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Glendinning Home (Main Office)

Glendinning House617 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 map
Office and Alice Gallery Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday–Friday; Closed Saturday–Sunday
Main Phone: 801.236.7555 ~ Fax: 801.236.7556


Gay Cookson
Director: 801.236.7551


Kirsten Darrington
Assistant Director: 801.236.7552

Laurel Cannon Alder

Laurel Cannon Alder
Grants: 801.236.7550


Jason Bowcutt
Community & Performing Arts: 801.236.7554


Hilary Amnah
Community Arts: 801.236.7544

Racquel Cornali
Community Arts: 801.236.7541


Claudia Borjas
Arts Education: 801.236.7542

Jean Tokuda Irwin
Arts Education: 801.236.7557

Final Decision

David Wicai
Support Services: 801.236.7547

laura 1

Laura Durham
Marketing & Communications: 801.236.7553

Alyssa Hickman Grove
Literary Arts & CRM Support: 801.236.7548

Rio Grande Depot

Rio Grande Depot300 South Rio Grande Street (455 West), Salt Lake City map
Office and Rio Gallery Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday–Friday; Closed Saturday–Sunday
Main Phone: 801.245.7272 ~ Fax: 801.533.3587

glenn, jim

Jim Glenn
Collections, Public & Design Arts: 801.245.7271


Felicia Baca
Visual Arts & Exhibitions: 801.245.7272


Emily Johnson
Collections Registrar: 801.363.0298

 Fletcher Booth

Fletcher Booth
Public Art & Traveling Exhibitions: 801.824.9177

 Sabrina Sanders

Sabrina Sanders
Visual Arts: 801.245.7270


Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts

Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk ArtsSalt Lake City’s Liberty Park map
Museum hours vary depending on time of year. Click HERE for more information.
Main Phone: 801.533.5760 ~ Fax: 801.533.4202

jennifer 2

Jennifer Ortiz
Museum Specialist: 801.245.7288


Adrienne Decker
Folk Arts Specialist: 801.245.7286

justin 1

Justin Howland
Chase Home Museum: 801.245.7287