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About the Utah Division of Arts & Museums

Utah Arts & Museums seeks to advance the quality of life for all through arts experiences and cultural opportunities. The Division provides more than 500 outreach services, including arts education, professional development, exhibitions, community outreach, and direct matching grants to schools, local arts agencies, organizations, community centers, performing groups, museums, and individuals across Utah. In addition, the Division acts as a state coordinator and advisor on topics of importance to arts and museums communities. The Division also manages the state’s art assets for fine art, folk art, public art, and traveling exhibitions, reaching every county in the state.

Utah Arts & Museums is the primary agency in Utah that distributes state and federal funds to stimulate and encourage growth in the arts and creative industries. The funds are appropriated directly for arts and museums by both the Utah State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

We are a division of the Department of Heritage and Arts (DHA), within the state government of Utah, responsible for the promotion of the arts and Utah museums. Our mission is to connect people and communities of Utah through Arts and Museums. We include the Utah Office of Museum Services and the Utah Arts Council. Our goals are to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the public value of arts and culture
  • Cultivate and formalize strategic partnerships
  • Foster education and lifelong participation in arts and culture
  • Nurture creativity and technological innovation in arts and culture
  • Invest in communities by strengthening the arts and cultural infrastructure
  • Improve access to opportunities and resources through efficient delivery of services

Office of Museum Services

The Office of Museum Services’ (OMS) mission is to advance the value of museums within Utah and to enable the broadest physical, intellectual and emotional access to collections and programs. The Office assists Utah museums in improving their ability to:

    • care for and manage collections
    • develop quality educational resources
    • provide access to collections for research
    • identify and successfully compete for financial resources

Utah Arts Council

Established in 1899 by the Utah Legislature three short years after Utah received statehood, the Utah Arts Council (UAC) is the primary agency through which Utah State Legislature appropriations and funds from the National Endowment for the Arts combine to stimulate and advance the arts in all their phases in the state. The Council supports individual artists, arts and cultural organizations and constituents by:

    • acting as a state coordinator and advisor
    • assisting with professional development where needed
    • providing direct matching grants to more than 200 nonprofit organizations across the state
    • conducting programs which provide more than 500 outreach services to schools, local arts councils and organizations, community centers, performing groups and individual artists
    • serving as a catalyst for arts programming throughout the state
    • assisting arts organizations, groups and individuals in bringing the arts to the people of Utah

Utah legislator Alice Merrill Horne was instrumental in helping to establish the Utah Arts Council. Click HERE for more information about Horne.

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Annual Reports

Click HERE to see our Annual Reports.