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Public Art

Public art is most commonly associated with a sculpture or painting in areas accessible or visible to the public, but it goes well beyond those media. Terrazzo floors, etched glass, ceiling panels, textiles, stair railings, risers, pavers, planters, landscape, fences and grates are just some of the possibilities for public art contributions to public spaces. The possibilities are as vast as the imaginations of the artists and architects who create them.

Utah’s Percent-for-Art Act

In 1985, the Legislature passed the Utah Percent-for-Art Act (Utah Code Title 9, Chapter 6, Sections 401-409), which designates 1% of construction costs of new and/or renovated state public buildings is added to the project for the purpose of commissioning, maintaining and conserving site specific art at, on, or in the facility. The collection includes a broad range of media from textiles and glass to stone and metal monumental works.

The Utah State Legislature Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee reviews all capital projects for the State and approves or cuts public art funding for those projects. If you would like to contact the legislators on the committee to express your views on art in public places, the committee membership and committee schedule and contact information can be found online.

Utah Public Art Program Opportunities

Utah Department of Environmental Quality
Letters of interest and qualifications are requested from artists interested in creating art for the public area(s) of the new Department of Environmental Quality Technical Support Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Selection Committee will collaborate with an artist to develop an installation that reflects the important role the Department of Environmental Quality plays in safeguarding Utah’s air, land and water. The artist should consider that the Support Center is designed to help the Department ensure that all data collected is accurate, the science is reliable, and decisions are made based on the best available information. The Department also engages numerous stakeholders to participate in dialogue about environmental protection. The Committee encourages the artist to consider all of this, as does DEQ, in the spirit of service, protection, collaboration.
Applications are accepted via CaFE or digital copy (information / instructions available here.)
Budget: $40,500 – Deadline: June 30, 2017

Utah State University Life Sciences Letters of interest and qualifications are requested from artists interested in creating art for the public area(s) of the new Life Sciences Building on the campus of Utah State University in Logan, Utah. The Life Sciences Building will be a stunning addition to the beautiful USU campus. The selection committee seeks to incorporate an artist’s voice into this important project. The facility, and the art integral to it, will allow students to discover, experience, and share world-changing ideas. Applications are accepted via CaFE or digital copy (information / instructions available here)
Budget $313,000 – Deadline: July 21, 2017

Projects in process:

Other Utah Public Art Opportunities

Murray City is requesting public art proposals/bids for the plaza at the newly remodeled Murray Park Amphitheater. The artwork should visually interpret a variety of art forms, acknowledge the surrounding park environment, and have the ability to recognize donors in some way on or around the artwork. Potential artists may obtain a color illustration of the amphitheater plaza by contacting Mary Ann Kirk at 801-264-2638 Kim Sorenson at 801-264-2619. Please be advised this is a call for proposals.
Budget: $10,000 – $30,000 – Deadlines: due at the Murray Parks Office (296 E Murray Park Avenue) on June 19, 2017 by 5 pm

Alta Community Enrichment is seeking artists to create site-specific outdoor mural art on the Alta Community Center in Alta, Utah. This opportunity is open to all Salt Lake County artists, with a focus on, but not limited to, those who love Little Cottonwood Canyon. Alta Community Enrichment (ACE) is a nonprofit organization that creates opportunities in the Little Cottonwood/Alta, Utah community for individual and group participation in arts, cultural events and education. Since inception, ACE has served as the Alta Arts Council by offering quality, diverse programs for free or very little cost to its attendees. ACE strengthens the community by bringing people together who live, work and play in Alta.
Budget: $1,000 – Deadline: July 23, 2017

National & International Public Art Opportunities

The Public Art Program  [Dallas, Texas] of the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs requests the submission of qualifications from artists or artist teams to design, fabricate and install of a work of public art in the median at Canada Drive and Coronet Boulevard in Dallas, Texas. The project will celebrate and pay tribute to the service of veterans especially those who reside in West Dallas. This project is a citizen-initiated proposal led by residents, veterans and veterans advocates from the West Dallas neighborhood with the support of the City of Dallas, Planning and Neighborhood Vitality Department and the Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program.
Budget: $75,000 – Deadline: June 26, 2017

