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2016 Utah Watercolor Society

Rue La Boetie, France by Gail B. Wilhelmser, Watercolor 14" x 10"

Rue La Boetie, France by Gail B. Wilhelmser, Watercolor 14″ x 10″

Utah Watercolor Society is an organization which was founded in 1974 to “elevate watercolor and educate the public of the importance of watercolor as a creative, permanent art medium.” The society encourages its members to develop artistically and creatively and to share ideas and techniques with one another while providing opportunities for exposure of their art in exhibitions. In order to expand its horizons, the society has joined with the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, an organization with societies in ten western states sharing the same goals and mission.

Each year the Utah Watercolor Society sponsors a competition juried by nationally recognized watercolorists. From the show a selection of works are curated for the Utah Arts Council’s Traveling Exhibition Program.


2016-2017 Traveling Schedule

Southern Utah University Gerald R. Sherratt Library, Cedar City, August 18 – September 14
Enoch Elementary, Enoch, September 14 – October 11
Delta South Elementary, Delta, October 12 – November 9
Park City Public Library, Park City, November 14 – December 12
Grande County Public Library, Moab, December 13 – February 1, 2017
Early Light Academy, South Jordan, February 3 – 28
Boulder Community Art Gallery, Boulder, March 1 – 30
Provo High School, Provo, March 31 – May 2
Trailside Elementary, Park City, May 5 – June 2