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Beneath a Scarlet Sky

By: Mark Sullivan
Published:  ©2017
Pages: 509
Total Copies: 15
Genre:  Fiction | Historical Fiction | War, WWII | Regional, Europe

Description: Pino Lella wants nothing to do with the war or the Nazis. He’s a normal Italian teenager—obsessed with music, food, and girls—but his days of innocence are numbered. When his family home in Milan is destroyed by Allied bombs, Pino joins an underground railroad helping Jews escape over the Alps, and falls for Anna, a beautiful widow six years his senior. In an attempt to protect him, Pino’s parents force him to enlist as a German soldier—a move they think will keep him out of combat. But after Pino is injured, he is recruited at the tender age of eighteen to become the personal driver for Adolf Hitler’s left hand in Italy, General Hans Leyers, one of the Third Reich’s most mysterious and powerful commanders. Now, with the opportunity to spy for the Allies inside the German High Command, Pino endures the horrors of the war and the Nazi occupation by fighting in secret, his courage bolstered by his love for Anna and for the life he dreams they will one day share.

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Watership Down

By: Richard Adams
Published: ©1972
Pages: 474
Total Copies: 11
Genre:  Fiction | Young Adult | Science Fiction & Fantasy

Description: Set in England’s Downs, a once idyllic rural landscape, this stirring tale of adventure, courage and survival follows a band of very special creatures on their flight from the intrusion of man and the certain destruction of their home. Led by a stouthearted pair of friends, they journey forth from their native Sandleford Warren through the harrowing trials posed by predators and adversaries, to a mysterious promised land and a more perfect society.


The Other Typist

By: Suzanne Rindell
Published: ©2013
Pages: 356 (Includes Reader’s Guide Questions)
Total Copies: 11
Genre:  Fiction | Historical Fiction | Mysteries & Thrillers

Description: Confessions are Rose Baker’s job. A typist for the New York City Police Department, she sits in judgment like a high priestess. Criminals come before her to admit their transgressions, and, with a few strokes of the keys before her, she seals their fate. But while she may hear about shootings, knifings, and crimes of passion, as soon as she leaves the room, she reverts to a dignified and proper lady. Until Odalie joins the typing pool. As Rose quickly falls under the stylish, coquettish Odalie’s spell, she is lured into a sparkling underworld of speakeasies and jazz. And what starts as simple fascination turns into an obsession from which she may never recover.

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The Death of Bees

By: Lisa O’Donnell
Published: ©2013
Pages: 310 (Includes Reading Group Guide)
Total Copies: 9
Genre: Fiction | Young Adult | Regional, Europe

Description: Today I buried my parents in the backyard. Neither of them were beloved. Marnie and her little sister Nelly are on their own now. Only they know what happened to their parents, Izzy and Gene, and they aren’t telling. While life in Glasgow’s Hazlehurst housing estate isn’t grand, they do have each other. As the new year comes and goes, Lennie, the old man next door, realizes that his young neighbors are alone and need his help. Lennie takes them in, and something like a family forms. But soon, the sisters’ friends, their teachers, and the authorities start asking tougher questions. As one lie leads to another, dark secrets about the girls’ family surface, creating complications that threaten to tear them apart. Written with fierce sympathy and beautiful precision, told in alternating voices, The Death of Bees is an enchanting, grimly comic tale of three lost souls who, unable to answer for themselves, can answer only for each other.

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The Pearl That Broke Its Shell

By: Nadia Hashimi
Published: ©2014
Pages: 450 (Includes Questions for Discussion)
Total Copies: 11
Genre: Fiction | Historical FictionCultural, Muslim | Regional, Middle East

Description: Kabul, 2007: The Taliban rules the streets. With a drug-addicted father and no brothers, Rahima and her sisters can rarely leave the house or attend school. Their only hope lies in the ancient Afghan custom of bacha posh, which allows young Rahima to dress and be treated as a son until she is of marriageable age. As a boy, she has the kind of freedom that was previously unimaginable … freedom that will transform her forever. But Rahima is not the first in her family to adopt this unusual custom. A century earlier, her great-great-grandmother Shekiba, left orphaned by an epidemic, saved herself and built a new life in the same way — the changes took her on a journey from the deprivation of life in a rural village to the opulence of a king’s palace in the bustling metropolis of Kabul. Crisscrossing in time, The Pearl That Broke Its Shell interweaves the stories of these two remarkable women who are separated by a century but share the same courage and dreams.

