Photograph Collection, 1926-1931
Mss C 638Thatcher and Young Family Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 639Salt Lake City (Utah) Postcard Collection, ca. 1940s
Mss C 640Norman Basset Photograph Collection, 1910-1950
Mss C 641June Deeley Photograph Collection, ca. 1906
Mss C 644Moab (Utah) Uranium Mining Photograph Collection, ca. 1950s
Mss C 645Mel Lewis Photograph Collection, ca. 1900s-1990s
Mss C 647John Held Photograph Collection, ca. 1886-1925
Mss B 648Zelda Merritt Papers, ca 1969-1993
Mss B 649 Monroe (Utah) Collection, ca. 1860-1944
Mss C 649 Monroe (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca 1860-1944
Mss B 650Salt Lake Sertoma Club Records, ca. 1965-1972
Mss B 651Harry L. Thompson Papers, ca. 1920-1958
Mss C 651Harry L. Thompson Photograph Collection, ca. 1920-1958
Mss B 652Centennial Development Company Records, 1951-1966
Mss B 653Thomas A. Burgess Papers, 1956-1960
Mss B 654Edward R. Pike Papers, ca. 1883-1963
Mss B 655Peery Land and Livestock Company Records, ca. 1910-1942
Mss B 656Frank R. Campbell Papers, ca. 1936-1991
Mss B 657Weber County (Utah) Business Records, 1894-1930
Mss B 658Millard High School History Club Oral History Collection, 1974-1976
Mss B 659Vernal Express Index, 1891-1932
Mss B 660Pembroke Family Papers, 1885-1971
Mss C 660Pembroke Family Photograph Collection, 1885-1971
Mss B 661Taxpayers for Utah Records 1987-1988
Mss B 662Davis, Howe and Company Records, 1901-1992
Mss B 664Anderson Tower Commemorative Monument Collection, 1992-1993
Mss B 665Joseph Eddy Martin Papers, 1981-1992
Mss B 669William Bowker Preston Papers, 1887-1891
Mss B 673Star Club Records, 1889-1920
Mss B 674Volney LeRoy King Papers, 1873-1924
Mss B 675Issei Center (Salt Lake City, Utah) Records, 1972, 1979, 1981-1988
Mss C 676Eugene Jelesnik Photograph Collection, ca. 1960s
Mss C 677Herbert Z. Lund, James Mohan Paintings Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 678Dale Hollingsworth Photograph Collection, 1955
Mss C 679Thompson Family Photograph Collection, ca.1836-1920
Mss C 680Ann Chinn Maud Family Photograph Collection, 1914-1940s
Mss C 682Church of the Good Shepherd (Ogden, Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1885
Mss C 684Tom Bailey Photograph Collection, ca. 1915
Mss C 685Samuel Clifton Baldwin Photograph Collection, ca. 1877-1944
Mss C 686Arthur A. Norton, Salt Lake City (Utah) Scenes Photograph Collection, ca. 1900
Mss C 687Road Construction Photograph Collection, ca. 1939
Mss C 688J. Alan Pike, Eureka (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1905-1917
Mss C 689Utah Department of Corrections Photograph Collection, ca. 1900
Mss C 690Rose Broomhead Real Photograph Collection, ca. 1900
Mss B 694Sandy City (Utah) Certified Local Government Oral History Collection, 1994
Mss B 695Edmund Thomas Olson Papers, 1930-1960
Mss B 696J. D. Campbell Papers, 1925-1948
Mss C 697Southern Utah Slide Collection, n.d.
