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Change Leader Random Acts of Art

Change Leader Random Acts of Art encourage creative engagement in communities, spearheaded by Change Leaders. RAAs can range from art projects to targeted community-based activities.

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Art the Park Pavilion
The Boulder Town Park is gradually emerging from a cow pasture into an artistic, community collaboration. To build on the momentum of other community-sponsored park improvements, this project provided a local graffiti artist with the supplies and assistance needed to turn the largest piece in the park—a gray metal structure—into a work of art.

At Your Table
At Your Table is proposed as a way to engage communities using art forms and a table –a widely recognized icon where meals, conversation, connecting and gathering occur. This is a compelling twist to the idea that people go to a venue to see or experience art. Rather, art is brought to places such as restaurants, community gardens, and open spaces around Salt Lake City where organic connections and conversations can be created.

Building an Art Collection on a Modest BudgetWhile there are many for-profit and non-profit art galleries, many of the patrons don’t have the knowledge to create an enjoyable personal art collection. This two hour workshop held by the Salt Lake City Arts Council taught the participants the skills they need to comfortably begin collecting art on their own, or hone what they have already collected. This free workshop was led by noted local art historian, Dr. Donna Poulton.

Cedar City Art Committee Collection Hanging System and Exhibition Signage
The purpose of this funding is to organize the artwork that is displayed in Cedar City’s Festival Hall. Funds assisted the purchase an efficient and proper hanging system to display the work, and provide small name labels for individual pieces. Support will also create a plaque that will commemorate the history of the the Cedar City Art Committee to be displayed in the gallery.

The Calligraphers are ComingThe Utah Calligraphic Artists will host the international calligraphy conference in Ogden, in June 2017. This project is designed to build an awareness and interest in the calligraphic arts and the conference. Volunteers offer free mini calligraphy classes through community arts centers and high school art classes.


Refugee Puppet Stories
Pioneer Craft House and puppeteering partners Refugee Puppet Storiespresented 30-minute puppet shows to refugee and non-refugee children ages 7-12 using contemporary and traditional puppets. After each show, partners conducted 90-minute make-one-take-one workshops teaching child-adult pairs how to create and use a puppet to tell their own unique cultural stories. In a finale presentation, the child-adult pairs performed their stories to community guests.

Community Chalk Mural
The purpose of this project was to create a community Community Chalk Mural Gridspace for artistic creativity in the form of an ongoing chalk mural in Green River. The mural space is located on the side of the John Wesley Powell River History Museum. Unlike most of the exhibits in the museum, which are static, the community chalk mural will be an active, dynamic, and ever changing space.

Ogden Art Tank
Ogden Art Tank is a community based project where Ogden Art Tankcommunity members who are interested in establishing a strong art culture within Ogden come together to connect and collaborate on solutions through art projects. In a relaxed social environment, the group socializes then votes for the best idea. Nurture the Creative Mind supports the idea with its networks and funding.


Fullmer Arena Wall Murals
Local artistic talent, 4-H youth, and other youth organizations painted murals on the indoor walls of the Fullmer Indoor Arena in Fillmore, Utah. This created more interest and use of this great facility, and created more exposure to opportunities in the arts.

Conversations in Creativity
Workshops and conferences help artists and administrators learn new skills. These events addressed the process of creativity. This series of “conversations” involved people in creative industries that are outside of the visual or performing arts to discuss and explore how creativity impacts and informs their work.

Kanab Heritage Museum Kiosk
A local videographer recorded an oral history of Kanab from the KanabKanab Heritage Museum Kiosk
Heritage Museum’s curator. The curator began the museum and knows the stories and histories housed there. A kiosk with a digital recording of the histories is available for visitors to view inside the museum. View the video produced from this project titled 1924.

Student-Original Orchestrations for Partnership Concert
This project commissioned university music RAA, LeAnn Hordestudents and an orchestrator to compose/arrange three children’s choral songs to be performed with the Oquirrh Mountain Symphony. This gave the music students an opportunity to hear their original compositions performed live. The three original pieces, Seize the Day, When You Believe, and Jupiter, were performed with the Oquirrh Mountain Symphony and One Voice Children’s Choir in concerts that occurred in Holladay, South Jordan, and Cottonwood Heights.

Empowerment through Visual JournalsEmpowerment through Visual Journals
Utah State University Art Education majors and Professor Dennise Gackstetter taught refugee and immigrant youth living in Cache County how to create handmade books used as visual journals. The project included ongoing weekly journal activities that led to increased self-reflection, self-esteem, and empowerment. This project was a collaboration between USU Art Education, USU Center for Civic Engagement & Service Learning (CCESL), and the Cache County Extension 4H.

