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Compliance Agreements

The Utah State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) enters into several legally binding agreements with state and federal agencies each year. These agreements are the result of perhaps months, or even years, of careful negotiation to balance the project proposal and the handling of cultural resources. This page serves as a clearinghouse to post these agreements to offer more transparency to the process, and also raise awareness of historic properties being adversely affected by agencies and proponents. Programmatic Agreements (PA) and Memorandum of Agreements (MOA) are the two legal documents that the SHPO sign, where MOAs are project-specific and PAs are broad and overarching.

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation has provided a template MOA to assist agencies in their compliance efforts. Click Here

Featured Programmatic Agreement

Prototype Agreement between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), The Utah Division of Emergency Management, and the Utah State Historic Preservation Officer

Executed in 2016, this PA creates a formal relationship between FEMA and the SHPO during times of a federally-declared emergency. This agreement outlines the procedures by which FEMA and its sub-grantees will respond to cultural resources concerns during response and recovery to a natural or human disaster. Already in 2016-2017, this agreement has helped facilitate an efficient and timely response to the devastating floods in Box Elder, Cache, and Weber Counties while ensuring no inadvertent damage to archaeological or historical resources.

Featured Memorandum of Agreement

Dee Elementary School Demolition MOA between Ogden City Corporation, Utah State Historic Preservation Officer and Utah Heritage Foundation

Ogden City acquired the historic and defunct Dee Elementary School from the Ogden School District and used federal HUD funding to further a new housing development on the site. The Utah State Historic Preservation Office and consulting parties Preservation Utah (formerly Utah Heritage Foundation) and the Weber County Heritage Foundation were consulted with on the undertaking and took an active part in the mitigation for the project. In addition to the standard research and documentation often seen as part of mitigation, other stipulations with more of a public component, such as oral history interviews and museum exhibits, were executed.

Programmatic Agreement Archive

Title Agencies Year Executed Year Expire
Prototype Agreement for Emergency Response FEMA, OEM, SHPO 2016 2026
Bureau of Land Management Small-Scale Undertakings BLM, SHPO, ACHP 2014 2024
Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program OSMRE, BLM, USFS, ACHP, SITLA, DOGM, SHPO 2017 2027
Prototype Agreement for Weatherization and Energy Efficiency DOE, Utah HUD, SHPO (Agreement extended by Program Comment) 2010  2020
Utah Department of Agriculture Programmatic Agreement UDAF, PLPCO, SHPO 2017  2027
Transwest Express Transmission Project  BLM, WAPA, USFS, NPS, BOR, BIA, USFWS, ACOE, ACHP, Ute Tribe, Moapa Moapa Band of Paiutes, UT SHPO, WY SHPO, etc.  2016  2031
Natural Resources Conservation Service Prototype Agreement NRCS, SHPO  2015  2025
Steinaker Canal Vernal Efficiency Project  BOR, SHPO, Uintah Water Conservancy District 2016 2035
 Maintenance and Minor Construction Activities for Western Area Power Administration Lines ACHP, WAPA, BIA, BLM, BOR, NPS, SHPO (UT, NM, CO, WY, NE), Navajo Nation, Northern Arapahoe, Shoshone, Ute Mountain Ute, U.S. Army-Fort Carson, USFWS, USFS, State Land of NM, WY Military Department  2015 2025
Willard Canal Lining Project BOR, SHPO, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District 2016 —–
West Davis Corridor Project FHWA, UDOT, SHPO 2017 —–
Enel Cove Fort Project BLM, USFS, SHPO 2015 2025
Nationwide National Park Service Agreement DOI, NCSHPO, ACHP 2008 —–
School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration Streamlining SITLA, SHPO 2007 —–

Memorandum of Agreement Archive

Title Agencies Year Executed Year Expire
Environmental Quality Incentives Program Projects in Beaver and Juab Counties Natural Resources Conservation Service 2018 2021
US89 State Environmental Study Utah Department of Transportation, SHPO 2018 2022
Fremont Irrigation Piping Project Bureau of Reclamation, Fremont Irrigation Company 2018 2022
Pocket Gopher Well Pad and Access Roads BLM, SHPO, Liberty Pioneer Energy Source, Inc. 2017 2024
Camp Williams Building Demolition Projects UTARNG, SHPO 2017 2021
SR-39, Ogden to Pineview Reservoir Bridge Rehab UDOT, SHPO 2017 2022
Green River Canal Fish Barrier Project BOR, ACOE, SHPO 2017 2018
Bangerter Highway Interchange at 600W UDOT, FFSL, UOL, SHPO 2017 2027
Riverdale Bench/Bryson Meadows Project Canal Piping ACOE, SHPO 2017 2022
Flowers Foods, Ogden (State Undertaking) OCRDA, SHPO 2017 2022
 Dee Elementary School Demolition  Ogden City, SHPO 2016 2017