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Rio Gallery Opens New Exhibit That Highlights Power of Art in a Household

Summer Waltz by Jeff PughThe impact of having art in a home, as well as its capacity to inspire and enrich the lives of those who view, is the the focus of a new exhibit featuring 14 artists at the Rio Gallery in Salt Lake City.

The exhibition Art in the Home, presented by the Utah Division of Arts & Museums, will open Jan. 19th and run through March 10th at the Rio Gallery. An artist reception will be held on January 19th from 6-9 p.m. for Salt Lake Gallery Stroll. The Rio Gallery is located at 300 S Rio Grande St. in Salt Lake City and is free and open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Art in the Home makes original art accessible to individuals and families who appreciate art but may not have the resources to acquire pieces of their own. Fourteen professional artists generously donated paintings and sculpture to be exchanged for objects with families who do not own original art. Their purpose in exchanging artwork for objects was to discover the effect of original art on the lives of people who cannot buy original works of art.

Each family or individual could chose from a selection of artwork, and then provide an object from their house for exchange. Although they had no restrictions on the object they exchanged, many participants chose something sentimental or personally meaningful object. Many of the exchanged objects appear ordinary, but under the surface they are rich with meaning.

After living with the artwork for a month, the participants answered a survey reflecting on their experiences of having art in the home and if they’ve drawn meaning from trading their items for art.

The exhibit includes representational figurative and landscape paintings, abstract works, and sculptures created by professional artists hanging alongside the objects traded by the participants, as well as a participant’s survey describing the experience of living with original art.

Artists include Paige Crosland Anderson, Namon Bills, Jeffery Hale, Stephanie Hock, Hillary W. Jacobsen, Abraham Kimball, Steve McGinty, Jeffery R. Pugh, Bruce Robertson, Heidi Somsen, Steven Stradley, Claire Tollstrup, Justin Wheatley, and Clinton Whiting.

The Rio & Alice galleries were created as a service to Utah artists. They provide free venues for emerging and established artists to collaborate on exhibits and engage the community through art making and dialogue. For more information on exhibition and other program opportunities visit