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Carbon Tabernacle/Price River Valley

Plaque A: (South, 4'H 3.5'W) CARBON TABERBACLE On this site was located the Carbon Tabernacle, a landmark and center place of worship from 1914 to 1961 for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For 47 years the Tabernacle served as the Carbon and North Carbon Stake Center, the ward meetinghouse for Price First and Second Wards and the scene of many civic, political, graduations and recreational programs. With the completion of the basement on March 14, 1914, the quarterly two-day conference for Carbon Stake was held. The last meeting was held June 4, 1961. Designed by Miles E. Miller, a young Salt Lake City architect, at an estimated cost of $35,000. Ground breaking for the Tabernacle took place August 26, 1911. The dimensions of the two-story structure were a hundred-fifteen feet long, sixty-six feet wide and thirty-two feet high, with a tower at the northwest corner. The foundation was of reinforced concrete, the walls were of white enamel pressed cement bricks layed with black mortar and trimmed with white stone. On the main floor was a large auditorium furnished with oak pews to seat a thousand persons. It housed one of the largest and best-toned pipe organs in the state. At the north of the auditorium was a large Relief Society room with adjoining classrooms and two other classrooms in the tower. In the basement was a large amusement hall, dance floor, stage, dressing rooms and baptismal font. After twelve years of construction, and at a final cost of $100,046.62, the building was dedicated July 1923, a tribute to the contributions of labor and dollars of the L.D.S. people and their friends of Carbon County. Plaque B: (North, 2' x 1') PRICE RIVER VALLEY - ITS EARLY BEGINNINGS This monument inscription is an expression of gratitude for the people and forces that shaped the Price River Valley from 1877 to 1885. Historical events that brought changes and settlers: 1877 Caleb Rhoades (Rhodes) and Abraham Powell came into the valley to trap and homestead. In the winter of 1878 they returned to their homes in Salem, Utah Territory planning to lead their family members and friends into the valley. January 21, 1879, Caleb Rhoades, Frederick E. & Charles W. Grames arrived. Other family members and settlers followed. 1880, Emery County formed with the Price River Valley in the northern section. 1881-1883, construction of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad through the Price Valley, naming Price as a station. 1882, L.D.S. organization, with the leadership of Bishop George Frandsen, the townsite surveyed, the Price Water Company formed to bring water to the townsite and building of a log structure for church, school and civic use. 1885-1886 establishment of the government Fort Duchesne in the Uintah-Ouray Indian Reservation and opening of Basin gilsonite asphaltum mines with Price as the freight station. Known settlers that came between 1879 and 1885: Albert A. Angell Family Green W. & Amy Allred Family William Averett William H. & Mary J. Babcock Family Alfa Ballinger Arthur and Walt Barney Joseph & Dorothy Birch Family Sarah Blain Eugene E. & James Branch, Sr. Family Willim H. & Aliza Branch Family Hans Ulrich, Mary & Margaret Bryner Families Albert and Marie P. Bryner Ben Buchanan Thomas Caldwell Mr. Clifford Samuel & Sarah G. Cox Family Lyman Curtis William Davis George, Sarah & Mary Downard Families George W. & Amanda J. Eldridge Family Charles H. & Keziah J. Empey Francis M. & Fanny Ewell Family George & Karen Frandsen, Sr. Family Joseph Gale A. Gallaway James D. Gay Albert J. Alfred & Charles Grames Charles W. & Marie L. Graves Family Frederick E. & Martha P. Grames Family Ephraim Green Family James D. Gordon Christian & Minnie Halverson Jense Jensen William J., Sally & Henrietta Hill Families Arthur W. & Margaret A. Horsley Ernest S. Horsley Frank B. Horsley Herman B. & Amanda Horsley Ralph Horsly Charles P. Johnson Family John Jones Jacob & Lenna Kofford John D. & Sarah Leigh Clarence Marsh Seren & Emily Olsen Erastus & Bertha Olsen Family Peter & Sally Ann Olson John H. & Pauline Pace Family Jense & Mary C. Petersen Abraham Powell John A., Sara Jane & Rosaltha A. Powell Families Robert A. & Rachel Powell Family Teancum, Annie M. & Sarah E. Pratt Families Caleb & Sudsie Rhoades Enoch Rhodes John J. Rhodes William Ried George & Caroline Robb Lew Shields Andrew J. Simmons Mathew & Lydia Simmons Family Levi Simmons Robert T. & Sarah Snyder Family Hyrum Strong Edward T. & Susan Stewart Family Heber J. Stowell Jefferson & Sarah Tidwell Family Dick Thomson James Vannatta Family William & Sarah A. Warren Family William A. Warren Charles Webb James N. & Hannah Whitmore David Sr. and David Jr. Williams Joseph Wright Thomas & Josephine Zundle Henry J. Mathis John M. & Emma M. Mathis Brigham O. & Barbara McIntire Family Erastus W. & Anna B. McIntire Family John & Alice McIntire Charles & John McKendrick Orlando & Lydia Mead Family Tony & Rose Montis Family William Morgan Eric & Sophia Nielson James Nixon William Noyes C

Site Information
Location: 185 E Main Street

In front of museum

Marker Information
Placed By: Not Available
Materials: Bronze
Marker Condition: Excellent
Marker Description: Bas-relief of Tabernacle by Gary Prazen

Monument Information
Description: Free-standing
Constructed By: Not Available
Construction Date: 1993
Materials: Concrete
Dimensions (top): 5'2" H
Dimensions (base): 5'4" W 18" D
Condition: Excellent

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Florence Young
Surveyor's Organization: DUP Carbon
Date Surveyed: 1995-05-15