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A World Transformed: the Transcontinental Railroad and Utah

This is exhibit will not start traveling until January 2, 2019

May 10, 2019 will mark the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Summit.  Utah State University and the Utah State Division of History have partnered to create an exhibit, “A World Transformed:” the Transcontinental Railroad and Utah. The railroad changed Utah in both good and bad ways (often depending on your point of view), but everyone would agree that the railroad brought significant cultural, economic, and environmental changes. Utah was now connected with the rest of the nation, and Eastern goods could be shipped quickly and cheaply to Utah and Utah products had a market with the rest of the nation. Utahans played a major role in the completion of the TCRR through investment, surveying, and labor. There is a human side to the story as well. A journey of three months from Omaha, Nebraska to Salt Lake City, now took three days. Loved ones separated by the great distances of the continent could be reunited and Mormon converts and missionaries had a much easier and quicker journey to and from Utah. This exhibit shares the personal stories of the people who built it and those whose lives were forever changed in both big ways and small.  

“A World Transformed” is a smaller version of a larger exhibit that to be displayed from January to June 2019 in the Utah State Capitol. It draws upon the many rich visual resources of the transcontinental railroad including photographs, maps, art, and lithographs held by different institutions across Utah. It consists of banners and a computer kiosk were patrons can see the more in-depth digital version.


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