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Alice Gallery

The Alice Gallery is located at the historic Glendinning Mansion in Salt Lake City, which also houses the main offices of Utah Arts & Museums. The gallery is named after Alice Merrill Horne, a legislator who supported the arts and founded the Utah Arts Council in 1899.

This gallery hosts exhibitions by Utah artists and works from the State Fine Art Collection and was established as a service to Utah artists, providing a free venue for emerging as well as established artists to collaborate on exhibits and engage the community through art-making and dialogue.

Megan Gibbons: Beyond the Narrative

November 18, 2016 – January 13, 2017
Please join us for a Gallery Stroll opening reception December 2, 2016, 6-9pm

Painting primarily with oil-based mediums and house paints, Gibbons works on mid-sized to large canvases and enjoys the physicality of the process as much as the actual outcome. It is the working and reworking, the application of thick layers, and the subsequent scraping that carries significant importance. Marrying colors, employing loose brushwork, and playing with composition on a visceral level are the rewards. Spontaneity is paramount.

While the figurative nature of the work summons a desire to create a story, Gibbons hopes the viewer will create their own narrative and relate to the work on a personal level. Gibbons says she receives many questions regarding particular scenarios occurring within her paintings. “I have always gravitated toward figurative painting. I love to watch people, especially when they are introspective and unaware of being observed,” Gibbons says. “Their gestures and mannerisms are fascinating to me.”

Recently, Gibbons has been working with vintage photographs. Some of her fondest memories are sifting through layers of old family photos with her grandmother. “They are an imprint of the past, lost or forgotten memories. They have a compelling power to tell stories while opening the door to interpretation. The figures and landscapes evolve into new personas and atmospheres which are heavily layered and abstracted, much like our own memories,” Gibbons says. “Occasionally, my models are actually myself playing the role of whomever it is I want to paint that day. When there is great light coming through a certain window or doorway I grab my wig, tripod and camera. I use these created, found and inherited images as a catalyst for my work.”

Location & Hours

Glendinning Home, 617 East South Temple, Salt Lake City
8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday; Closed Saturday – Sunday


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Proposals for Exhibitions

Proposals for exhibitions in July 2017-Jan of 2018 will be accepted January 1-February 1, 2017. Be sure to download the GUIDELINES prior to submitting your proposal online. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.


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