Vernal Chamber of Commerce Arts Partnership
This partnership gave Uintah School District students and local artists an alternative venue to display their artwork in (local businesses), which created more traffic in those businesses. The Vernal businesses “donated” wall space on which the artwork was displayed on a rotating basis, and the students and artists provided the art to be displayed using professional frames and hanging systems. A Gallery Walk was also created for community members to experience the artwork.


Art Camp & Community MuralArt Camp & Community Mural
Nine students in Cedar City ages 13-18 received instruction on the history of public art and developed art-making skills through a Public Art Camp. Together with professional artists, they created a public mural for the Frontier Homestead Museum. The mural explores the history of Cedar City through photographs digitized and made available through Southern Utah University’s Special Collections and State Archives.

Yarn Bomb – Ogden Arts Festivalam_resources_cl_ra_ogden_yarn_bomb_14
This project was designed to instill a sense of surprise, fun, pride and wonder in support of the Ogden Arts Festival. Over 40 volunteer knitters participated creating everything from owls and birds to monsters and socks for the metal statuary on Ogden’s Historic 25th Street. In addition to yarn-bombing, volunteers offered a knitting class to a local women and children’s shelter; class participants were invited to take part in the festival yarn-bombing.

Chris Lezama, Random Act of Art

Window Displays on Green River’s Broadway
This project utilized the window spaces of two downtown buildings to display works of art, historical photos, information about local tourist destinations, and other pieces that highlight the Green River community and its history. Displays rotate and were installed and created by Epicenter’s artists-in-residence, town citizens, high school interns, and other interested individuals. Creative and informational window displays inject character into downtown and inspire social, artistic, and economic vitality for Green River’s Main and Broadway intersection.

Plastique is a multi-disciplinary project spearheaded by Brolly Arts and Bad Dog Arts. It engages community and increases awareness about the environmental issue of plastic: its use, misuse, and lasting impact. The project is composed of performance art, an art exhibit at Urban Arts Gallery, art installations, community outreach projects, poetry, factual information, and film about the wonderful, horrible nature of plastic. The installation art was created completely out of plastic by artists, community members, and community organizations. Stand-alone pieces were used as part of the Plastique choreographic set design, and accompanying the performance was an exhibit made up of plastic. (Photo credit: Laurie Bray, choreography by Sofia Gorder)

am_resources_cl_ra_once_on_this_island_14Once on This Island/Why We Tell the Story
Change Leaders and a Haitian community liaison facilitated an informal gathering to bring the “Once on This Island” company and members of the Utah Haitian community together to share a meal and stories, memories, and love of Haiti. The stories were audio-recorded and transcribed by artist Una Pett onto the leaves designed for the set; the leaves were later auctioned, with proceeds donated to Utah 2 Haiti. Members of Utah’s Haitian community were invited to the opening night performance of “Once on This Island.”

am_resources_cl_ra_health_and_healing_14Health & Healing in the Arts at Arts Day on the Hill
At the Utah Capitol, Arts Day on the Hill participants and legislators, assisted by artist Jennifer Elizabeth, were invited to contribute to a large painting of oil on linen depicting a serene landscape with formal architecture. Members of the Utah Art Therapy Association were present to keep dialogue going, at all times, about the psychological benefits of the creative process. The painting will be donated to a nonprofit organization or sold, with the proceeds going to the nonprofit organization. The goal of this project was to bring awareness to the power that art and the creative process play in facilitating physical and mental health, healing, and positive decision-making.

am_resources_cl_ra_drive_by_art_14Drive-by Art
A public art installation on a vacant Redevelopment Agency-owned building located on the NW corner of 500 West and 400 South showcases the vitality of Salt Lake City’s west side and invites community members to take a closer look. The building is located directly north of the viaduct that transports drivers into the city’s west side. This project involved hanging ten vinyl artworks created by west-side residents on the building’s boarded-up windows and garage doors. The project is called “Drive-By Art” for three reasons: 1) it reconfigures a negative image linked to crime in urban areas; 2) Salt Lake residents can literally drive by and experience the art installation; and 3) it features culture and creativity, and was community-driven and implemented.

