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Go Out and Play: An Exhibit About Childhood Memories of Play

The Neighbors by Sophie Soprano, oil on panel, 16"x20"

The Neighbors by Sophie Soprano, oil on panel, 16″x20″

Our memories of playing as children are powerful. Children’s everyday experiences, adventures, and projects are often rehearsals for adult life. Play gives children a taste of freedom, encounters with uncertainty, opportunities for risk-taking and responsibility, and unscheduled time for imagination. This exhibition focuses on artist memories to summon the viewers’ childhood markers of place and time. Says curator Kathy Cieslewicz, “The exhibit focuses on reigniting the viewers’ childhoods through interaction and reminiscing.”

Collectively, the art in this exhibition reflects how play seems to be trivialized in our changing world. Traditional play has become jeopardized as parents see their children’s activities relegated to screens. It is hoped viewers will be inspired to bring play back into children’s lives in ways that evoke wonder, creativity, and natural curiosity.

This exhibition is a partnership between the Sears Art Museum Gallery and Dixie State University, and the show features artwork in a variety of media by artists from Utah and Arizona. For more information on the Sears Art Museum Gallery, visit or like their Facebook page at


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2017-2018 Traveling Schedule

Canyon Community Center, Springdale, Jul 28 – Aug 31
Manila Elementary, Manila, Sep 1 – Sep 29
Delta South Elementary, Delta, Oct 2 – Nov 2
Orem Public Library, Orem, Nov 6 – Dec 27
Wasatch Elementary, Salt Lake City, Jan 5 – Jan 31, 2018
Enoch Elementary, Cedar City, Jan 31 – Mar 2
Delta Public Library, Delta, Mar 2 – Mar 28
Gerald R. Sherratt Library, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Mar 29 – May 2
Trailside Elementary, Park City May 4 – June 1
Discovery Gateway Childrens Museum, Salt Lake City, Jun 5 – Jul 10