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Building Types

Early Residential
Early 20th Century Residential
World War II & Post-War Residential
Commercial, Public & Industrial
Apartment Buildings & Hotel/Motels
Agricultural Buildings
Religious Buildings
Educational Buildings

When the terms type and style are mentioned together, one might become confused, thinking that

they are interchangeable, but within architectural vocabulary they actually refer to two separate concepts. The main characteristic that determines a building’s type is the main-level floor plan—that is, the size and relationship of rooms and how they are arranged.

Although buildings of a particular type may differ slightly, the overall features will be fairly consistent. In this section we have identified fundamental residential, commercial, public, and agricultural building types. Each type is described with a number of examples showing the diversity within the general typology.

Residential Types

Domestic architecture in Utah represents a continuation of broader American patterns, so the house types identified here are generally typical of the country as a whole. The buildings are grouped according to their basic form or shape.9Buildingtypesuha-house-types1