am_resources_cl_ra_bowling_pin_14Bowling Pin Project
Local artists teamed up with the Big Brother Big Sister organization in Southern Utah to turn bowling pins into works of art. Along with many pins created by independent artists, six collaborative pins were created by a team that included an artist, a “Big,” and a “Little.” Team pins increased visibility of BBBS and the shared impact this program has on the lives of many community youth. Collaborative bowling pins, along with other pins created by students and local artists, went to auction during the local Gallery Walk event to raise awareness.

am_resources_cl_ra_quilting_14Quilting for Babies, Quilting for the Future, Quilting for Creativity
This quilting art project was created as a channel for pregnant teenagers between 14 and 17 years old enrolled in Horizonte Instruction and Training Center to learn new skills that would benefit their families and futures. It has also helped them acquire the knowledge to be prepared for motherhood. Completed quilts were displayed at parent/teacher conferences at the Horizonte School. The quilts will also be displayed at Arts Day on the Hill.

am_resources_cl_ra_memory_care_14Memory Care Project
This project brought visual arts workshops to Utah County health care and assisted living facilities to promote “creative aging” for those with Alzheimer’s. Carlyn Barrus (BFA in printmaking and MFA in community-based art) was selected to facilitate the workshops. These visual arts activities helped Alzheimer’s patients create instantaneous experiences that did not rely on recall or ability.


am_resources_cl_ra_boulder_youth_art_13Boulder Youth Art and Community Recycling Beautification
The Boulder Arts Council hosted an arts project event where instruction and arts materials were provided for Boulder youth to create works of art. Over half of all youth (grades K-12) in the community participated in the project. These pieces were used for a two-month exhibit in the Boulder Community Center Gallery, and several pieces were selected to be made into banners for a beautification project at the recycling center.

am_resources_cl_ra_sugarhouse_raptor_mural_13Sugarhouse Raptor Kids Mural Project
In coordination with the construction of the Sugarhouse Streetcar project, Hawkwatch International commissioned a mural on their building (2240 S 900 E). Children from Sorenson Unity Center and local neighborhoods helped paint birds on the mural wall. Through the project, Hawkwatch International developed relationships with the Boys and Girls Club and the Sorenson Unity Center that yielded live bird presentations and connections with the children and the birds.


am_resources_cl_ra_brighamcity_12Brigham City Main Street Flyway
The Brigham City Fine Arts Center and Box Elder County Tourism came together to create a project that would beautify downtown Brigham City. The “Main Street Flyway” features artists’ renditions of local birds found at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. The birds are hung on lamp posts along Main Street. Many segments of the community came together for the project’s unveiling, including artists, Heritage and Cultural Arts board members, the press, the Mayor and the City Council.

am_resources_cl_ra_glendale-12Glendale ArtPark Mural Project
The Gr8West Institute, in an effort to celebrate Salt Lake City’s River District, constructed a community themed mural directly adjacent to the Sorenson Unity ArtPark. Artists gathered ideas from children in the community and after some brainstorming and planning, created an abstract aerial view of the Glendale neighborhood. The purpose of the mural project was to inject vitality into a fledgling park space using art.

am_resources_cl_ra_festwords_12A Festival of Words
The Utah Storytelling Guild, in partnership with Bridgerland Literacy, hosted A Festival of Words for the Cache Valley community. The four hour festival featured workshops and performances in which words played a major role such as storytelling and ASL (American Sign Language) activities. The festival concluded with a special storytelling concert in the evening. One of the Festival’s goals was to inform participants about the troubling trend of illiteracy in their community. Another goal was to help people understand the power of oral and spoken words in an age of texting and e-mail.

Random Acts of Art - SLC Art HubSLC Arts Hub Community Mural Project
Utah Arts Alliance, in partnership with People Productions, brought artists and community members together to create a quality piece of public art outside the SLC Arts Hub. The project kicked off with a community/ volunteer event in which over 40 individuals contributed to a portion of the mural on the south end of the building. Sections of the community mural will continue to evolve as new artists are invited to add to the mural on an ongoing basis.

am_resources_cl_ra_handsonmusical_12Hands-On Musical Activity for Families
The Oquirrh Mountain Symphony hosted several hands-on family activities throughout South Jordan to bring families together and introduce children to orchestral instruments. During these free events, parents and children worked together to build paper replicas of musical instruments, then were shown how to handle the instruments through group demonstrations.

am_resources_cl_ra_sanpitchdragonSaving the Sanpitch Dragon
Gunnison City and the Casino Star Theatre Foundation worked together to repair the damage done to the Sanpitch Dragon during the severe floods in 2011. This beloved 218-foot-long mosaic inhabits the Sanpitch River Walk under Highway 89 and “roars” in traffic.

