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Colonial House

THE COLONIAL HOUSE The Colonial House was built in the 1890's by Gill S. Peyton, a prominent mining entrepreneur, and was originally known as Peyton Hall. The home was acquired in 1901 and for the next forty-five years was known as the McIntyre House, the home of Mr. William H. McIntyre and his wife, Phoebe Ogden Chase McIntyre. Mr. McIntyre was a noted businessman who invested in several mining and business ventures and later in life developed large land holdings in Alberta, Canada. Mrs. McIntyre was a prominent philanthropist. After Mrs. McIntyre's death in 1945, the home was sold to Mrs. Mae Mathews who lived in the house for ten years. There were a number of different owners over the next few years. In 1963 LDS Hospital purchased the home. Today, the home is known as The Colonial House.

Site Information
Location: 259 E 7th Avenue

Marker Information
Placed By: Not Available
Materials: Permaloy
Organization Comments: IHC
Marker Condition: Excellent

Monument Information
Constructed By: Not Available
Materials: Metal
Dimensions (top): 3'W 12'H
Dimensions (base): 4'H
Condition: Excellent

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: Kate Wacker
Surveyor's Organization: USHS
Date Surveyed: 1996-05-13