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Brigham Young's Forest Farmhouse

BRIGHAM YOUNG FOREST FARMHOUSE Built: 1863 Original location: Ashton Avenue near 7th East & 23rd South, SLC Relocated: 1975 Brigham Young's Forest Farmhouse is at the edge of the restored pioneer town Old Deseret, in the same relation to the town that the farm originally had to Salt Lake City. The forest farmhouse was built in 1863 on Brigham Young's 600 acre farm and was just one of many homes Brigham Young owned throughout the Utah Territory. Approximately 4 miles south of Salt Lake City, it was an area of open farmland in 1863. Eventually the farmhouse became surrounded by a residential neighborhood. The farm was primarily a dairy farm, making butter and other dairy products for Brigham Young's families in Salt Lake, but it was also an agricultural experimental farm. One of the experiments was with serraculture: raising silk worms to develope the silk industry in Utah. In 1975, the home was traded to the State of Utah for Brigham Young's Winter Home in St. George and was moved to its present location where it has been restored much as it was during the mid 1860s- as a working dairy and experimental farm with barns and shed, livestock, fields, pastures and orchards.

Site Information
Location: 2601 E Sunnyside Avenue

Entrance to Brigham Young Farmhouse

Marker Information
Placed By: Not Available
Materials: Plastic
Marker Condition: Good

Monument Information
Constructed By: Not Available
Condition: Unknown

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Kate Wacker
Surveyor's Organization: USHS
Date Surveyed: 1995-11-21