Mss C 699Otilla Shields Photograph Collection, ca. 1920
Mss C 702Ab Jenkins Photograph Collection, 1925-1956
Mss C 704Wilfred Peters Slide Collection, 1960-1975
Mss C 705Gladys Waddingham Slide Collection, 1946-1957
Mss C 706Gardner D. Phelps Photograph Collection
Mss C 707Salt Lake Valley Aerial Photograph Collection, 1928-1934
Mss C 708M. C. Gigi Photograph Collection, ca. 1960
Mss C 709Bart Anderson Photograph Collection, ca. 1870-1938
Mss B 719Utah Water Regulation Collection, 1965-1979
Mss C 720Edwin V. Rawley Slide Collection, 1954-1955
Mss B 721 Utah Place Names Collection, 1938-1943
Mss B 723United States On-Site Inspection Agency Records, 1988-1992
Mss B 724Utah Views Collection, 1849-1924
Mss B 730Stephen C. Dowdle Papers, 1995-
Mss B 739Piute County (Utah) Mining Heritage Oral Histories Collection, 1996
Mss C 740Kent R. Morby Julien Inscriptions Photograph Collection, 1988-1989
Mss C 741William Coulter Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 742Dorothy B. Duncan Photograph Collection, ca. 1890s
Mss C 743Judy Dykman, Silver Queen Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 746United States Smelting Refining and Mining Company Photograph Collection, ca. 1940-1980
Mss C 748McCune Mansion Photograph Collection, 1996
Mss C 749Clara Horne Park Photograph Collection, ca. 1909-1970
Mss C 750Eugene Jelesnik Photograph Collection, 1914-1999
Mss C 751Mercur (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1964
Mss C 752Garfield and Bingham Copper Mine Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 753Dorothy Brown Photograph Collection, ca. 1916-1941
Mss C 764David C. Guilbert Slide Collection, 1950s-1960s
Mss C 768Circus Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s-1950s
Mss C 780Victor Walkington Photograph Collection, 1950
Mss C 781Salt Lake City (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 782Antelope Island (Utah) Buffalo Hunt Photograph Collection, 1926
Mss C 783Utah State Supreme Court Justices Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 785Irrigation Ditches, Dams and Reservoirs Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 791Orem (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 797Schools of Utah Photograph Collection, ca. 1898-1929
Mss C 798Tim Blackburn Photograph Collection, ca. 1920-1930
Mss C 800James H. Wilson Artwork Postcard Collection ca. 1984
Mss C 801Moab (Utah) Region Photograph Collection, ca. 1940-1950
Mss C 802Hal Strong Photograph Collection, 1940s-1950s
Mss C 803Saltair Photograph Collection, 1915-1918
Mss C 805Baseball Players Photograph Collection, ca. 1910-1948
Mss C 806Garland (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1900s
Mss C 807Sugar Factory Photograph Collection, 1920
Mss C 808University of Utah Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s
Mss C 809Mary Fitzgerald Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 811Park City (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1900
Mss C 812Bingham (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss B 814Murray City (Utah) Records, 1936-1976
Mss C 814Murray City (Utah) Photograph Collection
Mss C 815Glen Allred World War II Photograph Collection, 1944-1945
Mss C 816Tooele County (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1908-1944
Mss C 818Antimony (Utah) Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 819Salt Lake City Photograph Collection, ca. 1900
Mss C 820Bicycle Racing Photograph Collection, ca. 1890-1913
Mss C 821Victorian Interiors Photograph Collection, ca. 1890s
Mss C 823Blanche Winkler Family Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s
Mss C 826Rowland Hall Photograph Collection, ca. 1890s
Mss C 835Sarah J. O'Connor Photograph Collection, ca. 1900-1930
Mss C 837Richard P. Hulser Instructional Package Design Project for the Curriculum Materials Center Photograph Collection, 1978
Mss C 846Michelle Nunley, Military Photograph Collection, ca. 1951
Mss C 849Orlando Thurber, Richfield (Utah) First Ward Boy Scouts Photograph Collection, 1927
Mss C 851Marguerite Wright Postcard Collection, n.d.
Mss C 853Mildred B. Sutch, Coal Mining Photograph Collection, 1920-1971
Mss C 855Iris K. Rogers Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 856Clifford H. Peake Photograph Collection, ca. 1902
Mss C 857Cindy Rice Photograph Collection, ca. 1970s
Mss C 859Utah Territorial and State Governors Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 860Park City (Utah) Mining Photograph Collection, ca. 1876-1900
Mss C 861Published Utah Prints Collection, n.d.
Mss C 897Milo Andrus Photograph Collection, ca. 1880-1893
Mss C 900Utah Views Photograph Collection, ca. 1935
Mss B 901Delmont Oswald Papers, 1976-1984
Mss C 902Oak City (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1940s-1972
Mss B 903Fort Douglas (Utah) Collection, 1995
Mss C 904Patricia C. von-Khrum Photograph Collection, ca. 1886-1930s
Mss C 906St. George (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s-1995
Mss C 907Hill Air Force Base Photograph Collection, ca. 1945
Mss C 910M. Guy Bishop, Kaiparowits Project Photograph Collection, 1971-1973
Mss C 912Engravings and Prints Collection, n.d.
