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Grant Forms

Applying for Grants?

Visit to access your online application. Please make sure to view the grant guidelines prior to starting your online application to ensure eligibility.

New to our online grants system? Call or email to request a new user profile, Laurel Cannon Alder, Grants Manager, at 801. 236. 7550 or or Racquel Cornali, Grants Coordinator, at 801. 236. 7541 or

Grant Writing Tips

These tips were compiled from years of experience in nonprofit fund raising and grant writing. Laurel Cannon Alder, Grants Manager for Utah Arts & Museums and Jodi Graham,  Director of Utah Humanities created this list for a series of free grant writing workshop that they have taught in all corners of Utah. If you are interested in more information, please contact us!

Jodi and Laurel’s Grant Writing Tips

Budget Forms

Please download the appropriate budget form when applying for Utah Arts & Museums grants.

FY19 Folk Arts Cultural Preservation Grant Budget

FY19 Folk Arts Apprenticeship Grant Budget

FY19 Project Budget  – Use for: Arts Project A & B, Museums Tier III

FY19 General Operating Support Budget – Use For:  Museum General Operating Support Tier I & II, Arts General Operating Support, Local Arts Agency, and Capacity Building Grants.

FY19 Arts Learning Budget SCHOOLS

FY19 Arts Learning Budget ORGANIZATIONS


*Need help with our operating support budget form? Check out our cheat sheet!


DUNS Number

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number.

All applicants that identify as organizations are required to have a DUNS number, a unique nine-digit identification number provided by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and required for all applicants for federal grants and cooperative agreements. If you are applying as an individual artist, you do not need to get a DUNS number. DUNS numbers are required for our regional and federal reports and help us track Utah’s creative vitality. Obtaining a DUNS number is absolutely free for all entities securing the number to apply for grants. In any correspondence with D&B, be sure to identify yourself as a grant applicant. For a downloadable .pdf on applying for a DUNS number, click HERE.

Appeals Process

Information about the Utah Division of Arts & Museums grants appeal process can be found here.

Final Reports are due August 1st

To fill out your final report, please return to the website where you applied for the grant,  Your username is your email address and if you have forgotten your password, you can have a temporary password sent to you from the site. Once on the site, select “UPDATE”, then click on the application for the grant you applied for. There you can select “NEW FINAL REPORT” where you will fill it out and submit it online. If you need additional information about filling out the Final Report, you may watch our video.

Funding History

Office of Museum Services and Utah Arts Council Board-Approved Grants – FY16

Office of Museum Services and Utah Arts Council Board-Approved Grants – FY17

Office of Museum Services and Utah Arts Council Board-Approved Grants – FY18

Utah Museums State Performance Goals

The museum performance goals program encourages museums to reach new standards of excellence through a self-study that covers eight vital museum programs: purpose and structure, staff, finance, facilities, collections and conservation, exhibitions, education and public relations. If you have trouble opening the worksheet, please make certain that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader

State Performance Goals Worksheet and Instructions (scroll down to “Performance Goals”)

 Fiscal Sponsorship

A fiscal sponsor can make it possible for an organization to apply for grants without having its own 501(c)(3) designation. Please review our Fiscal Sponsor Rules.

Charitable Solicitation Permit

Unless otherwise exempt, all organizations that solicit funds for a charitable purpose are required by Utah law to register as a charitable organization with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. Before you can submit an application (if you are not a government agency or educational institution or otherwise exempt), you must provide a copy of your current Charitable Solicitation Permit.  If you have questions about whether this applies to your organization or not, you can read the law, or contact the Department of Consumer Protection.

If you are applying for less than $1,500, you may be eligible for the exemption in the law:

13-22-8 Exemptions.
(1) Section 13-22-5 does not apply to:
(m) a solicitation by an applicant for a grant offered by a state agency if:

(i) the terms of the grant provide that the state agency monitors a grant recipient to ensure that grant funds are used in accordance with the grant’s purpose; and

(ii) the sum of the amount available to the applicant under grants offered by a state agency that the applicant applies for in a calendar year is less than or equal to $1,500. 

(2) Any organization claiming an exemption under this section bears the burden of proving its eligibility for, or the applicability of, the exemption claimed.


NowPlayingUtah is the comprehensive one-stop source for arts and cultural events, performances, lists exhibitions, sports and recreation throughoutnpu-new-logo the state of Utah. All grantees (except schools) are required to post their activities on This is a free service and posting activities to it is required of all grantees.


Utah Arts & Museums awards over $1 Million dollars in grants every year to support and assist arts organizations, cultural organizations, and museums across the state of Utah. Grant opportunities are available for schools and educators, nonprofit organizations, local arts agencies/municipalities, and artists. Grant funding is provided by the State of Utah and the National Endowment for the Arts. Grants are competitive and panel-reviewed. Bring us your great ideas!

Grant opportunities are available for schools and educators, nonprofit organizations, local arts agencies/municipalities and artists. All grant applications must be submitted online. Registration is required to access grant applications and can be completed online at any time.


Contact Laurel Cannon Alder, Grants Manager, at or 801. 236. 7550 or
Racquel Cornali, Grants Coordinator, at or 801. 236. 7541.