The Minnesota State Arts Board [Minneapolis, Minnesota] on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, requests proposals from working, professional artists or artist–led teams for permanent, site–specific public artwork at the Minnesota Veterans Home.
Budget: $155,415 – Deadline: June 28, 2017

Rhode Island State Council On the Arts [Kingston, Rhode Island] will commission artwork for the University of Rhode Island College of Engineering through Rhode Island’s Public Art Law, which mandates that 1% of all state capital construction and renovation funds be allocated to the purchase and maintenance of public art.  Through this program, the State recognizes that “public art creates a more humane environment: one of distinction, enjoyment, and pride for all citizens.”
Budget: $430,000 – Deadline: June 30, 2017

The San Antonio River Authority [San Antonio, Texas] seeks exceptional emerging and established public artists working in a variety of media and artistic approaches for its Pre-Qualified List of Artists. The purpose of the List is to provide a streamlined application and selection process for artists interested in being commissioned for public art projects at the San Pedro Creek Culture Park.  Artists will be commissioned for temporary, permanent, and performance-based artwork and may also be commissioned to participate in planning future phases of the Park.  The first phase of the Park will open on May 5, 2018 as part of San Antonio’s Tricentennial celebrations.
Deadline: June 30, 2017

The Conservatory Metropolitan District [Aurora, Colorado] is seeking an artist to complete an exterior sculptural commission for this unique residential community located within southeastern Aurora. The name “Conservatory” references the nearby Plains Conservation Center and signifies that wildlife and nature are a focus of this community. Birdwatching, hiking, and bike rides are among the outdoor activities commonly enjoyed by the residents in this area.
Budget: $72,000 – Deadline: July 7, 2017

The City of Peoria [Peoria, Arizona] is seeking submittals for its latest public art project at Happy Valley Road and 83rd Avenue.  The ideal artist should thrive on the challenge of creating exterior artwork that compliments the environment of the designated location.  The artist should also consider the vast view of this location from a distance, both daytime and nighttime. One artist will be awarded the project; however, depending on the quality of the submittals, the City reserves the right to select runner’s up from this call for a possible alternate location in the City within the next 12 months.
Budget: $140,000 – Deadline: July 7, 2017

The City of Peoria
 [Peoria, Arizona] is seeking submittals for its latest public art project at Happy Valley Road and Lake Pleasant Parkway. The ideal artist should thrive on the challenge of creating exterior artwork that compliments the environment of the designated location.  The artist should also consider the vast view of this location from a distance, both daytime and nighttime. The height of the piece will be a strong consideration when choosing the final submission. This location has a very high volume of traffic passing it from the Loop 303 and on their way to Lake Pleasant.
Budget: $180,000 – Deadline: July 7, 2017

Art Spaces
 [Terre Haute, Indiana] has issued a Request for Qualifications for artists interested in honoring writer Theodore Dreiser and his legacy to American literature through a site-specific public sculpture in downtown Terre Haute, Indiana, on the grounds of the Vigo County Public Library. The location is on Terre Haute’s Arts Corridor, which now features five Art Spaces sculptures. Courage in Language and Thought – The Dreiser Legacy is the working title for the project.
Budget: $40,000 – Deadline: July 14, 2017

The City of Loveland [Loveland, Colorado] Art in Public Places is accepting Requests for Qualifications for a sculptural work to be installed in a new roundabout at the intersection of Mountain Lion and North Boyd Lake Avenues, south of Highway 34. This 100’ radius roundabout will be constructed in fall 2017 and will allow for sculpture installation shortly thereafter.
Budget: $26,000 – Deadline: July 14, 2017

The City of San Diego [San Diego, California] Commission for Arts and Culture is seeking applications from interested qualified artists to provide public art services for the Presidio Public Art Project. An artist or artist team is sought to design, fabricate and transport a permanent or semi-permanent new media artwork for Presidio Park and consult during installation of artwork at the site by the City.
Budget: $525,000 – Deadline: July 27, 2017

