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The purpose of the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism is to enable individuals,

Our purpose

communities and organizations in Utah to benefit from the service, power, skills, and passion of volunteers.

vision is to have vibrant, productive communities with involved, responsible citizens.

Our mission is to strengthen Utah communities through the power of service and volunteerism.

Our work is based in these core values:

  • We believe that volunteerism is a uniquely American form of civic engagement that is fundamental to our democracy and critical to our communities.
  • We believe volunteers build strong communities and have a lasting impact on local needs.
  • Utah volunteers are exceptional. They are willing to make the time and the connections that come from reaching out in service to and with others.
  • We know that volunteers are bedrock in any community. Neighborhoods where volunteers gather and serve are more vibrant, safe, and engaged.
  • Volunteering collectively grows bonds across various experiences, beliefs, backgrounds and barriers.
  • People who volunteer feel a unique sense of ownership and responsibility and are in turn transformed by the experience.

The Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism has a long history of advocating the value of volunteerism, training skilled volunteers, coordinating a statewide system to facilitate service, developing innovative AmeriCorps programs, and promoting Utah’s national leadership in volunteerism.

Our competitive advantages include:

  • We offer state leadership. As a branch of the state government and a program of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, we can use our bully pulpit to promote volunteerism with authority.
  • We collaborate. We have years of experience working in the public and private sectors to focus resources on volunteerism.
  • We have data. Our studies measure the impact volunteers have on our lives and our communities.
  •  We have expertise. Our training to volunteer organizations helps them better use and support volunteers.
  • We bring resources to the table. Our nationally-recognized AmeriCorps programs connect local needs with manpower in a cost effective and efficient way.