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Eventbrite - Uplift Collection Development-- St George
Eventbrite - Uplift Collection Development-- West Jordan

Collection Development is at the heart of what a library is: a source of information, entertainment, leisure reading, viewing, listening and so much more. Attend this Uplift class to understand the context for collection development while we learn about the practical issues, the best procedures, and the everyday work that constitutes CD—both the science and the art of it! This workshop will include small group projects, discussion, opportunities for questions and special concerns as well as lots of practical, down-to-earth ideas to help you successfully anticipate what your uses might want next whether it is book, a motion picture, an electronic resource and other format. Topics include: The steps in the collection development cycle The selection process & tools and the good, the bad and the ugly regarding gifts The changing marketplace for all formats The weeding process—benefits, practical considerations, results, and policies Collection assessment—what you have, what you need, what needs changing, what is perfect!

Where and When (St. George): St. George Branch (Washington County Library System), Sept. 18-19 8:30 AM-4:30 PM
Where and When (West Jordan): West Jordan Library Viridian Center (Salt Lake County Library Services) , Sept. 25-26, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM
Audience: Directors, staff interested in collection development
Instructor: Ruby Cheesman, Salt Lake County Library System
Mileage reimbursement: Available to those traveling over 50 miles one way
Lunch:  Provided both days, compliments of the Utah State Library

About Basic UPLIFT

The Utah State Library offers the popular core courses required to meet the personnel standard required for public library certification under Standards for Utah Public Libraries.

Library directors and key personnel who do not have formal training in library science may participate in basic certification training which includes introductory coursework in core areas:

  • Collection Development teaches the principles of selection of library materials and standard practices involved in building and promoting collections. Fall 2014
  • Technology includes things the librarian needs to know to keep computer services up and running. It includes computer security, wireless access issues and solutions, technical support that the librarian can do, and when to call an IT person for help. Spring 2015
  • Reference brings the skills needed to be an effective provider of reference and information services. Emphasis is on reference services, the reference interview, online searching strategies including Pioneer, and sources of information. Fall 2015
  • Library Administration covers the fundamentals of public library administration, the need to integrate planning, budgeting, the basics of personnel management and policy development. Spring 2016
  • Cataloging/Acquisitions/Technical Services explains how to create accurate bibliographic records and standard resources used in catalog work: Dewey Decimal Schedules, AACR2 Rules, and MARC Records; also basic acquisitions and technical services functions. Fall 2016
  • Youth Services explores the elements of running a successful program for children and teens including presenting library programs for children and young adults, developing children’s and young adult materials collections, and using the stages of childhood and adolescent development to guide your programs. Spring 2016

For more information or assistance contact:

Colleen Eggett
Training Coordinator
Phone Number (801) 715-6776 or (800) 662-9150 (Utah toll-free)
Email address