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The Anybodies

By: N.E. Bode
Published: ©2004
Pages: 276
Total Copies: 11
Genre: Fiction | Young Adult |  Science Fiction & Fantasy 

Description: Once there was a wonderfully imaginative girl named Fern who was switched at birth and raised by a tragically dull couple, the Drudgers. Fern learns of the mix-up one evening when the Bone (er, her real father) and his “son” show up at her front door. The families decide to unswap the kids for the summer, and Fern sets off on a wild adventure involving thousands of books, giant peaches, lickable wallpaper, and a magical organization called the Anybodies. Who are the Anybodies? Just what is The Art of Being Anybody? And why is a sinister man named the Miser following Fern? In order to find out, you’ll have to read this book!

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The Prince Who Fell from the Sky

By: John Claude Bemis
Published: ©2012
Pages: 259
Total Copies: 13
Genre:  FictionYoung Adult | Science Fiction & Fantasy

Description: In Casseomae’s world, the wolves rule the Forest, and the Forest is everywhere. The animals tell stories of the Skinless Ones, whose cities and roads once covered the earth, but the Skinless disappeared long ago. Casseomae is content to live alone, apart from the other bears in her tribe, until one of the ancients’ sky vehicles crashes to the ground, and from it emerges a Skinless One, a child. Rather than turn him over to the wolves, Casseomae chooses to protect this human cub, to find someplace safe for him to live. But where among the animals will a human child be safe? And is Casseomae threatening the safety of the Forest and all its tribes by protecting him?

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Under the Egg

By: Laura Marx Fitzgerald
Published: ©2014
Pages: 243
Total Copies: 11
Genre:  Fiction | Young Adult | Mysteries & Thrillers

Description: Only two people know about the masterpiece hidden in the Tenpenny home—and one of them is dead. The other is Theodora Tenpenny. When Theo spills a bottle of rubbing alcohol on her late grandfather’s painting, she discovers what looks like a priceless masterpiece underneath. That’s great news for Theo, who’s struggling to hang on to her family’s two-hundred-year-old townhouse and support her unstable mother on her grandfather’s legacy of $463. T Here’s just one problem: Theo’s grandfather was a security at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and if the painting is as valuable as she thinks it is, then her grandfather wasn’t who she thought he was.

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Carnegie’s Maid

By: Marie Benedict
Published: ©2018
Pages: 281 (Includes Reading Group Guide)
Total Copies: 15
Genre:  Fiction | Historical Fiction

Description: Clara Kelley is not who they think she is. Shen’s not the experienced Irish maid who was hired to work in one of Pittsburgh’s grandest households. She’s a poor farmer’s daughter with nowhere to go and nothing in her pockets. But the other Clara Kelley has vanished, and pretending to be her just might get Clara some money to send back home. If she can keep up the ruse, that is. Serving as a lady’s maid in the household of Andrew Carnegie requires skills she doesn’t have, answering to the icy mistress who rules her sons and her domain with an iron fist. What Clara does have is a resolve as strong as the steel Pittsburgh will become famous for, coupled with an uncanny understanding of business, and Andrew begins to rely on her. But Clara can’t let her guard down, not even when Andrew becomes something more than an employer. Revealing her past might ruin her future—and her family’s.

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By: Marcus Sedgwick
Published: ©2013
Pages: 262
Total Copies: 9
Genre: Fiction | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Ghost & Horror | Young Adult

Description: He recognized Merle’s face. RECOGNIZED. But that’s not possible, because he has never seen her before. In 2073 on the remote and secretive island of Blessed, where rumor has it that no one ages and no children are born, a visitor arrives. He is greeted warmly but something is wrong. Something is hidden on the far side of the island. Something that, as if in a dream, he cannot reach. And so it is that under the light of the waxing and waning moon, seven stories unfold: the story of an archaeologist who unearths a mysterious artifacts, of an airman who finds himself far from home, of a painter, a ghost, a vampire, and a Viking. And the story of a love so primal and passionate, it slips the bonds of time. This is the story of Midwinterblood.

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