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Fort Wallsburg

WALLSBURG FORT This monument stands 62 feet south, 2 feet east of the center of the fort built in 1862 by William M. Wall and the pioneers of Wallsburg. 20 families lived in the fort which was 400 feet square. This valley known to the Indians as Little Warm Valley, was later called Round Valley and finally Wallsburg, honoring its founder. (A small brass plaque has been placed directly above this, dedicating the park)

Site Information
Location: 115 Main Street

Spring Creek Park

Marker Information
Placed By: Pioneer Trails and Assoc.
Date Placed: 7/24/1936
Materials: Bronze
Organization Comments: Wallsburg Aaronic Priesthood
Marker Condition: Excellent

Monument Information
Constructed By: Pioneer Trails and Assoc.
Construction Date: 4/24/1936
Organization Comments: Wallsburg Ward Aaronic Priesthood
Materials: Set stone
Dimensions (top): 5'8" H
Dimensions (base): 2'10" W 3'D
Condition: Good

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Marcellene Provost
Surveyor's Organization: DUP Wasatch County
Date Surveyed: 1995-05-18