Mss C 914Liz Dunlap Photograph Collection, 1969
Mss B 915John D. Lee Trial Transcript Collection, 1875
Mss B 916Fort Douglas Military Museum Monographs and Records, 1977-1983
Mss C 918Ron Beck Photograph Collection, ca. 1925-1945
Mss C 920Theodore S. Kellogg Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s-1930s
Mss B 921George McCune Papers, 1917-1979
Mss C 921George McCune Photograph Collection
Mss C 923Utah State Hospital Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss B 926Utah Banks Records, 1899-1939
Mss C 927Utah Railroad Depots Photograph Collection, 1965-1976
Mss C 930Howard C. Price Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 932Merle Casper Photograph Collection, ca. 1868-1914
Mss C 933Wayne Sarnowski Photograph Collection, 1919
Mss C 934Dorothy Nielson Photograph Collection, 1942
Mss B 936Continental Supply Company Records, 1906-1912
Mss B 942East Mill Creek Betterment League Records, 1935-1950
Mss B 943Atlas Corporation, Atlas Minerals Division Records, 1973-1975
Mss B 945Bountiful (Utah) Centennial History Collection, 1992
Mss C 946Betty Busch Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s
Mss C 947A. F. Parker Photograph Collection, ca. 1900
Mss C 948Rex Sandberg Photograph Collection, 1912-1937
Mss C 949Magna (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1930
Mss C 950William Macko Photograph Collection, 1934
Mss B 951Utah Coalition for Motorcycle Safety Records, 1989-1991
Mss B 953Wasatch Westerners Records, 1986-1994
Mss C 965John Axton Photograph Collection, ca. 1909-1938
Mss C 967Walter O. Sloan Photograph Collection, 1899-1910
Mss C 968Portraits Collection, ca. 1900
Mss C 969 David Paul Schmickel, Kemper Hall Photograph Collection, 1997
Mss C 976Afton Watkins Gardner Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s
Mss C 978NASA Photograph Collection of Jake Garn on Space Shuttle Discovery, 1985
Mss C 979Marie Hansen, Wild Flowers Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 980Winnie Partner Photograph Collection, 1949-1958
Mss C 981Scottish Festival Photograph Collection, 1997
Mss C 985Native American Prints Collection, n.d.
Mss B 986Utah HABS Project Records, 1934, 1940, 1965, 1967-1971, 1974
Mss B 987John T. Woodbury, Sr. Papers, 1900-1936
Mss B 988Madeline Auerbach Werner Papers, 1867-1876
Mss B 993Western Mining and Railroad Museum Oral History Collection, 1993-1994
Mss B 994Fairview Museum Oral History Collection, 1975-1994
Mss B 995Grand Canyon National Park Museum Oral History Collection, 1994-1995
Mss B 996Emery County (Utah) Centennial Oral Histories Collection, 1993-1994
Mss B 997American Legion Auxiliary Scrapbooks Collection, 1949-1962
Mss B 1006Utah Then and Now Collection, 1896-1996
Mss B 1007Grand County (Utah) Historical Preservation Human History Program Collection, 1997
Mss B 1008John Theo Horne Papers, 1997
Mss B 1009Kenneth W. Godfrey, Charles W. Penrose Papers, ca. 1997
Mss B 1010Mormon Social Science Association and Committee on Mormon Society and Culture Collection, 1974-1998
Mss B 1011Kent Day Family Papers, ca. 1917-1919
Mss C 1011Kent Day Family Photograph Collection, ca. 1917
Mss B 1012Lillian Halstead Papers, ca. 1904-1953
Mss C 1012Lillian Halstead Photograph Collection, ca. 1904-1953
Mss B 1013League of Utah Writers Records, ca. 1955-1997
Mss B 1015Armand L. Mauss Papers, ca. 1960-1999
Mss B 1018Utah Geographic Place Names Committee Records, ca. 1970s
Mss C 1019Ann Romick Photograph Collection, ca. 1929
Mss C 1020Donald Rosenberg Collection of Hilda Erickson Photographs, 1883-1994
Mss C 1022Edward Cooper Photograph Collection, ca. 1900-1947
Mss C 1024Montana Historical Society Collection of Utah Photographs, Slides and Postcards, n.d.
