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A Different Perspective on Landscape Painting at Rio Gallery

adam_leviUtah Arts & Museums presents En Plein Air: Levi Jackson & Adam Bateman, an exhibition on display at the Rio Gallery from Jan 20th – March 10th, 2017. An artist’s reception will be held on January 20th from 6-9 p.m. for Gallery Stroll.

Adam Bateman and Levi Jackson, in collaboration, have made 60 paintings en plein air as a performative act, returning them to their forgotten foundation in the western landscape. Having both grown up and lived in rural areas of the West, both Jackson and Bateman kicked against the tradition of landscape painting as the defining characteristic of western art’s historical significance and culture. For this exhibition they have traveled headfirst into seeing the landscape through painting’s eyes.

The Rio Gallery is located inside the Rio Grande Depot at 300 S. Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City. Gallery hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Additionally, the Rio Gallery is open during the Winter Market at the Rio Grande Depot. The Winter Market hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Jan. 28, Feb. 11, and Feb. 25. Vendors sell local artisan goods, foods, and crafts, and the market also includes food trucks.

2017 MLK Day Projects

volunteers doing a service project

Join a Project

Congratulations to our 2017 MLK Day of Service grant winners! If you’re interested in learning more about the service projects happening across the state and how you can get involved, click on the links below. Pre-registration is encouraged so you have a better chance of getting your first choice of the project you’d like to join. MLK Day is on January 16, 2017, with projects occurring between January 13-22. 

Brigham Young University Center for Service and Learning
BYU will celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. by hosting a cultural celebration followed by 25-30 service projects on-campus and in various locations in Provo and Orem. Each service project is designed to help the community through beautification, community clean-up projects and meeting needs of individuals in stressful situations, and by providing comfort and peace to those in need. Get involved.

Family Support Center of Southwestern Utah
The mission of the Family Support Center of Southwestern Utah is to strengthen families, protect children, and promote healthy relationships through educational support, respite care, home visitation services, crisis intervention and community collaboration. This MLK Day, the center will be turned into a portrait studio where both current clients and families in the community can have free family portraits taken. Anyone can help out this MLK Day, including skills-based volunteers with experience in photography, hair and make-up, and carpentry. Get involved.

Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties
Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties is hosting a week long garage sale where volunteers will sort, organize, and assist in raising funds for local families in need. Volunteers will meet the next three families whose homes they are building and for which this event is raising funds for. This is a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to understand the needs of families in their community, and help give back. Get Involved.

Neighborhood House
Neighborhood house will host their free January Thrift Shop from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm at their Children’s Center on January 17. From 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. on January 17, the Thrift Shop is combined with a Resource Fair to connect families with additional services that promote education and literacy, combat poverty, support older and disabled adults, and help low-income families improve their quality of life. Volunteers are needed to organize, sort and display donations for the Thrift Shop. Get involved.

Orchestra of Southern Utah
The Orchestra of Southern Utah and the Cedar City Peace and Justice Association will be partnering together on January 6 to host “A Joyful Noise: Instrument Drive and MLK Jr. Day Celebration.” The event is being held at St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, and will spread awareness of the need for instruments for students with difficult financial circumstances, collect used instruments and funds for instruments to be repaired locally, to collect food donations for Iron County Care and Share, and to reflect and celebrate the messages of peace and service from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Get involved.

Playworks Utah
Playworks is teaming up with the Association for Utah Community Health and the Boys and Girls Club of Utah County to sew monster dolls and write notes for patients in long-term care at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital. Playworks needs help making 600 monster dolls this MLK Day. Volunteers are encouraged to register by January 9th.

Public School Partnership
On January 16, the Public & School Partnership and Cache Valley National Service Alliance (CVNSA) will engage volunteers in a food, hygiene, household, and baby supply drive in Cache County. Stations will be set up at four local grocery stores where National Service and community volunteers will solicit food, household, hygiene, and baby supply donations from store patrons and local residents. Get involved.

University of Utah Bennion Center
The Bennion Center will engage the University of Utah students and the community in action, change, and learning by participating in a morning of service on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Volunteers are needed at the following locations across the Salt Lake Valley: Big Brothers Big Sisters, First Step House, Friends for Sight, Maliheh Free Clinic, Knitting Necessities at the Bennion Center, United Way Home Fire Campaign, Utah AIDS Foundation. Get involved.

