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Certified Local Governments – CLGs

Panguitch Main Street

Panguitch Main Street

What is a CLG?

A Certified Local Government (CLG) is a city or county that has been “certified” as eligible to apply for federal grants for historic preservation.

By becoming a CLG, a local government can gain tools and resources to help historic buildings become a more vital part of the community’s social and economic fabric. CLG program summary

How to become a CLG

A local government must pass an approved historic preservation ordinance and appoint a historic preservation commission. Get more information

CLG grants

Our grants to CLGs help them document and preserve historic and archaeological sites. Get more information.

2016-2017 CLG Grant Recipients

Preservation and planning

Historic preservation and planning work hand in hand. Proper planning is essential for successful preservation programs, and attention to preservation can improve a community’s plan. Get more information.

Networking with other CLGs

To find Certified Local Governments and contact info, see our CLG List.

If you would like to join in on conversations with other CLG representatives, receive important information about the CLG program and be a part of the larger preservation community, please join the CLG listserv. To join, contact Cory Jensen at

To meet face to face with historic preservation commissioners and other CLG officials from around the state, attend our CLG training, which happens every spring in partnership with the Preservation Utah (formerly Utah Heritage Foundation.  These trainings have covered technical issues, funding, working with the legislature, historic landscapes, ordinances and laws, and much more.

Useful links

Some Utah cities have historic preservation websites that provide very useful information about preservation issues in those communities. If your community has a preservation website and you want to add it to our list, please send the website address to

Salt Lake City
Provo  Especially see their interactive map of historical sites in Provo.
Midway  See their interactive map of historic sites in Midway.

For more information, contact:

Roger Roper, 801-245-7251
State Historic Preservation Office
Utah State History
300 S. Rio Grande Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Fax: 801-355-0587