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Indian Law Resource Center – The Indian Law Resource Center is a non-profit law and advocacy organization established and directed by American Indians. They provide legal assistance to American Indian and Alaska Native nations who are working to protect their lands, resources, human rights, environment and cultural heritage.

National American Indian Court Judges Association – An association of tribal judges supporting American Indian and Alaska Native justice systems through education, information sharing and advocacy.

National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) – The National Indian Justice Center is an independent national resource for Native communities and tribal governments. This non-profit corporation is Indian owned and operated. The NIJC designs and delivers legal education, research, and technical assistance programs seeking to improve the quality of life for Native communities and the administration of justice in Indian Country. Training manuals are available: NIJC Publications.

National Indian Law Library (NILL) – The National Indian Law Library (NILL) of the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) is a public law library devoted to Federal Indian and Tribal Law. NILL provides a unique resource for individuals researching Indian Law including online research guides for topics such as Indian Child Welfare, International Indigenous Rights, History/Culture/Religion, and Tribal Sovereignty.

National Legal Resource Center – The National Legal Resource Center’s purpose is to provide for the aging and legal networks with easy access to coordinated national legal assistance support system in order to strengthen legal assistance and elder rights efforts across the country. The targeted audience range from legal, elder rights, and aging services professionals and advocates.

National Native American Bar Association

Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project – Coordinated by the University of Oklahoma Law Center and The National Indian Law Library of the Native American Rights Fund.

Native American Rights Fund (NARF) – Founded in 1970, the Native American Rights Fund is the oldest and largest nonprofit law firm dedicated to asserting and defending the rights of Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide.

Tribal Juvenile Detention and Reentry Resource Center - Operating under the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), the National Resource Center is a searchable database of resources and materials selected and reviewed by the Tribal Juvenile Detention and Reentry Green Technical Assistance Center Staff. Materials include published works, peer-reviewed research, curricula, and web-based resources that aim to provide up-to-date information on topics relevant to juvenile detention and re-entry and green job training.

Tribal Code Services, Inc.

Tribal Court Clearinghouse – The Tribal Court Clearinghouse is a comprehensive website established in June 1997 to serve as a resource for American Indian and Alaska Native Nations, American Indian and Alaska Native people, tribal justice systems, victims services providers, tribal service providers, and others involved in the improvement of justice in Indian Country. The Tribal Court Clearinghouse is developed and maintained by the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, an Indian owned and operated non-profit corporation organized to design and develop education, research, training, and technical assistance programs which promote the enhancement of justice in Indian Country and the health, well-being, and culture of Native peoples.