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Utah Arts & Museums Awards Museum Grants – 16 June 2014

Utah Arts & Museums has granted approximately $365,000 to museums in 18 counties around the state, after receiving more than $545,000 in grant requests. Applications were accepted for development, project support and office grants. The $125,000 one-time bump in funding awarded from the State of Utah for fiscal year 2015 allowed Utah Arts & Museums to support several more museums than last year, and at higher funding levels. The purpose of these grants is to help museums develop projects to improve their professional skills in accepted museum practices; better preserve, exhibit and interpret their collections; and improve service to their communities. All funded museums are Certified Utah Museums.

“Utah museums are a vital force in the state’s cultural life, informing and entertaining millions of patrons each year,” said Utah Arts & Museums Director Lynnette Hiskey. “We’re pleased to offer this funding to help museums reach their broader goals.” Previously funded projects have supported collection management, storage and cataloging, progress toward state performance goals, and temporary staff to carry out funded projects.

Development grants are for museums open fewer than 1,000 hours per year, with a maximum award of $1,000. Project support grants have a maximum award of $15,000 and require a level of matching funds. Office grants support statewide museum services. Grant guidelines are available at under “Opportunities” and then “Grants.” Applications are reviewed by a panel of peers in the field and approved by the Utah Arts & Museums’ Office of Museum Services Advisory Board.

The next deadline for museum grants will be March 2015. For more information, please contact Laurie Baefsky at or 801.236.7550, or visit

FY15 Museum Development Grants

American Fork DUP Museum

Bountiful Historical Museum $993
Brigham City DUP Cabin $1,000
Coalville DUP Museum $500
Daggett County Museum $500
Fanny Powell Cropper DUP Museum $1,000
Highland DUP Cabin $1,000
Huntington Camp DUP Museum $1,000
Midland Camp DUP $500
Orderville Kane County DUP Museum $1,000
Plain City Camp DUP & John Carver Cabin $1,000
Stockton DUP Rush Valley Camp $500
Syracuse Museum & Cultural Center $1,000
Wellington Pioneer Log Cabin DUP Museum $1,000
Woods Cross Hogan Cabin DUP Museum $1,000
World of Puppetry Museum $1,000
Total $13,593
 FY15 Museum Office Grants

Utah Humanities Council

Utah Museums Association $20,000
Utah Nonprofits Association $10,000
Total $44,000

FY15 Museum Project Support Grants

Alf Engen Ski Museum $9,000
American West Heritage Center $4,500
Anasazi State Park Museum $6,000
Bluff Fort Historic Site $4,500
Box Elder Museum $7,500
Brigham City Museum-Gallery $6,000
BYU Museum of Art $15,000

BYU Museum of Peoples & Cultures                                                      $11,205

Clark Planetarium                                                                                  $4,950

Conservation Garden Park at Jordan Valley                                          $9,000

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum                                                 $11,250

Dixie State U. Sears Art Museum Gallery                                               $7,500

Fielding Garr Ranch                                                                               $3,500

Fort Douglas Military Museum                                                                $4,500

Frontier Homestead State Park Museum                                               $9,000

Great Basin Museum                                                                              $3,962

Hill Aerospace Museum                                                                          $2,557

Historic Wendover Airfield                                                                      $7,500

John Wesley Powell River History Museum                                            $4,800

McQuarrie Memorial Pioneer DUP Museum                                            $4,500

Museum of Moab                                                                                   $5,908

Museum of the San Rafael Swell                                                           $3,135

Natural History Museum of Utah                                                           $5,800

Orem Heritage Museum                                                                        $4,500

Park City Historical Society & Museum                                                  $7,500

Red Butte Garden and Arboretum                                                        $13,081

Silver Reef Museum                                                                              $6,000

Southern Utah Museum of Art                                                              $4,250

St George Art Museum                                                                         $9,000

St George Dinosaur Discovery Site                                                       $4,000

Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter                                                         $9,000

Territorial Statehouse Park Museum                                                    $4,456

Thanksgiving Point                                                                               $11,250

The Leonardo                                                                                       $7,500

The Prehistoric Museum                                                                       $11,250

Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts                                                    $4,000

Tracy Aviary                                                                                         $10,500

Treehouse Children’s Museum                                                            $10,500

Utah State University Botanical Center                                               $11,250

USU Museum of Anthropology                                                             $11,180

Utah’s Hogle Zoo                                                                                 $4,500

Wasatch Mountain State Park Museum                                               $2,220

Western Mining & Railroad Museum                                                    $6,000

Wheeler Historic Farm                                                                         $4,500

Total                                                                                                   $308,004