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Board of State History

Meeting Agenda
Thursday, July 20, 2017, 12:00 – 3:00 pm
Rio Grande Depot, 300 S. Rio Grande Street, Board Room

TIME:  Noon 
– working lunch for Board members, hosted by State History

12:15 p.m. – WELCOME – Dina Blaes, Chair


Brad Westwood – Administration (5 min)
1. With Vet Affairs, worked with the Legislature to offer funding for the 100th anniversary of WWI and its impact on Utah.  WWI grants program launched the first of July.
2.  Executing the annual evaluation of program managers’ performance for the last year, and assisting them in planning and goal setting for 2017-18

Chris Merritt  – Antiquities (5 min)
1. Archaeology & Preservation Month.  *62 events, 20 counties. Estimated 4,000 attendees.
2. Next Generation Workflows:  e106-Beta Stage (Fall Launch), PresPro-Contract Signed (Fall Launch), Database Rebuild 300,000+ Records (Fall Launch)
3. Documentation Efforts:  Smith Family Rock Art Preserve, Utah County, Lime Kilns, University of Utah

Roger Roper – Historic Preservation (5 min)
1. Co-hosted the national Vernacular Architecture Forum (VAF) conference, May 31 – June 3.
2. Helped celebrate Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month in May.
3. Dedication of the 1899 Spring City School as the new town hall and community center.

Wendy Rex-Atzet – History Day (5 min)
1. National History Day Competition, June 11-15.  57 students, 10 teachers.  2 Projects National Top Ten & the George Washington Leadership Award.  Highlights: Ken Burns, Joan Trumpauer Mullholland, Ballet Russe @ Smithsonian, Rob Bishop, Mike Lee
2. Utah History Day Census
3.  Friend Utah History Day on Facebook

Doug Misner – Library and Collections (5 min)
1. Digitization – Published the Ray King Collection and the Frederick and Nellie Hill Collection and added 682 images to our Digital Collections page.
2.  Collection Access – New collections catalog went live at the end of May. 64,000 items are now searchable by the public in a very easy to use system.  Held kick off meeting with our collection management system vendor. Met with CRSA to discuss and review plans for the research center redesign.
3. Collection Storage – working on a basement and offsite storage plan.

Jed Rogers, Holly George – Utah Historical Quarterly (5 min)
1. Public History –  Conference preparation: organizing the program; working with book and article award committees;  WWI commission: grants available for commemorative products and events; and announcing our first Miriam Murphy UHQ Fellow.
2. Utah Historical Quarterly, Summer 2017 issue –  The University of Utah and the Utes, by Larry Gerlach;   Rape Law in World War II-Era Utah, by Michaele Smith;  Creation of Cedar Breaks National Monument, 1916–1934, by Dale Topham;  Cooperative Boosterism along U.S. Highway 89, by Clint Pumphrey and Jim Kichas;  Nineteenth-Century Mormon Girls and Their Manuscript Newspapers by Jennifer Reeder

Kevin Fayles – Communications (5 min)
1. Website stats and social media
2. Cemetery and burials database
3. USHS and State History Anniversaries



  1. Approval of the April 20, 2017 Board of State History Meeting Minutes – Dina Blaes
    (Board motion required) (3 min)
  2. Committee reports
    (Board motion required if any action items are requested)
    A) Major Planning, Gifts & Awards Committee – Mike Homer (5 min)
    B) Library, Collections & Digitization Committee – Steve Olsen (5 min)
            a) Proposed Digitization Policy update (5 min)
    C) Utah State Historical Society Committee – David Rich Lewis (5 min)
    D) Historic Preservation & Archaeology Committee – David Richardson (5 min)
    a) National Register of Historic Places Nominations – Cory Jensen (25 min)
    Summaries of National Register of Historic Places Nominations
    Myton Presbyterian Church. Myton, Duchesne County
    Moon House Complex, San Juan County(federal nomination for review, no approval needed)
    US Post Office, Provo, Utah County(federal nomination for review, no approval needed)
  3. Approval of 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award nominations – Kevin Fayles (15 min)
    (Board motion required)


Open and Public Meetings Act – Thom Roberts (15 min)


  1. Review of 2017 Utah State Historical Society awards (5 min)
    a) Publication Award nominations – Holly George
    b) William P. MacKinnon Award and Helen Papanikolas Award – Brad Westwood
  2. State History’s 2017-18 mission statement – Brad Westwood (5 min)
  3. State History Annual Conference “Local Matters” – Staff (5 min)
  4. Suggested agenda items and locations for Oct. 26, 2017 Board Retreat – Alycia Rowley (5 min)


NEXT MEETING:  October 26, 2017, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Location TBD