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Wilberg Mine Memorial

UNITED MINE WORKERS OF AMERICA International Union District District 22 Local Union 2176 In memory of our fellow brothers, sister and co-workers who lost their lives to the Wilberg Coal Mine Disaster December 19, 1984 Bert Bennett Cary Jennings Ricci Camberlango Lee Johansen Curtis Carter Joel Nevitt Robert Christensen Kelly Riddle Gordon Conover Lynn Robinson Randy Curry Ray Snow Owen Curtis John Waldoch Roger Ellis Lester Walls, Jr. Brian Howard John Wilsey Nanette Wheeler Phillip Bell James Hamlin James Bertuzzi Leroy Hersh David Bocook Barry Jacobs Vic Cingolani Alex Poulos Worst Coal Mine Fire Disaster in Utah History

Site Information
Location: W Hwy. 29
EMERY County

W. of Orangeville, near bridge

Marker Information
Placed By: Not Available
Materials: Engraved in granite
Organization Comments: United Mine Workers of American
Marker Condition: Excellent
Marker Description: Drawing of miners

Monument Information
Description: Free-standing
Constructed By: Not Available
Organization Comments: United Mine Workers, Local Union 2176
Materials: Black granite monolith
Dimensions (base): 50"W 7'H 11"D
Condition: Excellent

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Mindee Nicholson
Surveyor's Organization: DUP Emery Gounty
Date Surveyed: 1995-05-09