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Alice Gallery

The Alice Gallery is located at the historic Glendinning Mansion in Salt Lake City, which also houses the main offices of Utah Arts & Museums. The gallery is named after Alice Merrill Horne, a legislator who supported the arts and founded the Utah Arts Council in 1899.

This gallery hosts exhibitions by Utah artists and works from the State Fine Art Collection and was established as a service to Utah artists, providing a free venue for emerging as well as established artists to collaborate on exhibits and engage the community through art-making and dialogue.

“Inside Out”

Nov 20 – Jan 15, 2015
Please join us for a Gallery Stroll opening reception on Dec 4, 6-9pm.
Bronwen Beecher and Stephen Keen will be joining us for musical accompaniment. 

Inside: Out explores decorative items – such as clothing and tattoos – and how they mediate our psychological existence. These full scale figural paintings portray the vulnerability of exposing yourself to people, both literally and psychologically. Lindsay Frei paints subjects that seem caught in states of undress. In many of her paintings, it is unclear if the figure is in the act of dressing or undressing. Frei refers to these as “moments of contingency” and feels there is an inherent vibrancy in the uncertain outcome. We call into question whether the subjects are revealing or concealing themselves. There is an inherently seductive connotation to the act of undressing, and the history of art is replete with examples of the artist’s voyeuristic gaze. Frei’s work, however, is akin to an artist investigation in which the forms and psychological implications of clothing are conflated.

Additionally, Frei makes a conscious decision not to use professional models. “They are often friends who are experiencing a very real sense of vulnerability as they model,” says the artist. “For them, modeling is an act of courage that often displays a sense of human dignity that I believe creates a very personal sense of beauty. Ultimately, these paintings are about the movement inherent in the act of making the choice to reveal or conceal ourselves, and I believe this kind of intimacy is even more private than simply seeing a person naked.”

Location & Hours

Glendinning Home, 617 East South Temple, Salt Lake City
8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday; Closed Saturday – Sunday

Proposals for Exhibitions

Proposals for exhibitions in July-December of 2016 will be accepted January 1-February 2016. Be sure to download the GUIDELINES prior to submitting your proposal online. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.


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Contact the Gallery Manager
Felicia Baca at 801.245.7272

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