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We Have Some Great News! – July 10, 2013

Utah Department of Heritage and Arts - Rio Grande
Welcome to the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts. We help enrich Utah’s people and economy through cultivating creativity, heritage preservation, knowledge, service and community prosperity. As part of that mission, we are bringing new energy to our services in order to bring more to Utah residents!We have re-designed our Websites to make them more user-friendly and to ensure you have the latest up-to-date information on our services and amazing events!Among the changes, we have made our sites easier to navigate so you can find the information you are looking for fast. You will also be able to quickly access all of our divisions from any page. We have also included more multimedia features, so you can view photos and even watch seminars and speakers from past conferences. Social media has also been integrated into our new sites, so be sure to LIKE us on Facebook or FOLLOW us on Twitter to receive the latest information.

We at Heritage & Arts are proud to serve you. Click on the images above and below to view our new Websites!

Utah State Library Division
Utah Division of State History
Utah Division of Arts and Museums
Utah Division of Indian Affairs
Utah Office of Multicultural Affairs
U Serve Utah