Weber State University Center for Community Engaged Learning
Weber State University will engage student and community volunteers in 6 different events happening over 6 days, beginning with a breakfast, presentation, and Freedom March honoring the vision and life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Volunteers are needed to help make fleece blankets for Your Community Connection, assist with a Special Olympics volleyball tournament, mentor youth at the YMCA and GOAL foundation, and organize donations for the CCS of Northern Utah. Get involved.

Or, check out this list of service opportunities. If you have a project consider registering it by visiting the site. We also have Toolkits for creating projects.


Utah Drawn: An Exhibition of Rare Maps

We are pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition of forty rare historical maps depicting the region that became the state of Utah from its earliest imaginings by European cartographers to Utah's modern state’s boundaries.

Original maps shown are from the private collection of Salt Lake City businessman Stephen Boulay, with additional contributions from the Utah State Historical Society, American West Center at the University of Utah, L. Tom Perry Special Collections at Brigham Young University, and LDS Church History Department.

An opening reception for the exhibition will be held on the fourth floor of the Utah Capitol Building on January 27, 2017, eight to noon.

Additional selected maps from various institutions and private collectors will be offered as a "show and tell" event in the center of the State Capitol rotunda on January 27, noon to two p.m.

The exhibition will run through late summer 2017.

UHQ Digital Exhibition

The six maps reproduced below are part of Utah Drawn: An Exhibition of Rare Maps displayed in the Utah Capitol Building fourth floor beginning January 27, 2017.

Maps serve many purposes. They represent physical geographies, recording landmarks, routes, and boundaries. But they also reflect varying perceptions, imaginations, values, and aspirations. This is certainly true of the maps presented here. Over five centuries, empires and explorers along with printers and publishers worked first to trace the outline of a continent that was new to Europeans and then, eventually, to fill in its vast middle. These maps show the steady increase of geographic knowledge of the Americas, but they also demonstrate the economic and political interests that produced that knowledge and the individuals who benefited from it. They hint at what map makers and their sponsors determined was worth documenting, identifying, and, in some cases, possessing. They often erase, obscure, and distort. Put simply: maps are more than cartographic representations of known or imagined physical features on the landscape. As you examine these maps, try to determine the purposes for which they were made and any mistruths, omissions, and distortions they may contain.


Title: America Septentrionalis

Creator: Jan Jansson (1588-1664)

Published in: Nouveau Theatre du Monde ou Nouvel Atlas

Place: Amsterdam

Date: 1641

This striking hand-colored map by the Dutch cartographer Jan Jansson (1588-1664) was the first atlas map to treat North America on its own page, separate from the rest of the western hemisphere. Jansson produced this definitive synthesis of the best cartographic knowledge then available. In the process, he helped to canonize both true and false details about North America’s geography for generations. This was not the first map to depict California as an island, for instance, but its widespread distribution helped to popularize that misconception. The eastern seaboard illustrates the French presence along the St. Lawrence River, the English in New England and Virginia, and the Dutch in what is labeled “Novum Belgium.” Though the lake feeding the Rio Del Norte might look familiar to modern Utahns, the Great Salt Lake did not enter the written record until the Timpanogos Utes related its existence to the Dominguez-Escalanté Expedition of 1776.



Title: “Plano Geografico de los Descumbimientos”

Creator: Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco (1713-1785)

Manuscript (Original at Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University)

Date: 1778 (Facsimile, 1970)

Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco (1713-1785) traveled with the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition of 1776-1777 and drew this map as a record of the journey. The party served the Spanish interest in establishing an overland route connecting Mexico to Alta California, which remained an overseas colony of New Spain in spite of its relative geographic proximity well into the next century. In this map, Miera depicted the Rio Colorado with new clarity. This map depicted “Laguna de los Timpanogos” (Utah Lake) for the first time. It also illustrates the “Great River of the West,” a mythical river that tantalized those hoping to find a water passage to Asia for nearly two hundred years. Contrary to later maps, this conflation of Utah’s modern Green River and Sevier River terminated in a lake within the Great Basin. Miera named it Laguna de Miera after himself, but modern Utahns will know it as Sevier Lake.



Title: “Partie du Mexique”

Creator: Philippe Vandermaelen (1795-1869)

Published in: Atlas Universel de Géographie Physique, Politique, Statistique Et Minéralogique

Date: 1827

Drawn by the Belgian cartographer Philippe Marie Vandermaelen (1795-1869), this map depicted the region from Lake Timpanogos (Utah Lake) to present day Colorado and Wyoming. It appeared in Vandermaelen’s six-volume Atlas Universel, published in 1827. As the first atlas to depict the entire globe with a large, consistent scale (26 miles to the inch), the individual maps in this atlas could be combined on a globe approximately 7.75 meters in diameter. The Princeton University Library’s has rendered the resulting globe digitally. The fourth volume focused on North America, he illustrated the Trans-Mississippi West in about twenty sheets.


