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Simon Bamberger House

SIMON BAMBERGER HOUSE This house was constructed c. 1881 as the residence for the Simon Bamberger Family. Born February 27, 1845 of Jewish parents in the German village of Eberstadt in Hesse-Darmstadt, Bamberger immigrated to the United States in 1859 at the age of fourteen. He worked in his brother's clothing store until coming west with the Union Pacific Railroad construction crews as a manager of a company store. Arriving in Utah in 1869, he was successful in several business ventures including, the Bamberger Railroad which ran between Ogden and Salt Lake City. Simon Bamberger was elected governor from 1917 until 1921. In 1979 the house was renovated for offices by John B. Anderson. N-68

Site Information
Location: 623 E 100 South

Front of building, Anderson and Holland Attorneys

Marker Information
Placed By: Utah State Historical Society
Materials: Brass
Marker Condition: Excellent

Monument Information
Constructed By: Utah State Historical Society
Condition: Good

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Kate Wacker
Surveyor's Organization: USHS
Date Surveyed: 1995-10-16