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Rockwell Station

Plaque A: ( Round Pony Express Marker on back ) 2' in diameter NATIONAL PONY EXPRESS CENTENNIAL ASSOCIATION 1960-61 1860-61 TRAIL MARKER Plaque B: ROCKWELL STATION About 1800 feet due west Prominent on the Overland Stage and Pony Express route 1858 to 1868. Kept by Orrin Porter Rockwell, this monument was constructed of stone from the old station.

Site Information
Location: Frontage Road, I-15

Exit I-15, W. side of frontage road by State Prison

Marker Information
Placed By: Pioneer Trails and Assoc.
Date Placed: 10/13/1934
Organization Comments: Adult Aaronic Priesthood of E. Jordan Stake
Marker Condition: Unknown

Monument Information
Constructed By: Pioneer Trails and Assoc.
Materials: Stones from station
Dimensions (top): 6' H
Dimensions (base): 4' W 1' D
Condition: Good

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Enid Jacklin
Surveyor's Organization: DUP Far S.E. Salt Lake
Date Surveyed: 1995-10-01