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Board of State History

Meeting Agenda
Thursday, August 2, 2018, 12:00 – 3:00 pm
Rio Grande Depot, 300 S. Rio Grande Street, Board Room

TIME:  Noon – Working Lunch for Board Members and Staff

12:15 p.m. – WELCOME – Dina Blaes, Chair

Transition of Division Director from Brad Westwood to Don Hartley – Board concur needed

Board Membership


Roger Roper – Historic Preservation (2 min)
1. Conducted two two-day Community Preservation workshops in Smithfield and Cedar City. Topics included historic preservation, downtown revitalization, heritage tourism, museums, local archives, etc.
2. Helped develop and launch the Department’s Spike150 grant program to help commemorate the upcoming sesquicentennial of the Transcontinental Railroad and railroad history in Utah. Currently providing technical advice to potential grant applicants.
3. With the invaluable assistance of the division’s GIS staff, re-geocoded (remapped) the digital locations of more than 100,000 historic buildings in our database, providing much more accurate locational data for online viewers.

Wendy Rex-Atzet – History Day (2 min)
1. Utah History Day National Delegation Report:
Attendees: 45 students, 7 teachers from 18 schools, from Alpine, Beaver, Brigham City, Davis County, Sandy, Hurricane, Logan, Monticello, Ogden, Orem, Price, Salt Lake, Sandy, West Valley
Travel grants: $650/student, $550/teacher
Standings: 4 projects in finals, 4 honorable mention

Doug Misner – Library and Collections (2 min)
1. Provided tours to Kristen Cox, Director of GOMB, Senator Hemmert, the Office of Museum Services Board, the Geographic Place Names Committee, attendees of the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists.
2. Assisted with the selection of an architectural firm responsible for creating the programming document for the proposed collection storage facility.
3. Coordinated the creation of a temporary display for the History Zone of this year’s Utah Pride Festival.

Chris Merritt – Antiquities (2 min)
1.Led three tours of the Transcontinental Railroad grade for over 60 visitors, including Chinese RR Worker Descendants, Historians, Archaeologists, State Representative, and five researchers from Wuyi University of China.
2. Division of State History and Veteran’s Affairs received a “Best use of GIS” award for the Veteran’s Memorial Project and Story Map created by Christina Epperson.
3. Coordinated a total of 58 events throughout 21 counties for Archaeology & Preservation Month, reaching a potential 2,000 Utahns.  In particular, the Antiquities Section partnered with the Utah Rock Art Research Association, SITLA, Salt Lake Field Office of the bureau of Land Management, and the National Rifle Association affiliated organization “Change Your Range” to host a major cleanup and rock art tour along the west shores of Utah Lake.  Over 253 volunteers removed over 9 tons of trash from public lands.

Holly George – Utah Historical Quarterly (2 min)
1. Spring 2018 UHQ issue has been delivered to Utah State Historical Society members
2. Interviewed by KRCL about an article appearing in the winter issue on Stephen Holbrook and Vietnam antiwar protests.
3.  Organized the sessions for the 2018 annual meeting.
4. Participated in the quarterly K-12 Working Group meeting, which focused on how the UHQ could be made more useful for educators

Kevin Fayles – Communications (2 min)
1. Website and social media update
2. Interns update
3. FY19 end-of-year purchases
4. “Go West” film series


  1. Approval of the April 26, 2018 Board of State History Meeting Minutes – Dina Blaes
    (Board motion required) (3 min)
  2. Committee reports
    (Board motion required if any action items are requested)

Utah State Historical Society Committee – David Rich Lewis (5 min)
a) 2018 Fellows and Honorary Life Member nominations – Jed Rogers (10 min)

Historic Preservation & Archaeology Committee – David Richardson (5 min)
National Register of Historic Places Nominations – Cory Jensen (30min)
     Summaries of National Register of Historic Places Nominations
a) Nielsen-Sanderson House, Draper
b) Tuft House & Burnham Granary, Draper
c) Young-Cottrell House, Draper
d) Lowell & Emily Parrish House, SLC
e) James A. & Janet Muir House, Sandy

  1. Approval of 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award nominations – Lisa Buckmiller (15 min)
    (Board motion required)


  1. Review of 2018 Utah State Historical Society awards (5 min)
    a) Publication Awards – Jed Rogers
    b) William P. MacKinnon Award and Helen Papanikolas Award – Don Hartley
  2. State History’s Annual Conference “Transportation and Movement” – Kevin Fayles (5 min)
  3. Suggested agenda items and locations for Oct. 25, 2018 Board Retreat – Dina Blaes (15 min)


Open and Public Meetings Act, Conflict of Interest, GRAMA, Governor’s Executive Order on Lobbying –  Bryan Nalder (15 min)


NEXT MEETING:  Retreat. October 25, 2018, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Location TBD