Transit Oriented Retail Development [Aurora, Colorado] are seeking an artist or artist team to design and install three new art selections for the public park spaces. The art should be site specific, iconic, contemporary in character, and coordinate with the materials and modern aesthetic of the architecture (building materials include mix of metal, concrete, wood and masonry). The artwork will help create a sense of place and must have visibility including integral lighting and daytime and nighttime interest. The art installations must be unique and memorable, as the art pieces themselves are intended to become a destination as well as a draw for visitors.
Budget: $391,000 – Deadline: July 27, 2017

4Culture and King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) want to commission four Associate Artists to create intrigue and stimulate curiosity, raise awareness, and foster an emotional connection to the largely invisible Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) system and make its importance resonate at a city-wide scale. Through new, commissioned work centered on a curatorial framework of topics developed by lead planning artists Sans façon, they envision a program of global significance and reputation. The works and experiences created throughout the Seattle CSO system by a cohort of artists should engage an international audience and reflect practices at the forefront of contemporary art in relation to water, infrastructure, society, and the environment.
Budget: $190,000, $100,000, $80,000, AND $40,000 – Deadline: July 27, 2017

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, in partnership with Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, is seeking professional artists to create up to four significant artworks for new Sky Train Stage 2 stations at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PSHIA). The projects include multiple opportunities for artworks integrated into the platforms, walls, weather screens, and other architectural features. The works will be a focal point for passengers on the Sky Train extensions linking PSHIA airport terminals, and Rental-Car Center with the city’s light rail line. These opportunities are open nationally to artists with proven design team experience and a record of accomplishment in creating signature artworks.
Budget: $2,300,000 – Deadline: July 28, 2017

The City of San Jose Public Art Program [San Jose, California]  is creating a Roster of Pre-Qualified Artists. The purpose of the Roster is to streamline the artist selection process for a range of upcoming mural projects. Artists who are chosen for inclusion in the Roster will be eligible to be considered for future public art mural projects in San Jose. Inclusion in the final Roster will be for a period of three years.
Deadline: July 31, 2017

The City’s Visual Arts Commission [Loveland, Colorado] seeks an Artist or Artist Team to create a vibrant 5’ x 8’ two-dimensional work of art to be installed on the interior hallway wall(s) of the Chilson Recreation Center located at 700 East 4th Street in Loveland. This hallway serves as a main connector to all areas of this very active, family-friendly recreational facility. The location receives prime exposure to an average of 1,400 daily visitors.
Budget: $15,000 – Deadline: August 25, 2017

The City of Brentwood Arts Commission [Brentwood, California] seeks to commission an artist to create outdoor public art along an island median on Sand Creek Road across from “The Streets of Brentwood”. This is the first of four major “Gateways” into the City of Brentwood. This is also a heavily used thoroughfare located between two shopping centers.
Budget: $175,000 – Deadline: August 31, 2017

England Airpark and Community,  [Alexandria, Virginia] home to Alexandria International Airport, is seeking request for qualifications and preliminary proposals from individual artists or artists teams for the creation of a monumental gateway sculpture located in a site specific roundabout entrance to the Airpark. This site was specifically created for the installation of a public art centerpiece. This is a high visibility, high traffic opportunity with hundreds of thousands of vehicles utilizing the Airparks roundabout on an annual basis. The roundabout location is one of the most notable and prominent public spaces within the Central Louisiana community.
Budget: $125,000 – Deadline: September 9, 2017

The City of Ocala [Ocala, Florida] in partnership with the Appleton Museum of Art, Fine Arts For Ocala, and Marion Cultural Alliance is accepting submissions from artists working in North America to participate in the Fourth Ocala Outdoor Sculpture Competition. Ten works will be selected for a 20-month exhibition at Tuscawilla Park in Ocala, FL. Best of Show, Second Place, Honorable Mention, and People’s Choice awards will be selected.
Budget: Total Awards $24,000 – Deadline: September 30, 2017

Philadelphia’s Public Art Program [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] invites artists to submit an application with the Public Art Artist Registry. The registry allows artists to participate in all selection processes by maintaining a record of their work that will be consulted by Public art staff, panelists, architects, and City agencies as public art opportunities become available. The registry is open to all professional artists.
Deadline: Ongoing




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