UTA_Garrett_00333, Mon Oct 08, 2007,  1:57:07 PM,  8C, 8424x7804,  (1998+2895), 150%, bent 6 stops,  1/25 s, R70.7, G66.9, B86.1


UTA_Garrett_00333, Mon Oct 08, 2007,  1:57:07 PM,  8C, 8424x7804,  (1998+2895), 150%, bent 6 stops,  1/25 s, R70.7, G66.9, B86.1

Title: “Neueste Karte von Mexico … 1850”

Creator: Carl Christian Franz Radefeld (1788-1874)    

Published in: Joseph Meyer (1796-1856), Grosser Hand-Atlas

Place: Hildburghausen

Date: 1850

Even if the U.S. government never recognized the expansive state of Deseret, the prolific mapmakers at Meyer’s publishing company Bibliographisches Institut in Hildburghausen, Germany did, if only briefly. Like Young’s map of Deseret in Mitchell’s Universal Atlas, Meyer’s Grosser Hand-Atlas published a rare map of Deseret as originally proposed. That was not a coincidence. Meyer and his cartographer Radefeld relied on Mitchell’s atlas to produce their 1850-1854 editions of the Hand-Atlas.



Title: “Map of the United States of America”

Creator: James H. Young (1792-18??)

Published in: Samuel Augustus Mitchell (1792-1868), A New Universal Atlas

Place: Philadelphia

Date: 1850

Fueled by emerging mass-market interest, atlases experienced a resurgence in popularity in the 1840s and 1850s. Produced for S. Augustus Mitchell’s contribution to that market by his longtime engraver and associate James H. Young, this map captured the territorial expansion of the newly-continental United States in progress. While the eastern United States might look relatively familiar—save the lack of West Virginia as a distinct state—the western territories bear only a vague similarity to the familiar state boundaries that would eventually settle. This map captured an already-reduced Utah Territory that stretched from roughly the Sierra Nevada range to the continental divide. 

Note that the map erroneously called that territory by its then-defunct name of Deseret. This particular mid-1850 edition of the atlas had two U.S. maps, with each identifying the new territory by its alternate names. The United States never recognized an entity called “Deseret.” Western political events moved rather quickly at times, so it is understandable that a map prepared in early 1850 and published at the end of the year would not be able to keep up. Nonetheless, the territory which should have been labeled Utah Territory never looked like this. [link to the GIS site]






Title: “California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, New Mexico”

Creator: Samuel Augustus Mitchell (1792-1868)     

Published in: A New Universal Atlas

Publisher: Charles Desilver

Place: Philadelphia

Date: 1857

Selling atlases in the mass market was a race as often as it was a contest over accuracy and comprehensiveness. Produced rapidly for Mitchell’s Atlas Universal in 1850 by adding new boundaries to an existing base map from the previous decade, this was one of the first maps to show the new state of California. It had little else going for it. Its intellectual debt to the 1840s meant that Frémont practically authored the Great Basin. The map even identified it as the Fremont Basin to at least the 1855 edition. Over the 1850s, Mitchell updated the map, adding in subsequent editions the cities and counties that had been conspicuously absent in the rushed earlier versions.






Applications Open For $10,000 Visual Arts Fellowships

gilbert-vicario_28-printThe Utah Division of Arts & Museums will award two $10,000 Visual Arts Fellowships to support the careers of professional artists who demonstrate exceptional talent and dedication.

Interested artists can apply for the fellowship beginning Jan. 1, 2017, with a deadline of Feb. 1, 2017. Guidelines found here (PDF).

Artists will be chosen by juror Gilbert Vicario, the Selig Family Chief Curator at the Phoenix Art Museum. Prior to joining the Phoenix Art Museum in 2015, he was senior curator and division head for curatorial affairs at the Des Moines Art Center for six years.

Vicario has extensive international experience organizing exhibitions that present artwork from around the globe. He has a passion for exploring links between historical works and contemporary art and an interest in Latin American and Latino Art. He holds a Masters in curatorial studies from Bard College.

“We’re encouraged by Gilbert’s background and familiarity with both historical and contemporary works, as well as a regional understanding of artists in the West. He will be an excellent fit for judging the diversity of Utah artists,” Visual Arts Manager Felicia Baca said. “We have a great sense of pride in our Utah artists and remain committed to supporting their work.”

