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Utah Addition to National Register: Doggy Door Tie Cutter Cabin

 The Doggy Door Tie Cutter Cabin
Summit County, Utah

The Doggy Door Tie Cutter Cabin in Summit County, Utah was constructed ca. 1921, and is significant under Criteria A, C, and D under the context of the Tie Cutting Industry of the North Slope of the Uinta Mountains.The site contains the most intact architecture of any site currently inventoried under the above-referenced context, and relates to the second historical period of the Tie Cutting industry of the North Slope (Merritt 2013:Section E, 7-10), specifically the 1920s-1930s, with abandonment in the 1940s.

The site is surrounded by mid and high-cut lodgepole pine stumps, remnants of strip roads and several other tie cutting sites that further instill association with this site with the Multiple Property Submission theme. The cabin was used as a residential occupation for likely from one to three tie cutters and at least one pet canine, and fits within the “Domestic” property type as defined in Merritt (2013:Section F, 12) .

As such, the level of integrity associated with the cabin architecturally, and the lack of modern disturbance, suggests that this might be one of the most significant historic resources within the Multiple Property boundary dating to this specific time period. Thus, the site is associated clearly with the production of railroad cross-ties in the Uinta Mountains and are significant events as noted in Merritt (2013) under Criteria A, C and D. The site possesses significant architectural integrity for Criteria C, and due to the lack of modern disturbance and vandalism there is a high potential for the presence of significant subsurface materials under Criteria D.

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