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Archaeology Records

Archaeology Records offers a number of resources for state, federal and private consultants to help search and submit archaeological data.


Records References

  • Fees for FY2017 – effective July 1, 2016
  • About Records – Read more about the services we provide and what we can do to help you with your research or next project.
  • Preservation Pro – Preservation Pro is State History’s cultural resource data management system. Information and updates can be found here. Need more information on Preservation Pro? Read the FAQ.
  • File Searching – How to do a file search for qualified archaeological personnel.
  • Project Number Request – How to get a Utah project number for your archaeological report.
  • Site Number Request – New standards for receiving Smithsonian Trinomials, effective April 1, 2016
  • Linear Sites – Everything you would ever want to know about linear site standards in Utah.
  • How to Receive an IMACS Code – Each archaeological firm submitting archaeological reports in Utah should receive an IMACS Survey Organization Code.
  • IMACS Manual – An invaluable resource for archaeologists working in Utah.

Submission References

Other References

  • Archaeology permits
    Archaeological surveys and excavations on state lands must be completed under the supervision of a principal investigator permitted by the Public Lands Policy Coordination Office (PLPCO).
  • Utah Professional Archaeological Council
    The Utah Professional Archaeological Council (UPAC) was established in May 1982 to maintain and promote the goals of professional archaeology in the state of Utah. Please note: Clicking this link will take out of the State History web site.
  • Museums and curation facilities
    A list of museums and curation facilities where you can seek assistance with objects you have  found in Utah.