Mss B 1026Kearns Mansion Restoration Collection, 1984-1995
Mss C 1026Kearns Mansion Restoration Photograph Collection, 1984-1995
Mss B 1028Gary Topping Papers, 1824-1998
Mss B 1029Earl F. Hanson Papers, 1930-1981
Mss B 1030Faces of Utah: A Portrait Collection, 1996
Mss B 1031Salt Lake City (Utah) Division of Building and Housing Services Permit Invoices Collection, 1890-1927
Mss B 1032Sevier County (Utah) Oral History Project Collection, 1997
Mss B 1033United States Bureau of Mines Collection, 1981, 1988
Mss B 1035Colorado Plateau Heritage Tourism Program Collection, 1994-1995
Mss C 1036Steve Floray Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s
Mss C 1037Utah Scenes Photograph Collection, 1911
Mss B 1040Alson W. and Robert C. Ferguson Papers, 1925-1995
Mss B 1046Utahans for Effective Government "UTEGO" Records, 1970-1974
Mss C 1047Lillian Carter Ostler Photograph Collection, ca. 1890s-1920s
Mss B 1048Athletic Club Germania Records, 1927-1975
Mss C 1048Athletic Club Germania Photograph Collection, 1927-1975
Mss B 1050Failed Utah Thrifts and Loans Collection, 1964-1988
Mss B 1051Kamas State Fish Hatchery Records, 1990-1998
Mss B 1053Laphene "Don" Harris Papers, ca.1938-1998
Mss B 1054Holy Arnold Evaluation of Utah School Buildings Records, 1936, 1951
Mss B 1055Joseph H. Porath Scrapbook Collection, 1918-1960
Mss B 1056Judson Callaway, Wheeler Historical Farm Facts Collection, 1998
Mss B 1058American Legion Auxiliary Records, 1925-1946
Mss B 1059Alberta Henry Papers, 1939-1998
Mss B 1060Charles Herbert Blower Papers, ca. 1865-1984
Mss C 1072Sandra Butterfield Photograph Collection, ca 1940s
Mss C 1082Maurice Cope Photograph Collection, 1927-1945
Mss B 1083Herald G. Miller Papers, 1948-1970
Mss B 1084Helen Romney Papers, ca. 1955-1965
Mss B 1086Jordan School District (Salt Lake County, Utah) P.T.A. Records, 1945-1980
Mss B 1087Citizens for the Preservation of Hotel Utah Scrapbook, 1987
Mss B 1088Everett Ruess Papers, 1930-1934
Mss B 1089Hyde Park (Utah) Family History Project Collection, 1900-1998
Mss B 1090United States Fuel Company Hiawatha Coal Mine Records, 1942-1990
Mss B 1197George E. Larsen Papers, 1940-1983
Mss B 1198Calvary Chapel of Salt Lake City Records, 1978-1989
Mss B 1199Clarence E. Flandro Papers, 1907-1947
Mss B 1200Leonard J. Arrington Papers, 1999
Mss B 1201Harriet H. Arrington Papers, ca. 1997
Mss C 1208Sanpete: Aspects of Man, Settlement and Agriculture Slide Show, 1980
Mss C 1209Tintic Mining District: Time Slices--Past Places Slide Show, 1980
Mss B 1221Levi S. Peterson's Collection of Juanita Brooks Papers, 1827-1987
Mss C 1242Utah Scenes Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s-1950
Mss C 1243Utah Heritage Foundation Photograph Collection, ca 1970s
Mss C 1245Utah Architecture Photograph Collection, ca. 1970s-1980s
Mss C 1247Thomas Kearns Family Photograph Collection, ca. 1910-1960
Mss C 1250Provo (Utah) Historic District Photograph Collection, ca. 1979
Mss C 1252Pleasant Grove (Utah) Photograph Collection, 1999
Mss C 1259Sanpete County Rock Buildings Photograph Collection, ca 1996
Mss C 1273"Grandma's House" Photo Contest Photograph Collection, 1998
Mss C 1274"Barn in Utah" Photograph Collection, 1997
Mss C 1275Maurice Warshaw Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s-1970s
Mss C 1276J Malan Heslop Photograph Collection, ca. 1940-1980s
Mss C 1277Brigham City Photograph Collection, ca. 1900s-1920s
Mss B 1300Harold P. Cahoon Papers, 1924-1975
Mss C 1300Harold P. Cahoon Photograph Collection, 1924-1975
Mss C 1301U.S. Soil Conservation Service Photograph Collection, 1930s-1940s
Mss B 1302Utah Fire Rating Bureau Records, ca. 1940-1960s
Mss C 1306Armco Photograph Collection, 1951-1956
Mss B 1308Kent Powell World War II Research Collection, 1940-2000
Mss C 1308Kent Powell World War II Photograph Collection, 1940-2000
Mss B 1331Myrtle Eliza Dudley Papers, 1927-1933
Mss C 1331Myrtle Eliza Dudley Peterson Photograph Collection, 1925-1933
Mss B 1343Ann Reynolds Oral History Collection
Mss C 1346Kearns Mansion Photograph Collection, n.d.
