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2015 State History Conference Podcasts

Missed out on the 2015 State History Conference “Deep Roots, Many Voices”? Below are sessions that were recorded.

Documenting the Topaz Experience

  • Kimberly M. Jew (chair)
    Scotti Hill: When Words Weren’t Enough: Curating the Topaz Museum’s Inaugural Art Exhibition
  • Jane Beckwith: A Founders View, Topaz Museum
  • Christian Heimburger: “We Have Come to Understand Them, and We Admit We Need Them”: Japanese American Laborers in the Interior West, 1942-1944

Exploring Utah’s Multicultural Past through Oral History

  • Jodi Graham (chair)
  • Randy Williams: Cache Valley Refugee Voices
  • Deborah M. George: Root Sounds: The Utah African American Experience in Ogden
  • Sarah Singh: Twenty-fifth Street: The City That Never Slept

Immigration in Early Twentieth-Century Utah

  • John Sillito (chair)
  • Brian Whitney and Lorrie Rands: Immigrants at the Crossroads: An Oral History of Immigration into Ogden, Utah
  • Eileen Hallet Stone: Utah’s Jewish Agrarian Pioneers
  • Rochelle Kaplan: Jews in Utah: Not an Oxymoron!

Paiutes and the Circleville Massacre after 150 Years

  • Panel: Richard Turley (chair), Suzanne Catharine, Dorina Martineau, Sue Jensen Weeks, and Albert Winkler

Politics and Religious Authority

  • Greg Thompson (chair)
  • Gary Bergera: Ezra Taft Benson Meets Nikita Khrushchev, 1959: Memory Embellished
  • Kenneth L Cannon II and Geoffrey E. Cannon: Separation of Prophet and State? The 1914 Reelection of Reed Smoot
  • Jason Friedman: “Unless the ‘Saints’ decorate my personage with plumage and ‘something to make it stick’”: Duncan McMillan and the fight for Wasatch Academy

The Power of Oral History: Uncovering the Stories of Latino/as in Utah

  • Panel: Matt Basso (chair), Jennifer Macias, Juan Jose Garcia, Andrea Garavito Martinez

Two Changing Faces of Fundamentalist Mormonism: Rulon and Warren Jeffs

  • Craig L. Foster and Newell G. Bringhurst: Two Changing Faces of Fundamentalist Mormonism: Rulon and Warren Jeffs


Utah History Podcasts

Check out our collection of audio files from various events and programs of Utah State History.

Utah StateTelephoneOperator_edge History Brown Bag Presentations

Utah State History hosts a collection of Brown Bags every year. We recently began recording these presentations so you can listen and not miss a thing.

Listen and watch a mix of brown bags presented by a mix of lay and professionals working to document history.


News_WagonUtah Historical Quarterly Web Extras

News from Salt Lake, 1847-1849: A Conversation with Andrew H. Hedges – UHQ Summer 2016

Early Utah Women Inventors: A Conversation with Christine Cooper-Rompato  – UHQ Summer 2015

Folklore and History: A Conversation with Steve Siporin – UHQ Spring 2015

Sounds of the Cathedral – UHQ Winter 2015

An Interview with Noel Carmack and Connell O’Donovan on the 1855 murder of Isaac Whitehouse in Parowan, Utah, and the Art of Historical Storytelling – UHQ Fall 2014

2016 State History Conference “Rural Utah, Western Issues”

Conference PhotoListen to select sessions from the 2016 State History Conference




Hist.ConfSlider2015 State History Conference “Deep Roots: Many Voices”

Listen to select sessions from the 2015 State History Conference


Utah State History Brown Bag Presentations

History Is a Verb: The Utah Social Studies Standard, Utah History Day & Doing History with Robert Austin and Wendy Rex-Atzet – Robert Austin, K-12 Social Studies Specialist for the Utah State Board of Education discuss the new social studies standards and their impact on teaching history in Utah’s public schools.
Wendy Rex-Atzet, State Coordinator for the Utah History Day program talks about the interaction of this program with students “doing history.”

The DUP and Little-Known Stories of Pioneers with Maurine Smith
Maurine Smith, president of Daughters of the Utah Pioneers speaks as part of our lecture series celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Utah State Historical Society

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: The Utah Historical Society in the 1980s with Gary Topping – Join us for the 1st lecture in the July 2017 brown bag series celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Utah State Historical Society. Gary Topping, is a former long-time State History employee and Archivist of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City.

Chinese Railroad Workers in Utah (1868-1920) with Chris Merritt Ph.D. – A historical archaeological presentation documenting the Chinese railroad workers in Utah. – May 31, 2017

Salt Lake City & County Building Restoration 1973-1989 with Don Hartley – A review of the restoration work on the City & County Building. – May 34, 2017

Lost and Found: The First Salt Lake City with Laurie Bryant – A look back at the use of adobe brick in the building of Salt Lake City. – May 17, 2017

Utah’s Legacy of Architectural Cast Iron with Robert Baird– Watch the transformation of the ZCMI facade and the importance of cast iron architecture in our history. – May 10, 2017

Bear River Massacre Archaeology: Finding Bia Ogoi by Ken Cannon PhD – The application of historic documents and geomorphology to the understanding of the nineteenth century landscape change of the Bear River Valley, Franklin County, Idaho. – May 3, 2017

Celebrating Carbon County: Revisiting Historic Buildings, Rediscovering a Community Cookbook –  Ronald G. Watt will then take us on a tour of Carbon County by exploring historic buildings – many of them now demolished. Watt will discuss “company stores,” reflective of the mining past, as well as the major structures in Price and Helper: churches, schools, city halls, college campus, courthouse, and the LDS tabernacle. State History’s Heidi Tak and Melissa Coy will highlight a recently rediscovered Carbon County Community Cookbook, created by local residents between 1920 and 1930. – September 21, 2016

“Echoes From The Camp: Sego as a Case Study in Identifying an Industrial Landscape” with Jessica F. Montcalm – May 4, 2016

“An Inside Perspective” with Doug Wright – September 30, 2015

“Copy, Ink, and Diverse Voices: Ethnic and Vernacular Press in Utah History” with Dr. Joel Campbell – September 23, 2015.

“In With a Suitcase, Out With a Truck: Salt Lake City’s Historic Apartment Buildings of the Early 20th Century” with Lisa-Michele Church, J.D. – September 16, 2015.


A Summer Home for the People of Denver: Building Denver’s Mountain Parks, 1910-1940″ with Dr. Wendy Rex-Atzet – September 9, 2015.

Some Things She Should Know: Beauty Culture and Modern Womanhood in Salt Lake City, 1890-1930 with Melissa Coy – September 2, 2015