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Board of State History

Meeting Agenda
Thursday, April 20, 2017, 12:00 – 3:00 pm
Senate Office Building, State Capitol Complex, Olmsted Room, Salt Lake City, UT

TIME:  Noon – working lunch for Board members, hosted by State History

12:15 p.m. – WELCOME – Dina Blaes, Chair


Brad Westwood (5 min
1. Natl. Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers and Rep. Rob Bishop
2. Central Utah Water Conservancy District’s “Water, Agriculture & Urban Growth” history

Roger Roper – Historic Preservation (5 min)
1. CLG grants awarded for 2017-18: 18 grants for a total of $175,000.
2. Hosting of Association for Preservation Technology (APT) regional conference.
3. State Tax Credit projects for 2016: final numbers and dollar amounts.
4. National Award given to SHPO by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Wendy Rex-Atzet – History Day (5 min)
1. 10 regional contests concluded March 25th. 1500 students participated.
2. State Contest Sat., April 29, Hillcrest Jr. High (Murray). 400 students expected; judged needed.
3. 6,500 student participation statewide 2016-17 (an increase of over 1,000).
4. National contest coming up June 11-15.
5. Teaching Utah history with primary sources.

Doug Misner – Library and Collections (5 min)
1. Completed Salt Lake Tribune Photo Negative Collection digitization project. Placed 171,000 new images online. (Total images now available over 250,000.)
2. Loaned USS Utah clock to the Lt. Governor’s office.
3. Completed inventory of loaned artifacts housed at the Governor’s Mansion.
4. With Dept. of Veterans & Military Affairs, created displays for two WWI-related events.
5. Completed contract for new collection mgmt. system. Goal: go live in July.

Chris Merritt or Arie Leeflang – Antiquities (5 min)
1. Hosted Biennial National Park Service Coordination Meeting.
2. GIS/Records staff created 3 maps for Maps on the Hill event at state capitol.
3. Organized annual Archaeological Consultants Meeting in Price.
4. Supported Archaeological Conservancy’s development of Smith Rock Art Preserve.

Jed Rogers, Holly George – Utah Historical Quarterly (5 min)
1. Entered into partnership with U of U’s Dept. of History and BYU’s Charles Redd Center.
2. Participated on WWI commemoration committee.
3. Edited Utah Humanities’ Smithsonian booklet accompanying exhibition The Way We Worked.
4. Assisted the K-12 Utah History Working Group.
5. Spring 2017 UHQ guest-edited themed issue on architecture.

Kevin Fayles – Communications (10 min)
1.Website & Social Media
2. Cemeteries and burials program. 1,327 burials added.  4,484 burials updated (662,461 total burials)
3. 2017 Events


  1. Approval of the January 19 2017 Board of State History Meeting Minutes – Dina Blaes
    (Board motion required) (3 min)
  2. Proposed Awards Policy update – Jed Rogers (5 min)
  3. National Register of Historic Places Nominations – Cory Jensen (25 min)
    (Board motion required)
    National Register of Historic Places Nominations Summaries
    a) The Harold W. and Evelyn Burton House
    b) Granite Schools Campus
    c) The Johnson Ranch House
    d) The Robert Gardner, Jr House


4. National Register Approval to Move for the Zion National Park monuments – Cory Jensen (3 min)
No motion required, for Board’s information

5. Committee reports – David Rich Lewis, David Richardson, Steve Olsen, Michael Homer (20 min)

6. Proposed Museum for History, Heritage and Arts update – Dina Blaes, Brad Westwood (10 min)

7. Legislative briefing – Roger Roper (5 min)

8. Negro Bill Canyon briefing – Arie Leeflang (5 min)

9. Metrics, KPI’s, monthly reports – Kevin Fayles (10 min)

10. State History Annual Conference – Brad Westwood, Dina Blaes (5 min)


Open and Public Meetings Act – Thom Roberts (10 min)


NEXT MEETING:  July 20, 2017, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Utah State History, Board Room


Utah Drawn Map exhibit (1 hour)