Mss C 1347"Back to School" Photograph Collection, 2000
Mss B 1348Harry L. Thompson Papers, 1874-1940
Mss C 1348Harry L. Thompson Photograph Collection, ca. 1909-1920s
Mss B 1352Holy Cross Hospital Nursing School Records, 1901-1973
Mss B 1357Scrace's Bakery and Cafe Records, 1893-1927
Mss B 1358Russian Data Collection Center Records, ca. 1988-2001
Mss C 1358Russian Data Collection Center Photograph Collection, ca. 1988-2001
Mss C 1375Paul Willmore Photograph Collection, 1960-1970
Mss B 1384Richards Family Papers
Mss B 1387Craddock Matthew Gilmour Papers, 1925-2001
Mss C 1407Frederick John Chapman Photograph Collection, 1851-1978
Mss B 1410Elizabeth Schoenfeld Papers, ca. 1970s
Mss C 1410Elizabeth Schoenfeld Photograph Collection, ca. 1970's
Mss B 1416Effie Warnick Adams Papers, 1856-1999
Mss B 1418Independent Order of Odd Fellows Records, ca. 1874-2001
Mss B 1421Southern Utah Oral History Collection
Mss B 1422Utah Parent Teacher Association Papers, 1914-2001
Mss B 1423XIX Olympic Winter Games Collection, 1985-2002
Mss B 1424Committee to Stop East/West Light Rail Records, 1999-2000
Mss B 1431Blake Family History Collection, 1815-1995
Mss B 1433John Maylon Thatcher Papers, 1953-1966
Mss B 1435Sharp Fruit & Land Company Records, ca. 1893-1934
Mss C 1436Robert D. Huish Stereograph Collection, ca. 1890's-1930's
Mss B 1448Keller-Simmons Family Papers, 1899-1985
Mss B 1456Utah Civilian Conservation Corps Photographs and Records, ca. 1933-2000
Mss C 1499Craig Fuller Olympic Photograph Collection, 2002
Mss C 1503Chris and Katie Mansfield Olympic/Paralympic Photograph Collection, 2002
Mss C 1505Pat Scott Olympic Photograph Collection, 2002
Mss C 1506Janell Brimhall Tuttle Olympic Photograph Collection, 2002
Mss C 1507Susan Whetstone Olympic Photograph Collection, 2002
Mss C 1518Lisa Hollerbach Olympic Photograph Collection, 2002
Mss C 1532Dooly/Riser Photograph Collection, ca. 1890s-1965
Mss C 1534Sacred Places Preservation Contest Photograph Collection, 2001
Mss C 1535Dream House Preservation Contest Photograph Collection, 2003
Mss C 1537Delmar L. Tripp Photograph Collection, ca. 1930s
Mss C 1538Charles Roscoe Savage Photograph Collection, ca. 1870s-1900
Mss C 1541Governor Michael Leavitt Olympic Photograph Collection, 2002
Mss C 1543Holy Cross School of Nursing Photograph Collection, 1930s-1960s
Mss C 1548William "Bill" Herbert Williams Photograph Collection
Mss B 1563Victory Flag Society Correspondence Collection, 1943-1946
Mss B 1564Vere Westwood Family Business Papers, 1941-2004
Mss B 1568Salt Lake City School District Parent Teacher Association Scrapbook Collection, 1950-1992
Mss B 1572James Bertoch Family Papers, 1862-1900
Mss B 1574Utah Energy Office Olympic Records, ca. 1996-2002
Mss B 1575East Mill Creek Ward History Collection, 1853-1994
Mss B 1576Utah State Capitol Renovation Records, 2002
Mss B 1579Steven K. Madsen Papers, 1992-1994
Mss B 1581Utah Democratic Party Campaigns Collection, 1960-1964
Mss B 1582Roger Roper Civilian Conservation Corps Collection, 1933-2002
Mss B 1583Locomotive 223 Records, 1978-1993
Mss C 1583Locomotive 223 Photograph Collection, 1978-1993
Mss B 1584Jack Goodman Collection of "Cityview" Newspaper Clippings, 1984-2001
Mss B 1586Judith Adair Baker Scrapbooks, 1950-1955
