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Front facade of Rio Grande Depot, color photo

Rio Grande Depot

Our location:

300 S. Rio Grande Street (450 West)
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Directions  (Clicking here will take you to Google Maps)

Hours of Operation:

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday

Research Center
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday

Contact Us:
801-245-7225 – general number
801-245-7227 – research center
801-533-3503 – FAX administration, preservation, archaeology, and SHPO
801-533-3567 – FAX historical society
801-533-3504 – FAX research center

Staff Directory

Name Position Title Phone Number
Brad Westwood  Director  801-245-7248
 Kevin Fayles Assistant Director
Media Inquiries
Information Services
Alycia Aldrich  Program Specialist
Board of State History
Kristen Jensen  Digitization Project Manager  801-245-7243
Amy Barry  Web Master
Cemetery Program
State Historic Preservation Office
Brad Westwood  Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO)  801-245-7248
Christopher Merritt Deputy SHPO
Antiquities Coordinator
Lori Hunsaker  Deputy SHPO  801-245-7241
Derinna Kopp  Forensic/Physical Anthropologist  801-245-7245
Arie Leeflang  Archaeology Records Manager  801-245-7246
Deb Miller  Assistant Archaeology Records Manager  801-245-7249
Janice Reed-Campbell  Office Specialist  801-245-7232
Historic Preservation
Barbara Murphy  Deputy SHPO
Historic Preservation  Coordinator
Debbie P. Dahl  Contracts and Grants Officer  801-245-7233
Chris Hansen  SHPO Compliance, Preservation  801-245-7239
Donald Hartley  Historical Architect  801-245-7240
Cory Jensen  National Register  801-245-7242
Nelson Knight  Tax Credit Program  801-245-7244
Londi Rowley  NPS Grant  801-245-7255
Public History
Holly George  Co-Managing Editor,
 Utah Historical Quarterly
Jedediah Rogers  Co-Managing Editor,
 Utah Historical Quarterly
Utah State Historical Society
Lisa Buckmiller  Membership  801-245-7231
 Library and Collections
Doug Misner  Research/Collections Manager  801-245-7250
Michele Elnicky  Historical Collections Curator  801-245-7235
Melissa Coy  Historical Collections Curator  801-245-7236
Nate Goodman  Collections Tech. (Volunteer)  801-245-7237
Heidi Tak  Archival Technician  801-245-7252
Craig Ringgenberg  Research Center (Volunteer)
Greg Walz  Research Center Manager 801-245-7258