Utah Arts & Museums is the oldest publicly funded state arts agency in the nation, with a tradition of recognition and support for individual artists. This tradition continues each year through the Visual Arts Fellowship Program.

For application and full guidelines visit For more information please contact Felicia Baca, Visual Arts Manager at the Utah Division of Arts & Museums by phone (801.245.7272) or email (

Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards


Leadership in the Arts Awardee Delora Bertelsen accepts her award from Utah First Lady Jeanette Herbert in 2010.

The Governor’s Awards in the Arts were established in 1980 to recognize individuals and organizations that make outstanding contributions to the cultural life of Utah.

In 2007, the awards adapted to honor those who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in the arts. Today, the Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards recognize those qualities that advance the arts for the people and communities in our state and are Utah’s highest honor in the arts.


2017 Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards – Nominations Now Open – Due February 10, 2017

We are now accepting nominations for the 2017 Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards.To nominate an individual, community, or organization, please fill out the form below and return it to Natalie Petersen at by February 10, 2017.

2016 Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards Recipients Announced

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2016 Governors Leadership in the Arts Awards. Click on each recipient to view their award video.

lisa sewell_GLAA
Utah Arts Festival
Lisa Sewell, Director
Organizational Leadership in the Arts Award

james rees_GLAA
James Rees
Education Leadership in the Arts Award

z arts_GLAA
Zion Canyon Arts & Humanities Council

Local Arts Agency Leadership in the Arts Award

craig jessop_GLAA
Dr. Craig Jessop
Individual Leadership in the Arts Award

We gratefully acknowledge the table sponsors for the
2016 Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards

Arts Benefactor

BYU CFAC_logo   Caine College
Hale 2 PCI-Logo
U of U College-of-Fine-Arts-Stacked - cropped UCA(tagline)Barlow_rgb2 UCA
 Utah Shakes  Print

Arts Patron

Caine College of the Arts, Utah State University

Kimball Art Center

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

Salt Lake Acting Company

Timpanogos Storytelling Institute

Utah Arts Festival

Utah Symphony | Utah Opera

Utah Valley University School of the Arts

WSU Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities

Arts Supporter

Axis Architects   –   Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Mayor Jackie Biskupski   –   Nova Chamber Music Series

Ogden City Arts   –   Spy Hop   –   Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Utah State Poetry Society   –   Zions Bank

Past Award Recipients

Governor’s Leadership in the Arts Awards

2016 Utah Arts Festival
Organization Leadership in the Arts Award
James Rees
Education Leadership in the Arts Award
Zion Canyon Arts & Humanities Council
Local Arts Agency Leadership in the Arts Award
Dr. Craig Jessop
Individual Leadership in the Arts Award
2015 Plan-B Theatre Company
Organization Leadership in the Arts Award
Carrie Trenholm
Education Leadership in the Arts Award
Local Arts Agency Leadership in the Arts Award
Kathy Cieslewicz
Individual Leadership in the Arts Award
2014 City of St. George, Mayor Jon Pike
Community Leadership in the Arts Award
Spy Hop Productions
Education Leadership in the Arts Award
Timpanogos Storytelling Institute
Organization Leadership in the Arts Award
Shirley Ririe
Individual Leadership in the Arts Award
2013 Gunnison City, Mayor Lori Nay
Community Leadership in the Arts Award
Kim Schaefer
Education Leadership in the Arts Award
Patricia A. Richards
Volunteer Leadership in the Arts Award
Wally Bloss
Individual Leadership in the Arts Award
2012 City of Ogden,
Mayor Mike Caldwell 

Community Leadership in the Arts Award
Chris Roberts
Education Leadership in the Arts Award
Organization Leadership in the Arts Award
Teri Orr
Individual Leadership in the Arts Award
2011 City of Kanab,
Mayor Nina Laycook 

Community Leadership in the Arts Award
K. Newell Dayley
Education Leadership in the Arts Award
Utah Shakespeare Festival
Organization Leadership in the Arts Award
A. Scott Anderson
Individual Leadership in the Arts Award
2010 Sandy City,
Mayor Tom Dolan

Community Leadership in the Arts Award
Rachel Wheeler
Education Leadership in the Arts Award
India Cultural
Center of Utah

Organization Leadership in the Arts Award
Delora Bertelsen
Individual Leadership in the Arts Award
2009 Layton City,
Mayor Steve Curtis