Mss B 1587Murray Sullivan Papers, 1907-1932
Mss B 1588Edward Lupton Bond Papers, 1904-1908
Mss B 1589Gwen B. Henderson Papers, 1944
Mss B 1591T. Quentin Cannon Papers, 1926-1962
Mss B 1602Norma F. Alter Scrapbook of Utah, ca. 1996
Mss B 1605Tom Carter Papers, 1974-2000
Mss B 1606Dixie State College Oral History Collection, 1994-2003
Mss B 1607Fort Douglas Student Papers Collection, 1995
Mss B 1608Charles S. Peterson Papers, ca. 1960-2005
Mss B 1609Lloyd M. Pierson and Lyle E. Jamison Papers, 1993
Mss B 1610Poulton's Market Ledger Book, 1907
Mss C 1611William Edward Hook Photograph Collection, 1878-1882
Mss B 1614Grand International Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Records, 1898-1991
Mss B 1615Swasey Family Papers, 1899-1976
Mss B 1627Niels Joseph Nielsen Family History Papers, ca. 1951-1980s
Mss B 1630W.W. & W.B. Gardner Inc. Records, 1948-1956
Mss B 1631Utah Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Records, 1914-1962
Mss B 1632John David Lafayette Pearce Family History Papers, 1867-2000
Mss B 1634Pearl Biddlecome Baker Trail on the Water Papers, 1898-1969
Mss B 1636Clyde Benally Oral Histories Collection, 1961
Mss B 1637Uintah County (Utah) Oral Histories Collection, 1974-2002
Mss B 1638Jessie May Perry Papers, 1932-1965
Mss B 1643Hellenic Latter-day Saint Society Records, 1959-1968
Mss B 1644Helen Z. Papanikolas Oral Histories Collection, 1969-1974
Mss C 1645Andrew J. Golarz Photograph Collection, 1930s
Mss B 1655St. Benedict's Hospital Oral Histories Collection, 2002-2005
Mss B 1657James B. Crosby Oral History Collection, 1991
Mss B 1659Joseph Edward Taylor Business Records, 1917-1962
Mss C 1659Joseph Edward Taylor Photograph Collection, 1917-1962
Mss B 1660Stephen Holbrook Papers, 1946-2005
Mss C 1660Stephen Holbrook Photograph Collection, 1946-2005
Mss B 1662Ensign Camp (International Society--Daughters of Utah Pioneers) Records, 1926-1997
Mss C 1671KUED's 1950s in Utah Photograph Collection, 1950s
Mss C 1673Main Street Preservation Contest Photograph Collection, 2000
Mss C 1674Historic Theater Preservation Contest Photograph Collection, 2005
Mss B 1678Santa Clara-Virgin River Flood, Washington County, Utah Oral History Collection, 2005
Mss B 1693Emery County World War II Oral History Collection, 2004
Mss C 1711Thomas Sobchack Photograph Collection, 1970-1982
Mss C 1743John R. Shupe Photograph Collection, ca 1890s-1940s
Mss C 1745Beaver County Photograph Collection, 1980
Mss C 1746William Grant Morris Photograph Collection, 1923-1930s
Mss B 1748Spring Lake Collection, 1833-2000
Mss B 1749Brigham City War Veterans' Oral Histories Collection, 2003-2005
Mss B 17522002 Paralympic Winter Games Collection, 2000-2002
Mss B 1753Western States Tourism Collection, 1958-1982
Mss B 1760Stansbury Elementary School PTA Scrapbook Collection, 1963-1991
Mss B 1761Civilian Conservation Corps Collection, 1933-1994
Mss C 1761Civilian Conservation Corps Photograph Collection, 1933-1994
Mss C 1812Erroll W. Miller Photograph Collection, 1909-1969
Mss C 1835Utah State Senate Presidents Photograph Collection, 1897-1945
Mss B 1907Rose Creek Oral Histories Collection, 2008
Mss B 1911Gladys Wolfe Parker Collection, 1950-1990
Mss B 1912Brigham City World War II Oral History Collection, 2005-2006
