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Lone Cedar Tree

Plaque A: LONE CEDAR TREE Although willows grew along the banks of the streams a Lone Cedar Tree near this spot became Utah's first famous landmark. Someone in a moment of thoughtlessness cut it down, leaving only the stump which is a part of this monument. "In the glory of my prime I was the pioneer's friend." Central Co. Plaque B: THE CEDAR TREE SHRINE Erected July 24, 1933 by Daughters of Salt Lake County The street to the north was originally Emigration Road- the only approach from the east. Over this road the pioneers of 1847 and subsequent years entered the valley of the Great Salt Sea. They found growing near this site a lone cedar and paused beneath its shade. Songs were sung and prayers of gratitude offered by those early pilgrims. Later the cedar tree became a meeting place for the loggers going to the canyons. Children played beneath its branches. Lovers made it a trysting place. Because of its friendly influence on the lives of these early men and women we dedicate this site to their memory.

Site Information
Location: 316 S 600 East

On center grass strip

Marker Information
Placed By: Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Date Placed: 1930
Materials: Bronze
Organization Comments: 2 D.U.P. Markers
Marker Condition: Good
Condition Comments: Plaque B oxidized

Monument Information
Constructed By: Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Materials: Wood, concrete
Dimensions (top): 20' H
Dimensions (base): 5' Diameter
Condition: Good
Condition Comments: Portion of tree missing

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Kate Wacker
Surveyor's Organization: USHS
Date Surveyed: 1995-11-14