Community Leadership in the Arts Award
Alice Perreault, Kindred Spirits 
Support of Children Through the Arts Award
Neighborworks Salt Lake, Maria Garciaz
Organization Leadership in the Arts Award
Anne Cullimore Decker
Individual Merit Leadership in the Arts Award 
2008 Gail Bunker
Community Leadership Award
Ferron Holt
Arts Education Leadership Award
Representative Greg Hughes
Legislative Leadership Award
Ruth Draper
Lifetime Leadership Award
2007 Representative Sheryl Allen
Public Leadership in the Arts Award
Beverley Taylor Sorenson
Support of Children Through Arts Education Award
Mayor Dave Sakrison
Local Elected Official Award
Kaziah Hancock
Humanitarian Award for Compassion Through the Arts

Governor’s Awards in the Arts Recipients, 1980 to 2003

Poetry Out Loud

The National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation have partnered with the Utah Arts & Museums Arts Education Program to support Poetry Out Loud, which encourages Utah’s youth to learn about great poetry through memorization and performance.


  • For details regarding Utah’s POL activities, email or call 801-236-7557.
  • For full details on the national poetry recitation competition, visit
Recitation and performance are major trends in poetry. There has been a recent resurgence of poetry as an oral art form, as seen in the slam poetry movement and the immense popularity of hip-hop music. Poetry Out Loud builds on that momentum by inviting the dynamic aspects of slam poetry, spoken word and theater into the English and theatre class.

2016 Poetry Out Loud

Tessa Thornley of Bear River High School took home top honors from the state finals for the Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest, presented by Utah Arts & Museums on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, at co-host Westminster College’s Vieve Gore Concert Hall in the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts. Thornley received $200 and travel expenses to represent Utah in the national championship May 2-4 in Washington, D.C. Her school received a $500 stipend for the purchase of poetry books. Runner-up Serena Hawatmeh of Juan Diego Catholic High School received $100, with $200 for her school library. Poetry Out Loud awards a $20,000 college scholarship to the national champion.

Approximately 4,616 students from 35 high schools across Utah participated in Poetry Out Loud activities and competed in school and regional competitions. Regional competitions were held in Brigham City, Gunnison, Provo, St. George, Salt Lake City, and South Jordan. At the Vieve Gore Concert Hall, students recited works they selected from an anthology of nearly 600 classic and contemporary poems.

Past Winners

  • 2015 – Sadie Merkley, Box Elder High School, Brigham City
  • 2014 – Ashlei Havili, American Fork High School, American Fork
  • 2013 – Devin Jones, West Jordan High School, West Jordan
  • 2012 – MarKaye Hassan, Logan High School (placed 3rd in National Competition)

Public Artists Sought For Utah Valley University

art_building_duskArtist applications are being requested for public art at the new Utah Valley University Performing Arts Center.

The Utah Public Art Program of the Division of Arts and Museums, in association with the Division of Facilities and Construction Management and Utah Valley University, has published the call for letters of interest and qualifications from artists or artist teams interested in the UVU project. Continue reading

National Service Day on the Hill 2017

On February 9, 2017, national service programs from across the state will gather at the Utah State Capitol to educate legislators on the role of national service and the impact they are having in their communities. This event provides national service programs an opportunity to help policy makers better understand what national service is and how the various programs work to address challenges within their community and improve the quality of life in Utah. Continue reading

Arts Day on the Hill

                 bts-about-logo                 artworksforkids-e1424977545778

Save the date for the 2017 Arts Day on the Hill, February 14th.

Patrons and leaders of the arts and humanities will meet and talk with their state senators and representatives in the Capitol Rotunda. Be among the arts-interested individuals and organizations that will gather to celebrate the arts and meet with their state representatives. Contact David Wicai at 801-236-7547 for more information.

Continue reading

Utah Senate Confirms Executive Director for Heritage & Arts

Utah Senate Confirms Jill LoveJill Remington Love received unanimous support of the Utah Senate on Tuesday as the executive director of the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts.

Gov. Gary Herbert announced the appointment of Love in November, but as a cabinet position the confirmation of the state Senate was needed before she could officially take the helm. She will begin serving as the executive director immediately.

The Department of Heritage & Arts is made up of six divisions, including the Division of Arts & Museums, Division of Indian Affairs, Division of State History, Office of Multicultural Affairs, UserveUtah, and the Utah State Library. The department has an annual operating budget of approximately $28 million.

“This department enriches the lives of Utahns through its cultural education, volunteerism, and celebration of our heritage,” Love said. “The many diverse programs of the department also serve as economic drivers in cities and towns throughout Utah, where we can partner with communities to celebrate their unique stories and talents.”

Continue reading