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Alice Gallery Presents New Work by Utah Artists in “Other Places” – 2 March 2015

SALT LAKE CITY —The Utah Division of Arts & Museums announces an exhibition entitled “Other Places” on display at the Alice Gallery from March 13-May 8, 2015. An opening reception will be held on April 17, from 6-9 p.m. during the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll.

Becoming familiar with our surroundings is one of our most primal urges as human beings.  There is a deep-seated desire to have an understanding and sense of place.  From the intimate space of the house to the expansive space of the landscape, we are keenly aware of our physical spatial realities.  The longing to investigate place occurs at every scale and is transcendent of culture. Through this exhibition artists Anna Laurie Mackay, Meredith Prévot and Jean Richardson explore the concept of place and, more specifically, the notion of “Other Places”.  As each of us are residents of Utah, we have strong influences from “this place,” but we are also bringing our individual experiences of living and traveling elsewhere to create our separate bodies of work for this exhibition.

Mackay’s work investigates emotional, psychological and physical relationships with place, and more specifically with landscape. The locations she depicts relate to the Midwestern landscape, and focus on the disconnect of becoming a transplant from the West to the Midwest.

Prévot’s paintings are explorations in the interaction of colors and patterns, and investigate a personal longing to understand places and cultures she has experienced. Textile design and decorative patterning are influences in her work.

Richardson is influenced and inspired by her experiences living in different climates and cultures. Richardson makes collections of objects, which she finds ignite as sense of comfort and wonder, or trigger memory. She reconfigures these objects into her sculptures and installations. Richardson is interested in depicting a poetic geography of place; her works explore the region between place and culture, between environment and imagination.

“We’re lucky to have these artists from such diverse backgrounds living and producing work here in Utah” says Utah Arts & Museum’s Director Lynnette Hiskey. “Their stories of other places and cultures are an important part of the artistic fabric of Utah.”