am_resources_cl_ra_gardencity_12Garden City Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market
To help raise awareness about local artists and their work, Garden City launched a summer farmer’s market. Each week the market highlights the work of different artists in the area. Market-goers can listen to live music and watch artists create new pieces all while shopping for bread, produce, and crafts.

am_resources_cl_ra_outofmany_12Out of Many, One
In an effort to help future generations comprehend and appreciate the history of the United States, the South Jordan Public and Cultural Art Board (PACDB) presented sticker kits to 5th graders in South Jordan. The kits are chronological snapshots of American history and when pieced together create a magnificent waving flag. This project coincided with the schools’ history curriculum and enhanced students’ understanding of American history.

Image result for helper utah train muralThe Helper Train Mosaic Project
The Helper Train Mosaic was created to bring Helper residents together through a project that commemorates an important aspect of Helper’s industrial history. Children were shown how to create the mosaic tiles during the summer Art-In-The-Park program. The mosaic was unveiled at the 2012 Helper Arts and Music Festival and commemorated with a small dedication ceremony and a plaque of all who made the project possible.

am_resources_cl_ra_heartsoul_12Heart & Soul Porchfest
Heart & Soul launched its first Porchfest, a celebration of music and the arts where residents and Heart & Soul artists performed on front porches to an audience that moved from house to house. Porchfest represents the essence of Heart & Soul’s mission by bringing music and performing arts to people who are isolated from the community. Eleven porches, seventeen bands and almost a thousand people came out to in support of Heart & Soul and the healing power of music and community.


am_resources_cl_ra_greening_11Greening the Arts – Earth Day Downtown
The Cache Valley Center for the Arts (CVCA) launched a season of Greening the Arts with a ScrapArtsMusic performance. Children turned trash into upcycled musical instruments, rehearsed during a junk jam with a local musician, and performed at the Gallery Walk. In April, CVCA held the first Earth Day celebration in downtown Logan. Over 450 people attended the four hour event which featured performances, demonstrations, and the unveiling of CVCA’s first public sculpture.

am_resources_cl_ra_painttower_11Paint the Towers
Weber Arts Council and the City of South Ogden invited artists to propose transformative artwork to beautify two landmark million gallon water tanks.  The call for entries yielded 28 proposals which were opened to public input and reviewed by a selection committee.  The winner was announced at the city’s 75th anniversary celebration.

am_resources_cl_ra_storytelling_11Story Potluck
Storytellers and writers united in a common cause to support The Road Home, an organization that helps families cope with homelessness.  A fundraiser community meal in Salt Lake City brought the aromas of the recipes and the voices of the authors together in a memorable evening of food and performance. A cookbook containing the stories will be released, with proceeds continuing to benefit the homeless.

am_resources_cl_ra_roadhome_11Road Home Knitting Circle
Thursday nights at 6 p.m. women in the Women’s Shelter learn the therapeutic arts of knitting and crochet with donated yarn and needles. The Knitting Circle participants collaborated with community fiber artists to participate in the graffiti knitting project during the Utah Arts Festival. This project is ongoing and yarn and needle donations are welcome.

am_resources_cl_ra_grafitti_knitting_11Graffiti Knitting
Diverse groups, including children, adults, homeless individuals and business owners, united by a passion for fiber arts, staged “knit-ins” and created a temporary knitted public art installation in Washington Square Park during the Utah Arts Festival. The project went viral and gained national media attention. The group even knitted a sweater for a Mini Cooper.

am_resources_cl_ra_nobully_11The No Bully Beat
In West Valley City young people explored solutions to bullying through discussion and improvisation with Djembe African drums.  Plans are underway to create an expression of respect through a participatory public art installation.

am_resources_cl_ra_summerfest_11Summerfest Recycled Art Project
Artists helped those attending the Summerfest Arts Faire create a large statue from cast-off items.  Covered with paper mache and painted in bright colors, the sculpture was a popular attraction during the three day arts festival and continues to be on public display.  A second, more durable sculpture was created from discarded metal pans, bells and tubes. People were encouraged to make music by hitting this sculpture with drum sticks. Other works were created from plastic shopping bags.

am_resources_cl_ra_smile_11Smile on Your Brother
College students mentored six high school students at risk for non-graduation. Over the course of a year they engaged the students’ interest in visual arts, music and film, interfaced with students in their school arts courses, and brought students to experience arts events at the Utah State University campus. All of the participants not only graduated from high school but enrolled in college.