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Sarah Melissa Granger Kimball Marker

The granite marker on the pioneer woman's grave bears her birth and death dates--1818-1898--as well as information about her family. It also bears her contributions, including as a founder of the Ladies Society of Nauvoo, which Joseph Smith organized as the Relief Society in 1842; as one of the 18 original Relief Society members; as secretary and vice president in the Relief Society general presidency for 12 years; as the Salt Lake Fifteen Ward Relief Society president for 41 years; as the first president of the Utah Women's Suffrage Association; and as a member of the Utah Constitutional Territorial Convention for Statehood.

Site Information
Location: 310 N Center St.

Salt Lake City Cemetery

Marker Information
Placed By: LDS Church
Materials: Granite
Organization Comments: Eighteenth Ward
Marker Condition: Excellent

Monument Information
Constructed By: LDS Church
Construction Date: Aug. 2000
Organization Comments: Eighteenth North Ward
Condition: NA

Additional Information