Mss B 1913William P. MacKinnon Papers, ca. 1950-2007
Mss B 1914Taylorsville Bennion Heritage Oral Histories Collection, 2008
Mss B 1916Utah Westminster Collection, 1907-1971
Mss B 1917Utah Juvenile Justice Reform Oral Histories Collection, 2008
Mss B 1918Queer Oral Histories Collection, 2009
Mss B 1919Topaz Oral Histories Collection, 2008
Mss B 1920San Rafael Swell Oral Histories Collection, 2007-2008
Mss B 1921Bingham Junction/Midvale City Oral Histories Collection, 2008
Mss B 1922Salt Lake Hardware Company Collection, 1900-1980s
Mss B 1923Thomas James Baird Diaries, 1914-1932
Mss B 1924Mineral Industry Records, 1942 1958
Mss B 1926Utah Valley University Peace Activists Oral Histories, 2006-2009
Mss B 1927U.S.S. Utah - Stan Sanders Collection, 1908-2000
Mss C 1927U.S.S. Utah - Stan Sanders Photograph Collection, 1917-1933
Mss B 1931Honeyville Heritage Oral Histories, 2009
Mss B 1932"The Land Owns Us: A Cultural History of San Juan County's Westwater Canyon" Oral Histories, 2009, 2011
Mss C 1933Francis Theodore Hayden Photograph Collection, 1959-1977
Mss B 1934Sketches of Utah Territorial and State Governors, ca. 2000-2003
Mss B 1935John M. Hartvigsen Papers, 1980-2011
Mss B 1936Florence Butler Papers, 1949-2009 (Bulk: 2000-2009)
Mss C 1936Florence Butler Photograph Collection, 1911-1978
Mss B 1937Utah Volunteer Women Collection, 1926-1971
Mss C 1937Utah Volunteer Women Photograph Collection, ca. 1900-1966
Mss B 1938"Tongan Journeys" Oral History Collection, 2006-2008
Mss B 1939Intermountain Indian School Oral History Collection, 2009
Mss B 1940Natural History Museum of Utah Rio Tinto Center Collection, 2011
Mss C 1942Lewis C. and Ilah Mae Horton Photograph Collection, ca. 1943
Mss C 1943Lewis Tourist Apartments Photograph Collection, ca. 1938
Mss B 1944Gilbert Riswold Mormon Battalion Monument Papers, 1917-1958
Mss C 1944Gilbert Riswold Mormon Battalion Monument Photograph Collection, ca. 1922-1927
Mss B 1945Utah Catalogs Collection, 1992-2002
Mss B 1946"Thirty-One Four" Continental Bank and Trust Company Newsletter Collection, 1953-1956
Mss C 1947Nathan Finck Slides Collection, ca. 1960
Mss B 1948"Relief Society Bulletin" Collection, 1914
Mss C 1949Ophir (Utah) Photograph Collection, ca. 1910-1924
Mss B 1950"Northern Utah Speaks: Family Oral Histories Project" Collection, 2009-2010
Mss B 1951Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway Payroll Ledgers, 1889-1919
Mss C 1952Joseph S. Wells Photograph Collection, ca. 1890-1956
Mss B 1953"'Road to School' Oral History Project" Collection, 2011-2012
Mss B 1954Grand Opera House Oral History Collection, 2011-2012
Mss B 1956Armand Mauss Genealogy Collection, 1913-2009
Mss C 1956Armand Mauss Genealogy Photograph Collection, ca. 1880s-1985
Mss B 1957Zion National Park Employee Oral History Collection, 2009
Mss B 1958Primary Children's Hospital Oral History Collection, 2009-2011
Mss B 1960St. Benedict's School of Nursing Oral History Collection, 2010
Mss B 1961Utah Rural Business Leaders Oral History Collection, 2009-2010
Mss B 1962Wasatch Heritage Foundation Oral History Collection, 2007-2009
Mss B 1964George Henry Dern Family Papers, 1891-1948
Mss C 1964George Henry Dern Family Photograph Collection, 1894-1936