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Building Surveys


Intensive Level Surveys (ILS)

Intensive Level Survey (PDF) are prepared for individual properties that include in-depth research. Intensive level surveys involve three separate tasks:

  • Research on the property and its owners
  • Documentation of the property’s physical appearance
  • Completion of the Historic Site Form (PDF)

Reconnaissance Level Surveys (RLS)

Reconnaissance Level Survey (PDF) are the most basic approach for systematically documenting and evaluating historic buildings in Utah communities.  It is designed for dealing with large groups of buildings rather than for single sites. The primary purpose is to provide a “first cut” of buildings in a given area that appear to be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Reconnaissance survey involves only a visual evaluation of properties, not an assessment of associated historical events or individuals. That information can only be obtained through historical research conducted as part of an “intensive level survey,” the next level of survey.

Historic Site Form

form (PDF) to guide your research and help you collect information on your property.


Although codes are no longer used in the historic buildings database, please use the terms on these pages when preparing forms for historic properties.
RLS Historic Sites Database Codes (pdf)
City and County Codes for RLS (pdf)

Historic Building Surveys Map

Use this INTERACTIVE MAP to research when a building survey was last conducted in your area of interest. Surveys are color coded by decade (expand the legend located at the upper-right corner of the map screen). Layers can also be toggled on and off using the layer list icon located next to the legend icon.


For more information or answers to questions, please contact:
Cory Jensen or 801-245-7242.