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2016 World of the Wild

"Baby Eagle's First Flight" by Carson Kawabata, Acrylic

“Baby Eagle’s First Flight” by Carson Kawabata, Acrylic

The World of the Wild, sponsored by Utah’s Hogle Zoo, is the annual art show featuring artworks of animals and the wild. The goal of this exhibition is to bring together the works of serious artists who are interested in displaying their view of wild animals, plants and places with which we share our world.

The art of depicting animals is an ancient one. Prehistoric people depicted animals on cave walls in an attempt to gain power over their hunt. These paintings can still be seen in Lascaux, France; Altamira, Spain; Africa and Australia. Fremont and Anasazi Indians of Utah also drew animal images as a form of spiritual empowerment. The ancient Egyptians drew and modeled animals with great care based upon the observation of nature. Today, art classes are often seen at the Zoo painting and drawing from life.

Wildlife artists such as James Audubon have been instrumental in raising public awareness of endangered species. We hope by focusing more attention on the wilder side of nature that the public will gain a greater awareness of and appreciation for wildlife.


2015-2016 Traveling Schedule

Manti Elementary 8/19 – 9/17
East Elementary, Tooele 9/17 – 10/19
Fillmore Elementary 10/26 – 11/24
Hanksville Elementary 1/4/2016 – 1/29
Southern Utah University Library, Cedar City 2/9 – 3/3
Wasatch Public Library 3/8 – 4/4
Kanab Hospital 4/5 – 5/3
Jeremy Ranch Elementary 5/6 – 6/3