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Partnership With the Homeless Task Force

Every year the State of Utah participates in a physical count of all homeless individuals across the state to determine how many were homeless on a single night, or Point-In-Time Count. Over half of our homeless population identify themselves with an ethnic minority group yet only 45% were reported in the 2011 Point-In-Time Count.

In 2012 and 2013 Multicultural Affairs partnered with the Homeless Task Force in the Point-In-Time Count by distributing surveys through the Homeless Outreach Program. It is important that the ethnic homeless population is properly accounted for to ensure proper program delivery and services. By providing ethnic volunteers, MCA hopes to connect to the ethnic homeless population who are underrepresented because they may feel less inclined to reach out to our mostly homogeneous service providers. This is just one of many unprecedented partnerships MCA looks forward to continuing.