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Brigham Young Monument

(South) ERECTED IN HONOR of Brigham Young in commemoration of the outstanding service he rendered the intermountain west as leader.and statesman. On this plot of ground Aug. 19th 1877 he delivered his last public address when he organized the Box-Elder Stake. (North) Erected on the 16th anniversary of the organization of the Box Elder Stake of Zion by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Brigham City Corporation, The Ecclesiastical Ward, Civic Clubs and Patriotic Organizations in Box Elder Stake. Dedicated Aug. 19, 1937.

Site Information
Location: 210 W Forest Street

In front of Community Center

Marker Information
Placed By: Not Available
Date Placed: 8/19/1937
Materials: Bronze
Organization Comments: LDS Church in Box Elder Co.
Marker Condition: Excellent
Marker Description: Bas-relief of Young by J. Leo Fairbanks

Monument Information
Description: Free-standing
Constructed By: Not Available
Construction Date: 8/19/1937
Organization Comments: Brigham City, LDS Church
Materials: Granite, 2 drinking fonts
Dimensions (top): 8' H
Dimensions (base): 4' W 2'D
Condition: Excellent

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Maurine Widdison
Surveyor's Organization: DUP South Box Elder
Date Surveyed: 1995-04-10