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Detailed History Sessions “Local Matters”

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Walk-ins will be accepted as space allows. We may not be able to accommodate lunch for walk-ins.

10/11/2017 Utah Cultural Celebration Center
Time Session Titles and Speakers
10:30 – 11:45am Familiar Places: Glimpses of Home and Community

Chair: Laurie Bryant, Utah Division of State History

Alan B. Barnett
There’s No Place Like Home: Named Houses in Utah

Bruce W. Worthen
Voices from a Distant Town: Community Formation in the Remote Settlements of Antebellum Utah

Clint Pumphrey
Daggett County at 100: New Approaches to a Colorful Past

National Institutions, Local Crises

Chair: Greg Davis, Department of Heritage and Arts

J. Scott Bushman
A History of Fighting Forest Fires in Northern Utah:  Local Initiatives that Contributed to National Solutions

Joseph F. Darowski
Struggling with the Three Rs: Relief, Recovery, and Reform in Utah during the Great Depression (1930–1940)

Ben Kiser
When the Army Came to Town:  WWII, the Cold War, and the Aftermath in Tooele County

  Territorial History and Its Records

Chair: Colleen Whitley

Kenneth Alford
Utah and the American Civil War: The Written Record

Richard Quartaroli
John Wesley Powell’s Explorations and Surveying of the Colorado River and Its Tributaries, 1871–1872, with the Assistance of Mormon Communities

  Cooperation and the Preservation of Historic Places

Chair: Gay Cookson, Department of Heritage and Arts

Adriane Herrick Juarez
Honoring the Past, Moving into the Future: The Renovation of the Historic Park City Library

Lisa Michele Church
The Page Ranch Story: Preserving a Local Treasure

Leighton M. Quarles
The Fort Douglas Heritage Commons: A Model of Public-Private Cooperation in Historic Preservation

Writing Regional History: Gary Topping’s Utah Historians and the Reconstruction of Western History

Gary Topping, Polly Aird, Richard Saunders, Gary Bergera, Jedediah Rogers (moderator)

Noon – 1:30pm Lunch

2017 Outstanding Achievement Awards Program
Dina Blaes, Chair Board of State History

Ken Verdoia
I’m Not A Historian, But I Played One on TV

1:45 – 3:00pm Food and Culture: Daily Life in Northern Utah

Chair: Melissa Coy, Utah Division of State History

Darcy Pumphrey
Brigham Young College: A Case Study in LDS Education at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Cody Patton
Beehive Brews: The Surprising Story of Beer in Utah

Lisa Barr
Local Food Producers of Cache Valley, Utah

Pedagogy in the Digital Era

Chair: Wendy Rex-Atzet, Utah Division of State History

Hadyn B. Call
The Driven 2 Teach Program: A History

Brenden Rensink, Brent Rogers, Jay H. Buckley                                                   Making Local History Digital: Intermountain Histories

Historic Preservation in Salt Lake City

Chair: Susan Rugh, Brigham Young University

William G. Hartley
One Salt Lake Landmark Saved, One Left to Disintegrate:  Nicholas G. Morgan and Architect Edward O. Anderson’s Crusade to Save the Old City Hall and Turn Pioneer Park into a Jewel

Walter Jones
Salt Lake City’s Magnificent Knutsford Hotel

Nan Weber and Allen Roberts
The Salt Lake City Building Legacy of Master Architect Richard K. A. Kletting

  Knowledge is Power: Education in Utah

Chair: Kerri Nakamura, Department of Heritage and Arts

Mervin Brewer
Echoes from the Chalkboard: Public School Buildings of the Past

Mark W. Buchanan
“School in the Other Fellows Town Seven Miles Distant”: Cache County School Consolidation, 1908

Brett D. Dowdle
“Putting Our Clutches to His Very Throat”: The Reconstruction of Education in Utah, 1867–1890

History of the Southern Paiute Tribe Restoration Act

Larry Echohawk, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Travis Parashonts, Paiute Tribe; Dorena Martineau, Paiute Tribe; Mary Sloan (moderator), attorney

3:15 – 4:30pm Cache Valley Utah Drug Court Oral History Project: A Community-Driven Effort

Randy Williams (moderator), Jennifer Duncan, Thomas L. Willmore, Brock Alder

Religion and the Community

Chair: Nelson Knight, Department of Heritage and Arts

Alan J. Clark
“I’m Going Through”: Bringing Pentecostal Christianity to Utah

Jeffery O. Johnson
“Shaking the Tree”: The Impact of Signature Books on the Mormon Community

Jessica Nelson
Mormonism and the Negro, African Americans, and LDS Racism at Utah State University, 1960–1961

The Impact of Independent Film on Local Communities
Doug Fabrizio or Elaine Clarke (moderator), KUER, RadioWest
Patrick Hubley, Program Director, Utah Film Center
Virgina Pearce, Director, Utah Film Commission
Local Filmmakers: Tyler Measom, Film: Sons of Perdition, Jenny MacKenzie and Jorden Saxton Hackney, Jennie MacKenzie Films, Film: Dying In Vein

Interpreting Controversy: Preserving and Presenting the Story of Joe Hill

Jeremy Harmon; Jim Kichas; Quinn Rollins

Understanding 20th-Century Utah: James Allen’s Still the Right Place: Utah’s Second Half-Century of Statehood, 1945-1995

James Allen; Thomas Alexander; Brian Cannon; Michael Homer; Eric Swedin; Brad Westwood (moderator)

Registration is now closed

Walk-ins will be accepted as space allows.  We may not be able to accommodate lunch for walk-ins.