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The First Statewide Pioneer Day Celebration

THE FIRST STATEWIDE PIONEER DAY CELEBRATION Was held in this basin July 23-24, 1857 Headed by Brigham Young, the company reaching here July 23d numbered 2,587 persons, with 464 carriages & wagons, 1,028 horses & mules, and 332 oxen & cows. A program of addresses, six brass bands, singing and dancing, was punctuated by salutes from a brass howitzer. U.S. flags were flown from two highest peaks and two highest trees, the flag tree in front of Brigham Young's campsite being 70 feet N.W. of here. At noon July 24, Judson Stoddard and A. O. Smoot, 20 days from the states, with Elias Smith and O. P. Rockwell, arrived with news of the advance of Johnson's army against the "Mormons". The company returned in orderly formation July 25th.

Site Information
Location: BRIGHTON

At Silver Lake

Marker Information
Placed By: Pioneer Trails and Assoc.
Date Placed: 7/24/1932
Materials: Bronze
Organization Comments: Cottonwood Stake
Marker Condition: Good

Monument Information
Constructed By: Pioneer Trails and Assoc.
Construction Date: 7/24/1932
Organization Comments: Cottonwood Stake
Materials: Two boulders
Dimensions (base): 5' W 5'H 2'D
Condition: Excellent

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Edith D. Fallentine
Surveyor's Organization: DUP Olympus Salt Lake
Date Surveyed: 1995-10-31